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Reviews: 143MSRP: 189. USD
Commercial quality Listen-Only Headset with dual layer Gel Ear Cushions, Cotton Ear Covers and soft Pillow-Top Headpad. Includes Belden MIL-Spec headset-to-radio cable (Kevlar reinforced leads with Teflon insulation) with 3.5mm Plug and Pro-Audio 3.5mm to 1/4" Adapter. radiosport standard 5 year warranty. Boom-Mic headsets are also available.
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IZ0GPP Rating: 2013-12-22
A CW MUST! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After having tried many "famous" trademark i finally found what it really deserves to be a must for any serious cw operator. The RS20S is built like a tank but it's astonishingly comfortable and light, it has a sound response which allows to copy easily the hunted signal isolating the operator from any ambiental noise and i'm really impressed from the high quality of the materials used. Really suggested.
KA2WDV Rating: 2013-12-19
simply amazing Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
A girlfriend requires at least 6 months to a year to review. Ham radio gear can be reviewed much quicker. Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about the RS20S headset I just received from Arlan Communications. Absolutely AMAZING. This headset is the best. It is comfortable and has great noise cancelling capabilities. When the girlfriend yells for me, I can't hear you. I don't have to lie anymore. I am a little hard of hearing and it is great to put these on. I can copy the real weak stations that blended into the noise from the Icom-7200 front firing speaker before. They are built like a tank. I didn't think quality equipment was out there anymore. The audio quality is sweet. I am extremely tight with my reviews, I refuse to give something a 5 for a review unless it is truly warranted. My money comes difficult for me. Anyway these headphones are a 5+ in my opinion. The wonderful 30 year olds must not have been involved with this one.If you want a headset that is built like a tank, has excellent audio and is a real dream to wear for hours, this is it. Go buy one. Oh you guys are probably waiting for a review on the girlfriend, well, this is ham radio so we will keep it at that. When I write a review, I feel it is my obligation to our Ham community to be as accurate and honest as you can with these reviews because I read and rely on them with much weight when I make a decision to buy a piece of equipment. In closing, WELL DONE ARLAN COMMUNICATIONS. 73'S KA2WDV
G0ORC Rating: 2013-12-01
Best by far.. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
With failing hearing and both my Heil Proset 3 and Proset Plus hurting my ears when wearing a hearing aid, I decided a new approach was required. I had heard good reports of these and although expensive decided I would try them out.

Maybe a little heavy but very comfortable, don't press on my ears and the RX audio is nothing short of superb. I'm mainly a CW op and the audio is tailored just brilliantly, nice crisp CW tones so much better than the RX audio on the Heils'.

As for TX audio I spent a little time with the Yaseu FTdx-5000MP setting things up and find I don't really need the full processing - the MIC EQ setting seems to make the TX audio nice and punchy without sounding very processed.

Highly recommended - for those in the UK they are stocked by Martin Lynch.

Pricey - yes but you definately get what you pay for.

Best I've ever had..
ON9CC Rating: 2013-11-02
Amazing quality and comfort! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
After being very dissatisfied with the HEIL Pro-Set Elite 6, I found it was time for getting a real good headset.
I had been using David Clarks stereo headsets during some CW contests and I really like them for their comfortable fit and extreme good noise cancelling. Just getting one of these ┬┤off the shelf┬┤ for phone use on a HAM transceiver is not easy/possible and needs a homebrew modification.

Then I came accross the Radiosports Headsets and believed (I never tried one) these these to be the ones I was looking for. So this summer during my visit to the US this was on my shopping list and I ordered an RS60CF with cable for my IC-7800.

As read from comments the look and feel should be equal to the DC's. However I didn't get the time to really try them out for a longer period until last weekends CQWW.

I operated for some hours SO 10m QRP and I just LOVE this headset!!! The 'shells' cover the ears completely and the gel in the pads make a perfect closury to the head. The noise cancellation is superb! At one point, my wife tapped me on my shoulder and apologised for vacuum cleaning the room which I didn't even notice!

The construction of the headset is a strong metal frame that can be adjusted in several ways for maximum comfort. The ears pad cushions are gel filled with cloth covers which go all around the ear and do not sit (and press) on your ear.

I must admit that in the beginning (soing some casual listening on 50MHz) I needed to get use to the somewhat sturdy/hard cable between headset and TRX. But it didn't bother me during the contest. Guess this is where quality prioritizes comfort. But as said, no big deal now to me.

Also for ordering the headset, Dave's support is very good. Good and clear communication and right on time delivery!

My advise: if you can afford, spent some more bucks and get a real good headset: the RS60CF from Arlan Communications!


NB: anyone in Belgium/Netherlands who wants to try these out is welcome here!
ZS6RJ Rating: 2013-10-19
Top notch comfort and audio - a real find Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered the RS60CF headset based on eHam reviews, needing something to replace my current different brand faulty headset for our upcoming 3DA0ET dxpedition. Being based out in Africa there's no opportunity for me to "touch and feel" amateur radio equipment beforehand - one is generally reliant on others experiences for guidance prior to importing equipment.

