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Reviews For: LDB-TFC2700L Frequency Counter

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : LDB-TFC2700L Frequency Counter
Reviews: 1MSRP: < 100 (with free shipping)
A 10 Hz to 2.7 GHz Frequency Counter
Product is in production
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N4UE Rating: 2011-06-20
Works great....but Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The reason I put the 'but' in the summary is due to the cheap, er, inexpensive, construction. ha ha

I have quite a few counters here, from Nixie tube displays onward. The highest frequency ones I normally use, stop at just over 500 MHz. I use several of the lower frequency ones with divide by 10 Prescalers. This works OK.
I have been eyeballing these Chinese counters for some time and thought I'd pick one up for the UHF/SHF test bench. I have been VERY impressed with the ATTEN brand of Chinese equipment, so I took the plunge. This counter is NOT made by ATTEN.

The counter is as accurate as I can measure. (That's it's job after all.)
It has an internal oven for stability.
Compact, light!
Beautiful 8 digit readout

Cheap overall feel

Comparing this thing to one of my Leader 250 MHz counters is a night/day comparison. Of course, at work I used to use some high $ HP counters. They were NOT bulletproof! The cost to fix one HP would purchase 10 of these 'disposable' jobs. ha ha
BUT, it does work as intended. For the price, if it develops problems, I'll just part it out.
You will see these all over eBay. It appears that the same counter is branded by many different Chinese companies. You will also see a lot of 2.4 GHz counters with different brands. Some of these counters can be purchased from outlets here in the USA. Just check that you will receive a 110VAC model. Displays are either red or green depending on model, etc.
Like I have said before, I have NEVER had a single problem with ANY Chinese company. All were honest, prompt, and polite.

Have fun!!