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Reviews: 143MSRP: 189. USD
Commercial quality Listen-Only Headset with dual layer Gel Ear Cushions, Cotton Ear Covers and soft Pillow-Top Headpad. Includes Belden MIL-Spec headset-to-radio cable (Kevlar reinforced leads with Teflon insulation) with 3.5mm Plug and Pro-Audio 3.5mm to 1/4" Adapter. radiosport standard 5 year warranty. Boom-Mic headsets are also available.
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KC8RYO Rating: 2017-07-01
Great Headset! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having read the reviews on this headset prior to purchasing, I only found a few disparaging remarks so I decided to give them a try.
I have noticeable hearing loss and have some difficulty hearing an open air speaker clearly. The one feature that drew me was the 24db noise cancelling of the earpieces. I am an avid shooter, so weight, size, etc. are not an issue as they feel the same as my range hearing protection.
The headset allows me to hear weak stations that I had previously been unable to hear clearly. Reports on my modulation are good and appear to be superior to my hand-held mic. Although pricey, I think you are getting what you pay for and recommend these headphones highly
KC9RNK Rating: 2017-03-07
Very Happy Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Had them on for an hour, took them off, and told my wife, my dream has come through!". Completely forgetting there called The Dream Edition. As I write review my hardwood floors are being sanded above my ham shack. I hope nobody else is ever in this position. Noise is unbearable, LOUD is an understatement. Put Headphones on and blocked 80% of noise at least. Thats why I'm writing review right now, I could not beleive I was able to operate under such loud conditions! As long as I'm reviewing, I mainly bought these for operating split with duel receive. DX station in left ear, split frequency in right ear. Nice and clear and cut getting through to DX station tremendously. You will not regret buying these headphones. These are my fourth try at trying to find a headphone set I liked, and block noise since ham shack is in utility room. There also the last!
K6IPM Rating: 2017-01-25
RS60CF w/M350 Mic Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
From K6IPM. I purchased the RS60CF wM350 Mic plus the Footswitch and cable for my Icom 7800. This unit is awesome and if you want quality plus, this is it! Dave Bottom, WI6R provides as much detail as you need before purchasing. Although you will spend about $500.00, the quality IMHO is second to none. The Headset shuts out all noise and is most comfortable to wear. On CW, it is terrific. I have used Heil in the past which is good but again the quality and attention to detail and time from Dave goes way beyond what most vendors will do.
K0RO Rating: 2017-01-07
Excellent for CW Op. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've had the RS20S for nine months now and often have them on for two to three hours at a time. My previous 'phones gave me a headache after an hour. The Radiosport have never bothered me. I made over 1800 CW contacts in 2016 so gave them a pretty good workout.

The reduction in ambient noise is fantastic. The central air conditioning fan is right outside my shack and always bothered me when it kicked on. Not with this headset. I hardly hear it.

I did need to crank up the audio gain a bit compared to my previous set but that's not an issue.

Comments have been made about the weight but I've not found it to be a problem. And with a bit of patience, I was able to bend the head strap to the best fit for me.

I'm impressed and delighted with my RS20's. Well worth the money.
WA7WJR Rating: 2017-01-04
Great Sound and Comfortable Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
When I setup my shack I knew I wanted a set of headphones and my research began. I've used David Clarks in my past so I've had experience and a point of comparison. I will say that comparatively the Radiosport headphones provide much better noise cancelling resulting in a much better sound.

The headphones are not especially light, but once adjusted properly they sit very comfortably.
The cloth covers on the over the ear cushioned ear pieces are very comfortable and prevent sweating.

I wish the headband also had an optional cloth covering for us guys lacking hair on top. I made a simple one from terry cloth and it works great.
W7EE Rating: 2016-11-22
Great Product and Support Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased the RS60CF headset about two years ago. Last month I needed to change a cable for my K3 to a rear plug. I called Dave at Arlan Communications and he said to ship the cable back and he would change it out at no cost. Well he sent it back in about 1 week, the cable looked brand new. I don't think you will find a better headset or company to deal with. Comfortable, quiet, great audio, very rugged and great support.

