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Reviews: 132MSRP: 159. USD
RS20S Stereo/Diversity Receive with Carbon Fiber Finish. 24db Noise Reduction
with 3.5mm Plug and 1/4" Adapter
Product is in production
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W5DNT Rating: 2016-05-04
Simply the BEST, Period! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The RS60CF is simply the best set of headphones available, period. The M208 dynamic mic element is very wide band and lends itself to EQ quite well. The headset is extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods such as Field Day, where the noise canceling cans help reduce fatigue. The construction and high quality of this headset is well worth the cost. You will be hard pressed to find anyone in amateur radio better to deal with than Dave Bottoms, WI6R. In my case, he worked with me to make sure I had everything right to produce the desired audio that I wanted. Mic element selection is important and Dave is a big help with that. Very customer oriented and a pleasure to work with. If you want to treat yourself to the best headset available, go for the RS60CF!!
KD6CCP Rating: 2016-03-31
Worth every dime. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having a hearing impairment, I have always been looking for great cans. Running a recording studio gives me access to some fine products in this area. But I must say the Radiosports are designed for ham radio use not pure stereo mixing like my other phones.. These are amazing. Well constructed and simple outstanding. I was using Heil but not anymore. Do yourself a favor and try these...
W4ATL Rating: 2016-03-26
Excellent Headset Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned this headset for over 1 year and it has performed very well. It is heavy, but if you take the time to adjust it to fit your head it is very comfortable to wear and doesn't seem heavy at all. Audio quality is excellent on the phones. They are comfortable to wear even with glasses and they seal outside noise very well. I would recommend getting the M208 mic element instead of the M207 if your rig has an equalizer. The M208 has a wide response and you can tailor the equalizer for wide or narrow response. The M207 has more of a communications quality sound that might be good for DX or contest work but not for ragchewing. Once I tweaked the equalizer on my K3 for the M208 people cannot tell the difference between my Heil Goldline in Wide mode and the M208. I do have slightly different equalizer settings for the two mics but they ended up sounding the same on the air.
NE6AA Rating: 2016-03-14
RS60CF headset w/M208 Dynamic Mic Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The Radiosport headset comfort and external sound suppression are great. My wife has given up trying to get my attention while I am on the radio. I do not hear the telephone or any other external sound. Construction quality, all materials, and operator comfort are superb. My regular contacts with whom I communicate in the Propagation Group on 17 meters have been reporting uniformly high audio quality reports as well as good RS signal reports. I have had no reports of RF in my outgoing signal as I did on occasion with an older Heil Pro set I was gifted as a hand-me-down. When I try the Heil again for comparison, there is no comparison. Enough said.
K3DTC Rating: 2016-03-14
The Standard by which all headphone companies should aspire to Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought these headphones a few years back and had a problem with lack of audio on one side, so I FINALLY called Radiosport and Dave Bottom said please send them back because they were still under warranty (5 years), Dave was the BEST he ops checked them and emailed me promptly with his findings. He found that "I" was the fault at hand but was kind enough not to belittle me I didn't have the 1/4 inch plug inserted all the way. Dave provided FREE OF CHARGE a commercial plug AND ugraded the head pad to the NEW one being installed on the new model. What a PROFESSIONAL business and hat's off to Dave Bottom best customer service I ever came across. Oh and if you need to hear about the audio and comfort of these phones, they are simply the BEST.
WA0QIT Rating: 2016-02-24
Simply the best on the market today! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've tried many mics and headsets in almost 40 years of "hamming" but not until recently with the advent of my new 590SG did I seek a replacement for my "regular (but quite old) set of 'cans that has been boxed up for a few years while I was inactive.

Researching product reviews, forums, and ham stores led me to invest in an RS60CF w/ 600 ohm dynamic boom mic.

Delivery was speedy fast after calling and ordering personally thru Dave Bottom. My headset packing was quite sturdy and all was very well protected.

I got them on the air that afternoon and ever since, the signal reports I'm receiving on 80-10 are excellent, running 60-100w. Audio reports are crisp and clean, without any speech processing.

The foam padding on top of the (quite study but light) headset is very comfortable on my bald head, and the ear padding is a happy, comfortable, experience. Properly fitted and adjusted, I can't even feel the weight and there's very little pressure on my neck.

The mic (for once!) extends to directly in front of my mouth, not content to stop at the corner, forcing me to talk out of the side of it in order to feel like my audio is "making it" to the mic. (It's also reversible, so if you like it on the left, right, or just want to switch off occasionally, the choice is yours).

