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Reviews: 132MSRP: 159. USD
RS20S Stereo/Diversity Receive with Carbon Fiber Finish. 24db Noise Reduction
with 3.5mm Plug and 1/4" Adapter
Product is in production
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KL2D Rating: 2013-08-04
Comfortable, Excellent Audio, Amazing Service from Dave Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The headset is super comfortable, well made, has great audio, blocks out all external noise, the mic has excellent clarity, and Dave is great to work with and delivers superb customer service.

Overall, I am very happy with my headset and would recommend Radiosport products.
NU6Y Rating: 2013-06-08
Fantastic Audio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have only had these for 2 months now but wow do they perform. You can pull out weak & fading sounds that cant be heard by speakers or my other Kenwood head phones. They are a bit heavy, but wear them per directions they are comfortable. They block out all outside noise very well, So much I may wear them to dinner if the XYL is in a yappy mood.
K7JBQ Rating: 2013-05-28
The best. Period. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Hard to add to what others had said. I've had many headphone. I thought the Sennsis were great. They are, but they're now in use by the XYL.

For digging out the weak ones on CW, these are what you need.

Great service from Dave. His racing background is evident in these headphones. Probably only another racer would understand what I mean by that, but suffice to say that the racetrack environment isn't friendly.

K6MWL Rating: 2013-05-28
Absolutely Supurb!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
If you listen to transmissions through these, you will experiance audio quality that will blow you away! All I can say is try them and you will want them! It took all of 5 minutes to sumise that these are worth every dollar, and more! Build quality is very, very nice. Design, finish, noise reduction, all very high quality. Customer service and ordering was great. The sound I can not say enough. These are at a lot of ham conventions now, and you can see and hear for yourself. Best out there under $500
VE3IRM Rating: 2013-05-11
Best ever Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Purchased the Dream Edition headset about a year ago and love it. Best ham radio purchase I have ever made, truly. Two weeks ago the headset dropped the audio so I called Dave at Radiosport Headsets.
"no problem Ian it's warranted for 5 years" he says to me. I put it in the mail, just under 2 weeks later I receive a new replacement. Not many places left in the world that back their products with that kind of service. These guys are good and make an even better product. I still can't believe how comfortable the headset is.
KI0KB Rating: 2013-04-22
RS20S Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just got these home from Visalia and I can tell already it's my best accessary ham purchase in a long time. Excellent audio quality and they completely wipe out any background shack noise. Very comfortable and lightweight compared to my collection of other ear squeezing head vises that I've accumulated over the years looking for something I could live with. Nice to see that someone has finally figured it out and gotten it all right this time. Kudos to Radiosport for this one.
W4UH Rating: 2013-04-03
Nothing better period! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
In my never ending search to find another dB or a little more edge for contests, I ordered a new headset from Dave at Arlan Communications on a Thursday afternoon and had it in my hands Saturday morning.

WOW! As I unpacked my new Radiosport RS60CF I was blown away by the quality, beauty, and professional look of this headset. It is a thing of beauty! The quality of this headset and radio adapter cable is beyond compare! But does it live up to the reviews, and is it going to be heavy or uncomfortable?

When you pick up the headset you can tell it is heavier than many headsets. Because of the beefy, last a life time construction, I was surprised when it weighed in at only 19 oz. The carbon fiber cups do make a difference. The very first impression I got when putting the headset on was it seemed extremely comfortable and gave me a feeling that you had a fluffy pillow on each ear. It didn’t seem real heavy, but felt a little bulky. After adjusting it for proper fit and about 10 minutes of wearing the headset it was extremely comfortable and the bulky feeling started going away.

My on the air receive tests showed a reduction in crud making it easier to copy a SSB signal when the band in crowded during a contest. It also pulls very weak CW signals out of the crud that other headset can’t do. I’m sure this is because of the roll off above 6 kHz. The headset hears radio signals better than any headset or headphone that I have ever tried in 50+ years as a ham, including the Heil Pro Set Plus, Sennheiser, Sony and Yamaha to name a few. It also has amazing 24 dB noise reduction ear cups that completely shuts out all external noises.

The headset microphone is truly optimized for amateur radio DX and contest type communications and is built to the highest standards period! It’s worth every penny! Not to mention the phenomenal service you get from Dave that is very rare in today’s world.

Further use will determine if the headset is as comfortable over a long period as many reviewers say they are. I have never worn a headset that didn’t start hurting my ears or head after several hours of use. One long contest will tell the tale. Regardless, this headset is the real deal folks!
K6LRF Rating: 2013-03-25
Quality Product as advertised Time Owned: more than 12 months.
To improve my code speed I need to exclude all outside disctractions. The RS20S offers so much noise reduction, I can't hear my desk phone ring. An addtional feature: I can't hear my wife talk to me when she's 10 feet away.....a real plus. I also bought the optional Gel Ear Cushions & cloth covers ("Dream Edition").

Also excellent for getting on the air. In my case, CW operation requires concentraton.
ON8VP Rating: 2013-03-16
Worth the money Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Ordered it a few weeks ago, it needs some time to be released by customs but worth waiting for it.
Connected it to my FTDX 5000 , immediately heard my hartbeat which indicates how quiet it is.
Audio is nice and warm inside the comfortable gel filled earscaps! Nearly no external noise can come in and all noise coming from TX, Amp. and other noise producing device are precisely filtered.
Quality of the dynamic microphone as advertised and strong enough to break trough pile ups and current DX chat.
No bad word of quality, however firstly considered heavy on the head, very comfortable felt afterwards , even after a couple of hours.

All materials are made of descent quality, connectors and cable of higher standard .

Finally ordered a second set to be baptised on my DX pedition to Märket Reef next July(OJØV).

Just buy one and check yourself even if you have to pay the freight and extra import tax.(for non USA countries)
You will only blaim yourself you didn't do it earlier.

Peter ON8VP
KC2ZWK Rating: 2013-03-15
Simply Amazing! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently purchased a Kenwood 990 (Amazing Unit) and wanted to get a headset with mic. First I ordered the Heil Pro set and the next day I noticed an ad in CQ for the Radiosport Headset so I ordered those as well thinking I would send back whichever I didn't like. Well there was absolutely no comparison. The Radiosport engulfed my ears and felt so comfortable that I ended up wearing them for a few hours with no discomfort whatsoever. The build quality is as if they were hand made by Ferrari, simply spectacular. Easily worth twice the price. I have gotten nothing but great reports using them. I returned the Heil's and naturally kept the Radiosport. If you ever get a chance to use or purchase these do not hesitate, you will not be disappointed. As a final note, Dave Bottom from Arlan Communications which manufactures the headsets went out of his way to call me back within minutes of my call to him and got the headsets out that day. Can't say enough about the company or the headsets