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Reviews For: REK TSG-17 RF Signal Generator

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : REK TSG-17 RF Signal Generator
Reviews: 2MSRP: 100.00~145.00
High Frequency RF Signal Generator 100KHz-150MHz from 6 bands.
Product is in production
More Info: http://found on ebay
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K6MA Rating: 2015-08-24
not working Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased one of these in 2014 and did not use it. Today I needed to use it and found out it has no output. Starting at the 110volt input it goes through a transformer to the "ON" switch. Even the LED power light switch does not work. I am unable to find a schematic for this. The workmanship is the worst I have ever seen, huge blobs of solder on the one-sided circuit board. Total waste of money.
If I could remember who I purchased it from I would try to send it back but since it has been over a year I probably will be out of luck. Lesson learned here; if you purchase something over the internet test it immediately you get it.
N4ZAW Rating: 2011-08-19
Not ready for prime time! Time Owned: more than 12 months.

This is marketed as a "Precision RF Signal Generator which can generate high frequency from 100KHz - 150MHz. With it's 3rd harmonic on range 'F', 450MHz can be reached. Because it has output terminal for AF and the modulating frequency can be adjusted from 150Hz to 1.5KHz, the RF signal generator can fulfill most requirement of hobbyist, service station, production and technical instruction".
Uh.... Right! Set on the 10-30MHz scale, this thing drifts-down 1MHz (not Kilo...MEGA) in less than 5 minutes! It does slow it's migration down to something tolerable after about one hour or so, but never stops. But just try to adjust it! If you get within 2 feet of the tuning knobs it effects the frequency.Tuning is also extremely touchy! Note that no shematic has been released for this T.O.O.B. iether. Upon opening it up, the lack of assemblly QC is apparent, with sloppy component placement, lead trimming, and solder joints my 10 year old grandson would reject -- this is inexcusable in a so-called "precision" diagnostic device.
It really is a shame too, because it has so much potential. I learned thru performing the needed modifications that it can be transformed into a functional signal generator with a little assembly re-work, adding three actual KNOBS, (as opposed to those useless screw slots it comes with),the addition of a frequency counter,additional shielding around the tuning cap and a 10-turn pot for fine-tuning.
The drift-down is still an issue I have yet to find a cure for, but in the meantime, save you money for a good SG. And keep in-mind the old addage, "you get what you pay for!"
This POC is no "bargain" as presently-produced!