I highly recommend these headsets.

WA7SGS Rating: 2016-11-22
Wound up OK but it was tough Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
When I opened the box, the visual impact was "Wow, what a monster headset!", apologies to Monster...LOL! These SR-20 Dream Edition cans dwarf my Beats Pro Audio headphones. The bad news up to this point was that HRO turned an overnight deal into a 4 day affair since someone in the PDX store did not get the order out in a timely fashion.

When I plugged in the Radiosport into my IC-7200, only one side worked. After trying them on three other devices it was obvious that a defective unit made it through whatever QC chain was used by the manufacturer. Delayed and half dead does not make for a happy camper!

Now the story does have a happy and rather quick ending. I called HRO in PDX. They got a replacement set on the way via UPS. It arrived the next day and these worked fine. Someone in the HRO store checked the set before sending them along, which avoided any more upsets.

So how do they fit on my head? Nicely and tightly at the same time. The adjustment to fit is made by loosening a couple of knobs, followed by moving the stuff around until you find the right fit, then retighten. That works well.

Sound quality is not that of an audiophile stereo headset nor is it meant to be. These are communications headphones, meant to handle the audio frequencies of the human voice. Trying the Radiosport out on a QSO where one signal was weak enough to be somewhat difficult showed that these headphones will help give an operator the extra edge in maintaining contact. Sure, band conditions, antennae and QRO level of powers help but in the end you still have to hear what is out there. These will do the job!

Going from 5 stars to 4 stars is due to the hassles encountered. YMMV and should you decide to purchase them, I hope your experience on that front comes out better than it did for me.

KM4CQG Rating: 2016-09-27
expensive Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I read all the positive reviews and thought I would give these a try with the M207 microphone a try.

The comfort that everyone raves about is true the noise canceling is non electronic just a terrific seal on your ears. The faux Carbon Fiber finish looks nice but certainly doesn't look real. They seem to resemble an feel like a avation headset with more comfortable feel.

The sound quality from the headphone portion is good the Heils have a phase switch which gives them a slight advantage for pulling out faint signals.

The M207 microphone while good for a communication microphone is not anywhere near as good as Heils microphone in his various headsets. Its frequency response sounds less full. Keep in mind RadioSport claims its for DX. I have ordered several more microphone and will update this review when there tested.

Cables and PTT RadioSport switch are superior to Heils there expensive but they are worth it.

Overall I'm glad I bought them but at almost $475 USD there cost is much to high. Its up for you to decide now.

K9IR Rating: 2016-09-19
The best headset Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I own the RS60CF-DDE model with the M350-ADJ mic. This headset is the best one I ever have owned. Why?

1. Comfort. The Radiosport fits snugly but doesn't crush my ears. Unlike my Heil headset, it never slips out of position. I never feel fatigued after wearing them for an extended period.
2. Quiet. You hear what you want/need to hear from the rig, and not ambient noise. My Yamaha CM500 is a good buy for the money but doesn't keep out enough outside noises.
3. Great audio. I've received excellent reports.
4. Solid build. The Radiosport feels solid but not overweight.

Yes, you will pay more to get a Radiosport; I certainly wondered whether it justified the price. But when you use them you will realize (as I did) where every penny went to provide the perfect combination of excellent audio (RX/TX), comfort and noise limitation. Especially if you're like me and use 'phones almost exclusively, your ears will thank you.

Dave responds to queries very promptly and otherwise is great to deal with. Now stop reading and order one ;-)!
N6UG Rating: 2016-09-16
Love this headset! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.

I've owned my set for about a year. I bought the set because they sound great RX/TX, they are comfortable and they block out shack noise.

All of these goals came true and the Radio Sport is the only headset I'll use going forward.