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Reviews For: Force 12 C31XR

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : Force 12 C31XR
Reviews: 18MSRP: 2969
3el on 20m, 4el on 15m, 7el on 10m; 14-el, 31' boom
Product is in production
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W7WZ Rating: 2012-12-10
Still the best overall. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My first one has been up for 3 years through multiple thunderstorms and wind at 100 feet on Rohn 45G. It has been so good, I just added another one at 65 feet. SWRs are well under 2:1 across all three bands. These are well built antennas and the support from Texas Antennas is excellent. They really stand behind their products. The performance is what you would expect from an optimum spaced monobander. I do not miss my 4 element quads. These are solid antennas that withstand the tests of time.
N7WR Rating: 2012-10-28
Outstanding Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Mine has been up at 100 ft atop rohn 45 for 10 years---through 100MPH gusts, ice storms etc. Works extremely well and if I can hear em I can work em. I never run more than 500 watts yet am competitive with the 1.5 KW guys in pileups. Mine works "OK" on 12 and 17 meters w/o use of a tuner
N8RR Rating: 2011-11-22
Update Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My C31XR has been up for 29 months, through two complete winter seasons. Last winter, it survived two major wind episodes,the last of which snapped tree trunks and uprooted 5 large trees. The boom to mast clamp slipped a few degrees, but otherwise there were no problems with the C31XR. Mechanically and electrically, there have been no problems of any kind with the antenna.

Performance-wise, the antenna continues to be very competitive on 20-15-10 meters. The height is optimized for 20M on my hilltop, but the performance on 15 and 10 meters is great. The antenna flat out plays, and for a single boom solution, I would install this C31XR again.

Good success was experienced on 17M using a tuner and we easily worked DXCC plus with the C31XR. However, I had space available and after a year added separate antennas for 17 and 12 meters because of desiring monobander performance on every band.

Regarding Force 12 in general, I have had occasion to build for others a couple of Force 12 antennas which were made in Texas, after the ownership change. My C31XR was made in CA before the change. Personally, I did not see any difference in the quality or the performance of the antennas, which include C series tribanders and Delta 40 meter products. In addition, I helped rebuild an older C4, which came down in a tower collapse, and Mark in TX provided parts for the 40M linear loaded elements. There are many reasons why one chooses one manufacturer over another. The Force 12 ownership change would not be a factor for me, based on my experience.

73 Chas N8RR

N6WIN Rating: 2011-10-19
Why not? Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've put two of these up since 2001 for contesting purposes. My old one I left at my Elmer's qth where I previously contested. I have my current one installed at 55' with separate feedlines (SO2R). I am absolutely impressed with it. I am so much more agile than my peers with motor driven elements.

This is a simple antenna with little to fail. It is extremely easy and quick to build. My only worry was blowing out a balun and so I bought 5kw rated models from Balun Designs for my 1.5kw use.

SWR is great... no issues with my 2007 make on 15m.

I get in and out of the piles very quickly (within reason). I of course work what I can hear... but that doesn't mean I hear it all. I would like to upgrade this to a C49XR, but otherwise I have no reason to replace this.

N2IC did a nice write up of these as compared to monoband designs on his website.
K0ZR Rating: 2011-10-01
Great Performer and Easy Construction Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It bears repeating; "You won't be sorry with this antenna". I have had this up ~ 6 weeks. It was NOS; about 4 years old. I am able to work anything I hear, to include the pileups of late - 3D2R, 9V1JC, J28AA, etc. Construction was a breeze. Reflected power in the CW portions of the bands - where I operate most - is in the milliwatt level for KW input ( being a little facetious!)
KM6JD Rating: 2011-05-28
This thing is a DX Cannon! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Great antenna both electrically and mechanically. Will last forever. Was going to put up the C19XR but decided to go with the bigger boom. It is up about 60 feet and it has exceeded ALL of my expectations from day 1 on the air. I have worked more DX in 2 days than I did for months when we were at the peak of the solar cycle 23. This thing is potent and it gets out! Buy one. You'll never regret it.
KD7DCR Rating: 2010-01-13
UPDATE MSRP$$ Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Noticed that the prices have really gone up since this page was set up...

MSRP $2,357.00 as of 1-14-2010

Still, with 100 MPH standard spec and the 30" open spot in the middle of the boom..hard to beat!

Try one, you'll like it !!! I still love my C-4 and will be buying some more at our new QTH...that's why that 30" opening is great..
K6UFO Rating: 2009-07-23
Great product and company. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I ordered my antennas at Dayton 2008 from the "New Force 12." Mark and his people were helpful, responsive, and kept me informed of assembly and shipping progress. The antennas arrived with all parts, and assembled smoothly and easily. Antennas work as advertised, and as expected. I was able to buy TWO Force 12 yagis for less than the cost of ONE of the stepping kind. A great value.
W2IRT Rating: 2008-10-13
BEST Triband Yagi Ever! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I'll put it as simply as I can. This antenna is a DX Cannon. It's built like a tank, has front-to-back and front-to-side rejection that is beyond belief and enough forward gain to both hear the DX cleanly and get your call in his log with a single call more often than not.

You can single-feed or tri-feed it (which I will do sometime down the road), and if you stack 'em, the results will defy imagination. I've been told my signal compares favorably to folks running long-boom monobanders, and even when I don't have the amp switched on I can usually get in over top of others in my area who are running a kW. What's really fun with this bad boy is busting through the EU wall to snag a rare one that's either over the pole or down in the southern Indian Ocean somewhere. If ever anything happens to my C31XR, another one will rise in its place. By far the best antenna I've ever used in almost 30 years of hamming.
K1XV Rating: 2008-01-24
Makes its own sunspots Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have this antenna, stacked along with a 2 el 40 meter F12 beam and a 7 element 17/12 F12 beam, on a Tri-Ex sky needle. If there is DX to be worked, this antenna will work it.

The station is on a ridge line in Southern Vermont where strong winds, especially in winter, are the norm. Ice storms too. And temperatures as low as -25F. In 4+ years, the antenna has held up mechanically and electrically the same as the day it was put up in 2003. When coated with ice, the elements droop. But the ice melts, and the elements go right back to their original shape.

I know the Steppir is the antenna now in vogue. I will stick with my Force 12 set up, as it has held up mechanically, and RF performance remains great.