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Reviews For: Hitachi V-509 60 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Hitachi V-509 60 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
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Small, but beautifully made scope
Product is in production
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N4UE Rating: 2011-05-25
Excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I happened upon a V-509 on eBay for cheap. Since I collect Test Equipment, I thought I'd try one.
Boy, was I impressed! I have over 10 Tek scopes and they are OK but as they age, they are a pain to keep working. I was SO impressed with the V-509 (free manuals on the WWW), I bought several more. ALL have worked 100%. I have also bought some of the larger Hitachi scopes and I am even further impressed, Simple, excellent construction.
I do a complete cosmetic restoration on everything that comes through my shop. The ONLY thing I dislike about the entire Hitachi line is the color!
Puke green. ha ha
Nothing that a couple of minutes in the hot Florida sun and some spray paint won't fix...
The face and the rear panel have a clear plastic cover like the old Yeasu radios. I have only had to remove one scope's plastic sheet and when I did, it looked better than new!!!
Buy one. You'll love it!