Three things really stand out for me: (1) Dave's awesome customer service (probably my number one criteria as a remote customer.) (2) The first headset I've come across that really does completely enclose my ears. (3) Absolutely no residual background hiss with the audio turned right down.

The look and feel is exceptional and after wearing them for an 8 hour stretch non-stop I can pronounce them extremely comfortable for long stints behind the radios.

Dave, you, your company and your product are a breath of fresh air - it was a pleasure to run across you.

73, Roger, ZS6RJ
N4DOV Rating: 2013-09-26
now hear this ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Outstanding headphones from an outstanding buyer orientated company with probably the longest warrantee of any company in the radio business. A number of years ago bought a RS20S listen only headphones which which made listening a joy again. More recently purchased a RS60CF boom headset with M207 microphone with interchangeable cables to use with Tentec and Icom rigs. Amazing improvement digging out weak signals and have received excellent audio reports. These, as others have said are not flimsy, but solid and once you put them on they are very comfortable and easy to forget one has headphones on especially as ambient noise is totally cancelled out.
W2MV Rating: 2013-09-25
Wow! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
It's been about six months. Time for a review. I had been using various Heil headsets, and prior to that various non-ham headsets. The RS60CF I purchased is in a different league. It is a commercial, professional quality headset that happens to be sold for ham use. It's built like a tank. Even the audio cable uses Teflon as a component and appears indestructible. The received audio sensitivity with my IC-7600 is excellent as is the audio quality. I have also received good reports for transmitted audio.
One of the main reasons for my purchase was acoustic isolation; the RS60CF cuts me off from the outside world to such an extent that I can barely tell if my amp is on (with my eyes closed, of course.) The only "complaint", which I have gotten accustomed to, is that the cable is relatively rigid. It's not a typical "soft and very flexible" cable that all of my previous headsets have come with. I called Dave at Arlan and he stated that the cable basically needs to be what it is in order to be as durable as it is. I can live with that. I've coiled the excess cable and tie-wrapped it on the desk which isn't too bad. Perhaps Arlan can come out with a coiled cord as an option, instead of the supplied straight on.
KE8G Rating: 2013-08-25
Very good headset Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had the RS20S headset for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to wait until after I used them for an extended period of time, to write this review.

Yesterday, 8/24/13, was the Ohio QSO Party, so I wore them for a 12 hour stretch. After approximately 5-10 minutes, I did not even know I was wearing headphones, as they were so comfortable. I did not experience my ears sweating, any type of noise being telegraphed through the cable (I even tapped, rubbed, did everything I could to generate any kind of noise) no problems!

The isolation is so good, that I did not even know my XYL had let a repairman into the house to fix some trim around one of the doors & he was running a compressor!!

I bought these for use with my dual Elecraft K3, and now I am running remotely. There is more than enough audio drive, and they really help to pull out a weak DX signal.

They are fantastic, worth every penny! I just wish I had purchased them a few years ago, as my radio time enjoyment has definitely increased!!

73 de Jim - KE8G
KC0W Rating: 2013-08-11
Fair Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just received these headphones two days ago. Here are my first impressions while wearing them in the Worked all Europe CW contest.

The headphones have a bulky feeling compared to Heil Prosets. There's TON'S of isolation from external noises while wearing the RadioSport 'phones. This would probably be beneficial if operating from a noisy environment or if that 4CX10000 amplifier is sitting right next to you.

My biggest issue with these 'phones is that they "telegraph" sounds thru their cord. You have to remain motionless for this not to happen. What I mean by "telegraph" is that upon the 'phones cord brushing against your desktop, body or shirt you hear residual noises. It sounds like a scraping noise. For me it's annoying at first & tends to get more and more irritating the longer the 'phones are being worn.

The headphones are overbuilt which can be both a good and a bad thing. They have all metal construction regarding the headset to "cans" mounting assembly. I honestly believe they could survive being dropped off of a 40' tower into very tall grass unscathed..........Why they were atop a 40' tower is beyond me though!

My ears tended to sweat while wearing the headphones, something that drives me nuts.

Bottom line: Not for me but you might enjoy them. They will now go into the odds & ends drawer where they will remain until a visiting CW enthusiast wishes to try them out.

Tom KC0W

W4BQF Rating: 2013-08-06
Not happy Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Unfortunately I can't in all honestly, give these headphones a '5'. My personal opinion is that they just do not provide enough audio when used with a K3 xcvr, whereas my Yamaha CM500 do provide excellent audio level. Since I do contesting, I found after about an hour, my ears begin to sweat and these headphones become uncomfortably heavy on my head/ears. They now sit unused in my bookcase and the cool and comfortable CM500's are what I use.