The only "downer" was where the headset cord connection plugs in on the headphone. The way it's positioned, those (like me) with short necks will find the connector "pokes" you in the shoulder when you move or turn your head. That kinda ruined it for me. So, I called Dave Bottom, who listened intently and said they had others comment on the same issue. In short order, he made up and shipped an identical headset but with the connector move backward a bit. Problem Solved! Quick, courteously, and professionally.

I bought my headset with both the foot-switch PTT and the hand PTT. Both are sturdy, with nice, long, tough cords. (One headset I tried from "another company" looked like they used a plastic 35mm film canister to house their PTT components w/ the switch protruding thru the top). No such "made-in-someone's-basement" setups with the RadioSports gear.

The handswitch is in a nice, sturdy, metal case which Dave textures and powder-coats for a finished, professional look. It has both a momentary and a locked PTT button, and the only addition I made was to glue some felt on the side that likes to lay on the desk (to protect against scratches and marring). The footswitch won't take up all the space under your desk, either. Both have a "heavy-duty-last-for-many-years" feel to them, despite being light.

Our large dog was sitting behind my operating chair barking (his food dish ran dry during our 75m net) and it wasn't until the XYL came in and flicked the room light off and on and then asked if I'd refill to food dish! Here he was, not 4 feet away, barking,....and I never heard him! Now THAT'S noise-cancellation!

You can bet these headsets are coming with us this year when we operate our yearly SES on board a moving excursion train along the north shore of Lake Superior. I wish I had the Radiosport with me last year, as the "noise-cancelling" set (from another company) didn't do much to negate the noise of the moving train and shack visitors. They're also coming along on when we work a local sled dog race in 2 weeks, Field Day, and any others that come along.

(Oh yeah, got a second set for the XYL!)

If I could give em 10 stars, I gladly would....

K4IIE Rating: 2016-02-20
5 years of use Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Reviewed the RD60's back in Nov. 2011 under old N4MWR call.Use them daily and still work and look like new.Saw David at Orlando and told him the new headband cover was much nicer than my original one.He took my call and said he would send one.Arrived today with no charge.That's customer service!!!It looks and feels better.These phones will outlive me.They work better than others I've tried and highly recommend them,K4IIE
W6LAX Rating: 2016-02-09
Great improvement in my station Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was really impressed when I first saw the Radiosport RS60CF headset at the Visalia DX Convention a few years ago. I was tempted but I didn’t jump right in and buy a set because, well, they are quite pricey. But after 20 years of reliable service, my old Heil Pros finally bit the dust last week, thus freeing me to call Dave at Arlan Communications with my order.

My first impression was that they are extremely well made but pretty heavy, thus I was concerned that they would not be comfortable. But following the instruction sheet, I adjusted them properly and put them on the right part of my head and have found that they are very comfortable, even after several hours of wearing them.

Operating is a different experience than with my old headset. Not only does background noise all but disappear, but I actually do hear stations on the radio better. Others have made that comment in eHam reviews, but I didn’t appreciate what they meant until I experienced it myself.

Although I am primarily a CW operator, I jumped onto SSB to test the mic (M207) and asked a PY2 station how my audio sounded. He said, “Do me a favor and don’t adjust anything. It sounds so good, please leave it just as it is.” I took that as an endorsement and enjoyed working a few more SSB stations, each of whom I could understand more clearly than from my old phones.

These aren’t cheap, but among the headsets I’ve used they are by far the best.
N1EU Rating: 2016-01-29
Great communications quality headset Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Build quality including the detachable cable is excellent. Passive acoustic isolation is excellent but perhaps one or two dB less than my Pilot-USA headset. The headphones and M207 microphone are clearly designed for communications quality with an emphasis in the midrange. These headphones are NOT intended for ESSB / high fidelity use.
N7SMI Rating: 2015-12-18
DXpeditioner's choice Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I first tried a RadioSport headset on the TX7G DXpedition. I really like my Heil's, but after trying a team member's RS60CF I never looked back. We used RadioSport headsets for the VK9WA DXpedition and they worked amazingly well in difficult and noisy (surf, birds, wind, much QRN, etc.) conditions.

As a DXpedition organizer it's nice to have the confidence that your headsets are not going to cause any difficulty in pulling out quiet stations. We appreciate Arlen Communications help in providing headsets for the VK9WA team. RadioSport's are certainly this DXpeditioner's choice of headset.