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Reviews For: Baofeng/Pofung UV3R

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Baofeng/Pofung UV3R
Reviews: 127MSRP: 55
Tiny dual band radio like the Yaesu VX3R.
Product is in production
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WP4KY Rating: 2018-05-25
WP4KY Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Don't waist money on this Radio . It doesn't work properly . It is a trash radio
M0AEP Rating: 2015-08-10
Amazing little transceiver! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just coupled a UV-3R txvr to a small dual band antenna on a magmount in the bay window of a first floor apartment facing due east. A speculative CQ call on 2M produced an immediate response from a station about 5 miles west of the apartment block. We were given a S3 report and he was S7/8.
The disabled pensioner, for whom the installation was made, was absolutely delighted to find 2-way communication from his apartment was going to be posible with this tiny, affordable (for him) transceiver. I, too, was amazed what 2W to a small indoor antenna could achieve. It may not have all the desirable functions of other products but it does the job at an affordable price for many people.
N6BQQ Rating: 2015-06-25
got me back into ham radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to get back into ham radio. But my buddies told me to get a Baofeng, and get on 144 and 440. So I did, and, after having fun, I went through an FT-747, TS-440, and presently, an IC-706MKII. It all started with the Baofeng. It is cheap enough that I do not care if it gets damaged, lost, or stolen. But none of those fears have happened.
K0VOZ Rating: 2014-11-27
Very Robust Unit Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used UV3R unit with a mag mount antenna and speaker mike in my mobile for two years now without any type of failure. It reaches all of the repeaters in our mountain valleys without any problems.

I also teach Ham Radio at the middle school level. The UV3R is my first choice in transceivers for their ability to take extreme punishment and continue to work. Most high end radios will not last a week with twelve and thirteen year olds.

When I first purchased the UV3R I found there was a steep learning curve mostly due to my unwillingness to "read the manual," and research my questions online. Each button and dial has to perform multiple tasks to keep the cost down.

Is the UV3R a top end transceiver? No, but it is a very capable unit for its price point. When I'm on the ski lift I would much rather see the UV3R take a dive than my FX-6R.
SQ4NYY Rating: 2014-11-26
Even $10 price wouldn't make this radio comfortable to use. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
My first radio is Yaesu VX-7, I heard a lot of UV-3 and of curiosity I bought one to have second smaller and lighter radio to have with me most of the time. This radio just works, don't expect it to be comfortable in any other way than purchase price.

-Sick volume level scale which requires mod to be able to use it but it's still far from comfortable after that.
-Buttons require special attention to make sure they are always pressed when you do an attempt to
-Terrible knob which makes it a horror to change i.e. 500kHz if you use 5kHz channel spacing
-Terrible and noisy audio output full of high frequencies (and high background noises too) what makes it far harder to understand speech compared to almost any other non Chinese radio I owned.
-Terrible carrier end CRACK on end of every received transmission, it destroyed my brain every time. It's too loud! It's not so noticable till you take second ht (Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom and probably many others) and compare it by swapping radios during use.
-TERRIBLE beep every time you turn the radio off and there is no menu option to disable it
-Incompatible with Nokia (2mm of rubber need to be cut) and Yaesu VX-3 chargers (inverted polarity!)

PMR channel spacing

This is only a PMR class radio, please don't call it ham gear - having ham bands doesn't make it one. If you aren't a ham yet, you can consider this toy as a scanner and to learn basics. This radio would have been be a miracle 14 years ago, but now it's 40 bucks toy and I suggest to add $80-100 and seek for VX-3 (you can charge it via USB by adding XL6009 adapter from e--y - radio requires 6V input). BTW, I have bought VX-3 and I am very satisfied, but I expected it to be built more durable than bao but I think they are almost same in this criteria only due to small size - endurance requires bigger casing.
ZS1DEA Rating: 2014-06-03
Surprisingly good radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Mine is the UV-3R+,which came with a UV5 second hand, so no extra's. I primarily use this radio for work purposes, as I am a seaman. Not long after I had it, the Radio/Light button had failed. Operation of either is intermittent, when fortunate to access LED or Radio stations.
I have not secured a programming cable for it yet, thus all inputs, are manual.
To use the ham frequencies with offsets is a breeze, however I do not use the memory banks. Menu is straight forward, and easy to manipulate- I am a new ham!
From the work side-Yes the on/off button does get activated, but then this radio was not built for industrial use. I carry this radio in my top right pocket of my overall, with a thin leather string around my neck. On board the temp is 50C + in engine room and 30C+ outside, and I am covered in sweat 90% of the time. Thus, this little radio is constantly damp or wet. I have had 3Bar of water jet pressure hitting me on the radio when a pipe had burst, and this unit is still going strong.
The only downfall is the discoloration on the battery contact terminals for the charger, on the battery side.
My battery went open circuit 7 days ago, but I broke open the holder and re-soldered the loose terminal.(most solder joints seemed poor inside the batt case)
Sensitivity- As a newcomer, I do not know much about this. However, I noticed both the 3 and the 5, has radio interference, when I used my motor vehicle alarm button, or the remote gate switch for home.Other spurios interferances are also prevalent, when mobile.
Selectivity- I found that if I am say 25k down from a nearby frequency, the radio has picked up the transmission.
This I found out as I could not be heard by the other party, who was standing on the opposite wall/bulkhead, and using a different channel.(25K up)
Depressing the Alarm button sounds, the alarm on the active channel, which is a feature for me, as I am often working on my own down in the holds, or in secluded spaces, or on elevated heights.
Overall-This is the radio I feel the least for, due to the relatively good purchase price, and therefore, it goes places the ICF60/E-90/IC F3GS/Kenwood T7FE, does not go.I will gladly purchase two more when given the opportunity. As a first ham radio, it is not the best choice, but heck at R500 ZAR (+-$48 USD)what a pleasure.
This radio has survived 6 months sea life-3 months along the west coast of Africa and 3 months in the HRA to Karachi.
It is constantly in use when home, on the UHF band for citizen's Neighbourhood watch, and dual watch on 144Mhz
For my application, flying around the globe, this is a very small,light weight, versatile radio, that is able to use our UHF work frequencies, and the VHF Maritime bands. The charging can be done from 220V 50/60HZ Mains, or from USB.
This radio has exceeded all expectations.
Lastly, I call this connectivity. In situations where my F60 had struggled to get signals out, I have had no hassles with getting comms accross from the bottom of hold 1,(the foremost hold of the vessel) or even from underneath the main engine. Playing with a ground plane by attaching a wire lug under the antenna, was shelved, as it seemed unnecessary.
For what this radio is, I am impressed.
I give it a 4, as I am surprised at the tenacity.

