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Reviews: 132MSRP: 159. USD
RS20S Stereo/Diversity Receive with Carbon Fiber Finish. 24db Noise Reduction
with 3.5mm Plug and 1/4" Adapter
Product is in production
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KD0ZV Rating: 2018-01-31
Not sure what I was thinking Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
... Waiting so long. I have bought several nice pairs of headphones over the years that are audiophile quality. My last being a set of Sennheisers that was terribly uncomfortable.

After the 160 CW contest last weekend, I had had enough and searched for "comfortable headphones for amateur radio". This lead me to several glowing reviews. I almost bought the set with a microphone and would have spent the money however, I just could not get past the $100 for the radio cable part of it.

So I but the new radiosports on and could not believe how comfortable they are. I had some concern with their choice to roll the bass off at 200hz as for eSSB there is some important qualities in this region. However, they sounded fantastic on SSB and of course CW as well.

Very high quality. Should last me for decades.
W5JON Rating: 2018-01-30
Finally Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
After years of trying to find the perfect headset, this is it. The outside noise cancelling is excellent. And they are so comfortable, I can finally operate for hours and totally forget that I am wearing a headset. They really are the best and last headset I will ever need. Thanks Dave GREAT product.
K0OXB Rating: 2017-08-03
Recap of 5 year experience Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Technical and thoughtful equipment reviews are a genuine influence in least to me! A previous review rating of "1"and "garbage pail" seems a bit dramatic given the almost universal "5" rating these headsets have achieved over time. My initial review and a 5 rating was 3/8/2012 with a mention of anticipated purchase of a second RS60CF set. That set for my occasional SSB ops was purchased and another RS20 as a gift to a new ham. My RS20 and 60 have been in near constant use...if not by me, then loaned to others as needed. The durability of operation has been faultless. Opinions of those to whom they have loaned have been quite positive both in use and comfort of fit. I've evaluated this headset with experience as a pilot and and career in commercial aviation using Dave Clark's to Telex and most everything in between. Experiencing modest high frequency hearing loss from both long exposure to engine noise (my fault) to near 75 y/o (not my fault), again using trial and error to find the right headset. Brand X Pros in use were retired when a chat with Dave at Arlan Comm. suggested these might be the answer. This is a large and somewhat hefty headset that may not be comfortable to someone with a lightweight earbud preference. I've worn them for several hours both in hamming ops as well as SWL'ing without discomfort...and I wear glasses. Communications ability is not in question both in clarity of frequency response to both CW and SSB as well as performance of the boom mic option in the RS60. I want a headset that effectively seals outside noise and distraction leaving just the right sound response for concentration. These fill the bill for me without reservation. I am confident that should I be so disillusioned with the quality and/or operation of the headset, a call to Dave would seek to remedy the situation to my satisfaction. Just wish I could find a reason to justify another pair with that "new car smell" but these are just too durable! Now that I remember, I am quite dissatisfied, Dave... that I have yet to find a quality molded hardbody case to store and lend my headsets with confidence. Something, perhaps, a bit smaller and more fashionable than a garbage pail if you don't mind. 73

Earlier 5-star review posted by K0OXB on 2012-03-08

Active since 1958, I've had the priviledge to experience high-end headsets in both military communications and civilian aviation. I've used various headsets thru the years as the mood strikes but had yet to find a truly efficient and comfortable unit at a reasonable price for amateur use. The Heil Proset seemed a good compromise...even purchased the Elite model when announced. A recent magazine review on the RS20S prompted my curiosity as they resembled the high-end (read expensive!) past experience that once impressed me. A cordial conversation with David resulted in ordering the RS20S with pillow-top headband, gel ear cushions and cloth cushion covers.

Previous reviews have well established the quality and efficiency of this unit. I am amazed at the value this headset represents! This is truly commercial quality and impressive performance at this price point. David had mentioned striving for "the last headset you will need to purchase" and this is it. I now must wear glasses and have worn this headset in complete comfort for many hours...and thats most appreciated. The weight of this headset is certainly more than the lightweight Heil but unnoticed due to the balance and must have optional pillow top headband cushion. Outside noise is virtually eliminated greatly enhancing the ability to identify weak signals in both background noise and QRM. The tailored frequency response makes for genuinely pleasant audio to these 69-year old ears with some high frequency hearing loss. I find I'm using this headset more frequently than quality speakers with audio filtering simply because of a more satisfying experience and greater concentration on the audio.

