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Reviews For: InnovAntennas 6-element 6m LFA Yagi

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Directional (Yagi, quad, etc.)

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Review Summary For : InnovAntennas 6-element 6m LFA Yagi
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InnovAntennas 6-element 6m LFA Yagi
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8P6SH Rating: 2012-07-20
Outstanding Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I received my 6el LFA MAX a couple weeks ago and overall I'm very impressed. The antenna is delivered in a 7ft+ long box and working alone, I had it assembled in a couple hours. It uses metric hardware so I had to dig deep into my toolkit to find the right sockets. Being so close to the USA, most every antenna I've used uses the old imperial stuff. It also makes use of hex hardware so again had to dig deep. Having put the antenna together I do believe the use of this hardware makes for a sturdy build.

The antenna also uses a reflector with a bend which I believe improves the f/b ratio.

Assembled, it is truly a thing of beauty with impressive numbers. Mine resonates around 50.035MHz and has a 2:1 bandwidth of about 1MHz with the loop sized according to the instructions.

The antenna boasts gain of 1.2 dBi, f/b of >31dB and is 5.8m long.

I will admit I was skeptical about these LFA antennas but after several emails with Justin (G0KSC) and his Stateside partner Bill (AA7XT) I was impressed by their knowledge and overall customer support (especially since I wasn't even a customer yet) and Decided to give the antenna a try.

I don't have it installed in its final location yet but have been able to hear a few beacons and using a couple close-in signals, confirm that the f/b is as expected. It is also very quiet compared to the 3el M2 yagi which is my other 6m antenna.

I am very satisfied with this antenna and once I get it into its final location look forward to really putting it through its paces and working some new DXCC countries.

I would buy this antenna again and indeed will be buying a pair of their 10m antennas to take advantage of the expected conditions on 10.
G0HVQ Rating: 2012-06-17
Excellent performance long-distance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
First of all the negative stuff: it's a bit more fiddly than the average yagi to put together, and I've stuggled to keep the elements aligned due to the way they're mounted on the boom: once up there they seem to stay put, but the slightest knock whilst raising the antenna seems to put them out of alignment, due to the single pivotal mounting point. Can't get my antenna to quite resonate in the 6m band without cutting the loop: at the moment it's resonant at 49.7MHz with the end sections of the loop fully pushed in. Doesn't seem to affect performance as I keep below 50.3 anyway. And I was a bit skeptical of the design: with all the resources behand the major companies, how can anyone invent something new/better?

Now the good bit: this is one awesome antenna. I've been on the 6m band 25 Es seasons with various yagis, so I think I know what I'm talking about. The difference this yagi has made to my old short-boom 5 ele is significant: little change to the european Es signals (as would be expected) but the longer distance stations are much louder. I've experienced 4 major long-distance openings in the few weeks since putting it up: worked 1 new DXCC (A6, UAE), had a pile-up from the East Coast USA, and worked my furthest by far into the USA (DN70 from IO81). I'm very impressed with the performance of this yagi. It has a very sharp/clean radiation pattern too - off the back, I can hardly hear stations down the road in the next town.

PE1CZG Rating: 2011-06-19
LFA Yagi -- Hype or ? Time Owned: N.A.
The band of most interest for me is 6 meter and I'm active since this band was released in 1989 here in PA. As many other 50 Mhz operators likely experienced as well is the rapid increase of "man made noise" in the neighborhood. This seriously decreases the reception of the weak DX. When I first heard of the LFA yagi design I was pretty skeptical regarding the very low noise figures and the polar plots. However I decided to find out myself and I ordered a 6 element 50 Mhz LFA yagi from Justin G0KSC Innovantennas. I received the antenna very well packed and assembling was very easy: all materials used are extreme good quality and fits together without any problem. Also the communication with Justin and responses to questions are excellent! After installing the new yagi in the mast I thought initially that I did something wrong: on 50 Mhz I did not hear any of the usual hash and noise I had before. I checked VSWR and it was 1:1 exactly on 50.100 Mhz. When pointing the yagi to one of the 50 Mhz beacons, I could hear it very well so nothing seems to be wrong. After w couple of weeks usage I'm very satisfied with the results: a bit less FW gain compared with my previous antenna but a dramatic reduce in man made noise/hash. The F/B is amazing as well: around 34 dB which is excellent! If you are looking for a yagi with the lowest noise figures, go for the LFA yagi! If you do not have the time, tools etc. like me to build your own LFA, I can 100% recommend Innovantennas to order from!

73's Ger PE1CZG