KD4SBY Rating: 2014-02-19
Squelch stopped working after a while Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this radio to replace my trusty 2AT, which I had for 20 years (and still have). After learning how to use the menus, it worked fine and I put it away, using it occasionally on a monthly net. Then, at one time I wanted to use it, and the squelch would not work any more. It would not break it, regardless how strong the signal was, and what the setting was. Figuring it must be me, I just did not know how to adjust it,I asked around for help, but nobody could get the squelch to work correctly anymore. Since I did not pay very much for it, I just junked it, and bought a new 5R. Hope I have more luck with this one.
AB7VJ Rating: 2014-01-29
Good for the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this little radio as a backup for my Icom W32a. For the price, it does just fine. Granted, the stock antenna is crap, so I bought an upgrade. For the lighter ham needs, such as hamfests and just chatting with local hams, it works great.

I wouldn't recommend it for emergency nets and such, it just doesn't have enough power to do the job. That and its kind of a pain to program.
AE5VM Rating: 2014-01-04
Squelch Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well I tested it yesterday and today without external antenna on roof.. by using rubber duck antenna that is supplied...On 2m squelch doesn't open up even a 1 setting .. 70cm and emergency bands come in but not 2m... So I tested it in Santa FE which is closer to megalink repeater and squelch opens fine.. These are great for close contact unless you hook up an external yagi or mag mount. As for serious contacts one needs a reputable handheld to make contacts. I ordered a longer 2m/70cm antenna for my wouxun and it fits the baofeng which gives it better reception.

Earlier 5-star review posted by KE5LZL on 2013-12-31

Just got it yesterday December 30. This unit is great for a lite quick take along...
I hooked it up to the mag mount on roof of trailer and tested it.. from San Juan Pueblo Reservation in NM to Santa FE Pajarito Repeater 25 miles away on SFARC NET meeting .. it was Full quieting.. Then I tried it on the MEGALINK SANDIA MNTS in Albuquerque 50 miles away.. Full quieting..
It is just a basic take along .. Great for just tossing into shirt pocket or hiking with another Ham... I have a Yaesu FT-60r and a wouxun as well.
I will continue to test this little unit and haven't had any problems yet... and when I do, I will post them.. Like I say it is a neat little work horse. 73
VE4TTH Rating: 2013-10-17
Best for the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this radio almost 2 years, and have found it to be very capable! If you are looking for a very small and inexpensive dual band radio, you will not go wrong.

1) Easy to program
2) Battery life is exceptional (48 hrs)
3) Very compact size.
4) 2.2 watts output (Bird Meter tested) **When battery is full!
5) Rapid battery changes
6) Considered disposable, so no worries in harsh environments.
7) Very acceptable audio for both TX and RX.
8) Cheap!!

Things to watch out for!

1) Vampires! Leaving the battery in will discharge the battery in 90 days, it has a vampire inside. So remove the battery when storing and your battery will be full when you need it.
2) Dummy Load for an antenna. Like all HT's the supplied antenna is nothing more than a glorified dummy load. Buy the long whip (SMA-24) it is a bit long, but very narrow and flexible. You will not regret it.
3) Careful when tuning, they come mostly wide open, and you can inadvertently tune to a frequency that is out of the ham bands.
4) No keys, so if you need to send DTMF tones other than a tone to unlock a repeater, your out of luck. This is a very basic grab n go radio that if you are a member or ARES and need a radio for a go kit, but do not want to keep a $500.00 HT radio in your vehicle, just in case it may get stolen. This is the radio for you!

Lets face it, for about $55.00 including shipping, and that's with a second battery and free external mic/speaker. You just can't go wrong!