In summary, an amazing bargain! Truly commercial quality, extremely comfortable (to me and the XYL N5EDM agrees), excellent audio response, and a bargain pricepoint. The Heil's will be kept but relegated for portable use. My recommendation? Just ordered an RS60 Flex Boom-Mic Headset with cables and PTT switch from David
to give the dynamic mic a workout! Will append the review with the RS60 experience. K0OXB
K2VI Rating: 2017-07-20
Absolute junk Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The cover must have shrunk and came off. Got it back on but kept coming off. The sound is not clean. A bit muffled. Have not tried them out on CW but for phone there bad. I pluged in my Sony MDR-V6 and the clarity was night and day. And lastly these cans are way to heavy for headphones. For what I paid I got the short end of the stick. Had them for almost a year and just put them where they belong..The garbage pail. Avoid.

Earlier 5-star review posted by K2VI on 2012-12-15

These are the finest headsets I have ever used. The quality is second to none. I could see them lasting decades. Like others that are flimsy and delicate these are not. The best is the noise is attenuated and now i can understand weak s-3 stations. Needless to say im very happy with these excellent cans. I own a nice pair of senheisers and sony phones and although they are very good they are a bit harsh and do nothing to dull out the noise.Great for music though. I highly recommend the radiosport headset for communication use. 5 star all the way.
VK4SX Rating: 2017-07-20
After 2yrs EXCELLENT Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My opinion of the RADIO SPORT Headset range has NOT altered after 2yrs use, Microphone headset combo here EXCLUSIVELY for near 3 decades, BEST HS mic ever been on my boofhead,
I use same M360 (EM56) cartridge for ICOM, ELECRAFT K3 (S) & ELAD FDM DUO,
Wonderful, one issue, you miss a lot of phone calls because you can not hear the mobile or LL ring,
excellent noise reduction,
Dave is an easy guy to talk to,
Dennis vk4sx

Earlier 5-star review posted by VK4SX on 2016-04-03

Ok well for those that know me and the people that don't , I use a Headset Microhpone exclusively, and have done for many years, , I have one ear that is 35% behind in performance compared to the good ear, so headphones are a must, plus the fact, a headphone mounted Microphone, gives a more constant audio pattern, if you tend to move around a bit, I move around in the shack, so a desk mic is useless to me,
I have been thru most of featured brands, cheap and expensive,
have home brewed best features from different models etc, always trying to end up with the best of the best,
having to wear Glass's full time, adds another dimension to the mix, in regards to Comfortable headphones,
I have a NEW set of PROSET ELITE IC, but have to remove the SOCKS to relieve some pressure from the Glass's wing,
so it has been a long expensive quest to find the something that does all the jobs, as we all know, seldom that happens in Ham radio,

I have home brewed quality headsets with different brand cartridges, etc etc,
never to be 100% compeletely satisfied,
Beyerdynamic DT-109's, Sennheiser, AUDIO TECHNICA BPHS-1, Dave Clarke, Heil, USA Avionics, Telex D-950 , SHURE SM-2,
used Heil Proset Elite IC, and PROEST HC-5,
but was never 100% satisfied, comfort, TX audio quality, recovered audio etc was a big ask, and looked like a pipe dream after so long a period,
it is a big task to ask a manufacturer to cover all the base's in regards to HAM gear, as the headset microphone subject, has to cover a lot of variables,

well that was until I bothered to give ARLAN Communications, RS60C a run,
wow, is all I can say, just WOW,
that is it guys, Just WOW,

what ever everyone elses says, In Spades,
My only point I would like to mention, is the fact if someone that has never used a headset mounted microphone, they may find it a little claustrophobic the very first time they are put on the head, because they are an extremely close fitting headset given the GEL pads, the GEL pad molds to the ear and surrounding area, and the feel is CLOSE,
the external noise rejection is something that you need to try to appreciate, mind blowing really, so there will be a few MISSED phone calls, because unless you can see the phone flashing, you will NOT hear it,

Worth every razoo they cost,
and to discuss the subject with Dave direct, is an absolute pleasure, he is forth coming with product info, more so then any other product brand I have encountered,

Congratulations Dave, a memorable product that has etched a permanent mark in Amateur Radio FOR SURE,
Dennis vk4sx,
Also like to Thank RFSOLUTIONS for the foresight to investigate stocking ARLAN COMMUNICATIONS RADIO SPORTS products down under, to compliment their already exceptional web site, & ALSO nice for VK Hams to have access to TIER#1 products in our own back yard.
excellent all round,
NN2X Rating: 2017-07-01
After 4 years Awesome Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is my second review (After 4 years)

Just perfect...Work so well, reliable, and robust.

