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Reviews: 143MSRP: 189. USD
Commercial quality Listen-Only Headset with dual layer Gel Ear Cushions, Cotton Ear Covers and soft Pillow-Top Headpad. Includes Belden MIL-Spec headset-to-radio cable (Kevlar reinforced leads with Teflon insulation) with 3.5mm Plug and Pro-Audio 3.5mm to 1/4" Adapter. radiosport standard 5 year warranty. Boom-Mic headsets are also available.
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K7PE Rating: 2015-05-22
THE comparison Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned the RS-60-CF headset now for 2 years and I COULD NOT BE MORE SATIFIED. The earfones are VERY comfortable even when worn for long periods and the voice frequencies seem to pop out at you. I have a very bad hearing loss in both ears and the RS-60 is a real pleasure to use.
The microphone is great with many compliments on the audio.
The Build quality is next to perfect, and after using daily for over 2 years not a problem, kind of like slipping on an old pair of your favorite shoes.
Dave is constanly up grading his product with a new improved lite weight 8 pin connector and a new dynamic mic. element "M208" 100HZ-6KHZ response.
I have been licensed since 1955 and couldn't recommend anything better.
73 Bob Hopkins K7PE
DF7FE Rating: 2015-04-29
Forget Heil Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Never had a better Headset before than the RS20S. It is worth every Cent (including expensive overseas shipping cost and tax). Unfortunately they have no european (german) distributor.
W8TN Rating: 2015-04-12
After 3 years - Still a Winner! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased my RadioSport RS60CF headset almost 3 years ago to take on a major DX’pedition. On this trip I operated a little CW, a fair amount of RTTY (1,600 RTTY QSO's) and mostly SSB. I personally made over 6,000 QSO’s and used the RS-60CF on every single one.

A couple of times I put on another headset to check it out but they were hugely inferior to my Radiosport! Even though I was 100-feet from the beach, the sound of the surf was quite audible in those headsets and the noise of the amplifiers and other operators combined to make it harder for me to hear those calling. In fact, with the RadioSport on, I was oblivious to anything but the DX on the radio. Most relief operators had to touch my shoulder to tell me it was time to quit because I did not hear them. That was FANTASTIC! All I had to concentrate on was working the DX.

After 9 days of operating in tents near the ocean where the temperature daily exceeded 100 F with high humidity, you could barely tell my Radiosport had been used while some of the other headsets were literally falling apart. I just can't tell you how glad I am that I decided to purchase the Radiosport before I went on this trip. It made my experience a true pleasure!

To speak to the quality of the microphone on the Radiosport, several people told me after the trip that they could just tell someone was speaking on our frequency before I would begin my shift. The SSB signals produced using my RadioSport were said to then jump up to perfect copy. Without the RadioSport, they said they would not have been able to make a QSO with me!

Now that I’m back home, I use the RadioSport daily. Except for the obvious that the cloth ear covers need to be cleaned, everything else looks brand new.

A major feature of the RadioSport to me is the cable that connects the headset to the radio. I have used other headsets and had to send some back for repair or just buy a new one because a wire inside the headset cable opened up. I doubt this will ever happen with the RadioSport because of the high quality of their cable assemblies.

Yes, the RadioSport headsets are expensive but quality always is. If you want the best, this is it. And, if I had to purchase another headset, it would only be a RadioSport.

I have no connection to the company and I paid full price for my headset. In the 3 years I’ve owned it, I’ve recommended it to dozens of people and those who purchased one have reported it was maybe their best ham accessory purchase ever!
KE5MMT Rating: 2015-03-09
When only the best will do! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned a set of RS60CFs for about a year and a half. They replaced a Heil Proset Plus. I've used these for everything from casual operating to DX work to contests. Audio quality is outstanding and I've received a number of unsolicited reports commenting on the outstanding transmit quality as well. The ear cups seal out noise much better than the Heil's; sometimes you can hear your heart beat when the room is quiet! These are heavy but the wide head strap combined with the ear cups mitigate the weight and go a long way toward making them feel lighter than they really are.

Don't waste your time or money on cheap, second rate sets; get a pair of Radiosports!
XW1B Rating: 2015-02-15
Second review Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
After 8 months I still contend these are the best headphones on the market ( RS20S ). I have a few converts along the way as well. Ham friends from the US recently visited and op'd from here as well as my station in Laos. Both were very impressed with the RS20S. For outside noise rejection I've not found anything even close. This is a must when you have 2 small girls in the house!
Great product! Should I ever wear them out I'll buy another pair!
3W3B - XW4XR
AA6VB Rating: 2015-02-15
Outstanding Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
These are just great. They are very expensive, but when you get them in your shack, you can see why. The quality is exceptional. These eliminate all background noise, sound great, and are very comfortable.

A comment on the mic cables: They need a complete redesign! I give the cable between a 1 and a 2, at best. Quality of the cable/connectors/construction is "outstanding" but the design is very poor. The cable is far too stiff, and the connector attaches to the headphones in such a way as to make the cable poke into your shoulder. It's very annoying. Also, the y splitter is much too far away from the phone and mike plugs, so you effectively have two very stiff cables coming out of your radio for about 18 inches before they are joined together. This is just awful. It needs a complete redesign:

1. The cable should be softer;

2. The y connector should be attached only a few inches, at most, from the plugs,

3. The angle of the connector where it attaches to the headphones should be changed so the stiff cable is not pointed at your shoulder.

The cable is a constant annoyance, and detracts from an otherwise exceptionally top quality headset.
RUSS324 Rating: 2015-02-15
Fantastic headset!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been using these for a week with my Flex 5000.
I have the M207 mic. Great audio reports from stateside and DX stations. They look bulky but fit and feel great when you put them on. I have never been a big fan of headsets in the past. This headset has changed my mine.
I am going to buy another set for my Pro 3.
Great product that is well made and work great.
Check them out for yourself!!
Russ K8QF
N4DXB Rating: 2015-02-04
What a difference! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Amazing what a good pair of headphones can do for you. Talked to Dave and he was incredibly helpful in my choosing the correct unit (RS200cr). It's big and somewhat bulky but that are my only complaints. Very comfortable, almost lightweight, excellent construction, and a huge difference in hearing the weak signals and in how I am heard. Microphone performance has only gotten great reports. I am truly impressed. Versatile - works with Flex 500 & my PC for Remote Ham Radio. This is a good example of getting what you pay for
K2QB Rating: 2015-01-15
Fantastic! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Santa was kind enough to leave a pair of the RS60CF headphones under the tree. Having used them for a bit now, I have to say these are fantastic. I played around on SSB with them and had several hams provide me with feedback on the audio. Once I had it set up properly on the FT2K, the reports were all excellent and when I turned the processor on there was a discernable difference noted, again getting good reports. I got to wear them for an extended period during the NAQP CW contest. I put in 10 hours in the chair with these on and have to say they are the most comfortable headset I have ever worn. Never even thought about taking them off for a break. (I also wear glasses and had no issues what so ever) The quality right down to the cable and connectors is superb. I did find it interesting that the mic connector says Heil on it. These aren't cheap but if you are looking for a quality headset that looks good, sounds good, is comfortable and will last for years, then this is it.
KX7P Rating: 2015-01-10
Outstanding Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've owned my headset for almost 1 year and I'm very happy with the quality and performance of this headset. Great receive audio and great transmit audio using the headset. A perfect match for my Yaesu FTDX-5000D.