I have back noise, (Amplifier Emtron DX 3SP) with a pair of 4CX 1500 (Chinese version), which requires dual fans...Noisy..

This solves all...!

My son (10 year old), however, uses them for his own entertainment. It seems this works well for many other consoles and IPAD!


W5FIX Rating: 2017-07-01
RS60CF - Awesome and highly recommended Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have spent my entire working career around heavy machinery and engines. This has caused hearing loss. I read the reviews of several headsets and watched u-tube videos of demo's and reviews. At the end of the day, I went with the Radiosport RS60CF. What a great pair of phones! The quality is out of sight, comfort level is first class and radio interface first rate.

Earpieces mold to your ear - not overly soft or firm but just right.
Build materials are excellent
Micro boom can be either on the left or right and has 360 degree swivel.
"Crown" padding (i just made this up, but i mean the padding on the cross strap that connects the two ear pieces) is great and comfortable.
On the ear transmit button - love this feature - don't need a separate PTT foot or hand switch (this feature was the deciding factor for me).
Mic is punchy and crisp.
Audio is clean and clear

A bit heavy - but not unlike the hearing protection I have worn for years.
No case or bag provided - you figure for this kind of coin, they would throw in a storage sack of some type.
Cost $$$ - big money - only you can decide if this is a big or little con.
Cost of interface cables - $$$$ - gotta have 'em, but they are pricy.

My operating style:
I am using the Radiosport phones with my KX3, but for added pleasure; I have a bhi compact in-line DSP module in line with the radio and headset. This combination allows me to dive into the weeds and really yank weak signals out of the noise. The excellent filters of the KX3, with the noise elimination of the hi and the audio quality of Radiosport phones are a perfect match of functionality, excellent design and build quality.

Daddy used to say "buy cheap, buy twice". With the Radiosport phones and mic you will only buy once.
KC8RYO Rating: 2017-07-01
Great Headset! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having read the reviews on this headset prior to purchasing, I only found a few disparaging remarks so I decided to give them a try.
I have noticeable hearing loss and have some difficulty hearing an open air speaker clearly. The one feature that drew me was the 24db noise cancelling of the earpieces. I am an avid shooter, so weight, size, etc. are not an issue as they feel the same as my range hearing protection.
The headset allows me to hear weak stations that I had previously been unable to hear clearly. Reports on my modulation are good and appear to be superior to my hand-held mic. Although pricey, I think you are getting what you pay for and recommend these headphones highly
KC9RNK Rating: 2017-03-07
Very Happy Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Had them on for an hour, took them off, and told my wife, my dream has come through!". Completely forgetting there called The Dream Edition. As I write review my hardwood floors are being sanded above my ham shack. I hope nobody else is ever in this position. Noise is unbearable, LOUD is an understatement. Put Headphones on and blocked 80% of noise at least. Thats why I'm writing review right now, I could not beleive I was able to operate under such loud conditions! As long as I'm reviewing, I mainly bought these for operating split with duel receive. DX station in left ear, split frequency in right ear. Nice and clear and cut getting through to DX station tremendously. You will not regret buying these headphones. These are my fourth try at trying to find a headphone set I liked, and block noise since ham shack is in utility room. There also the last!
K6IPM Rating: 2017-01-25
RS60CF w/M350 Mic Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
From K6IPM. I purchased the RS60CF wM350 Mic plus the Footswitch and cable for my Icom 7800. This unit is awesome and if you want quality plus, this is it! Dave Bottom, WI6R provides as much detail as you need before purchasing. Although you will spend about $500.00, the quality IMHO is second to none. The Headset shuts out all noise and is most comfortable to wear. On CW, it is terrific. I have used Heil in the past which is good but again the quality and attention to detail and time from Dave goes way beyond what most vendors will do.