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Reviews For: MeanWell S-350-12

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : MeanWell S-350-12
Reviews: 6MSRP: 60
29 amp continuous duty, 33 amp surge, 12 volt switching supply.
Product is in production
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K5JXH Rating: 2016-09-20
good Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
1 day old and I can not edit my review. wow.
here it is on my doc, page. zero spam..

revision 2:

this covers all issues, (but acoustics)
noise. the 3 ways to get noise.
and to cure it. easy,
it also shows why the ICOM is happy but the SB104 is not.
zero spam.
my rating is,
5 for ICOM
0 for SB104. (till i cured it)
and was expected.

Earlier 4-star review posted by K5JXH on 2016-09-19

As you know rigs that are 12vdc (13.8 to 15v)
are for vehicles. (with Alternators.)
and all vehicles, are max noise!, so most good rigs, radio's are designed to handle that by using line filters. My car has 15 computers on board and huge nasty spikes,(50-100v back emf) from the A:C clutch. (and more)

So how does the car radio work so good?, filters!
Some old gear like my SB104, cant handle any noise, until i modified it, (filters) and heathkit updates.
Live tests, RX and keyed.
my ICOM7200 does the following, using the above, supply, they are all from china, as are all the others ones seen on (and fleabay) and all have ripple spec, in the 20 to 50mv region. (noise)(data sheets say so)

here is my noise, I have scope photos at 100mhz BW.
first I can see the chopper running at about 60khz.
this is (at supply end)
exactly, 30mv of clear sine like noise.
on top of that slow noise wave, is hash noise.
The burst hash is 10mv.
the super small hash looks like hair, is 2mv.
that is what is there. using good tools.
Radio off, noise is 10 to 15mv, 10 wave 5mv hash.

NO lie it's not like the 5mv spec. of a LINEAR.
but who needs 5mv spec, unless running weak old gear. like SB104.
most good gear run , powerful RCL,and filters, on the power jack, for sure ICOM DOES.

I have now installed the many Heathkit, SB that add filters. those help, (SB service bulletins)
then added in line fer-rite chokes,
it used 3 turns on the DC feed.
over a #43, Fair-Rite donut.choke.

it also keeps away the noise my SB104 makes, out to my other gear. a win/win.,

warning 2, do not park the supply next to the GEAR. keep it back a ways.
i uses a loop antenna on my scope. (one more test)
and can see the 60khz exit side of case, but is gone in 12inches. so, I use 3 feet.
inverse square law there. The case is metal and that helps.
My ICOMs guts are incased in tank, cast all, and tight fit, still lid, nice design.!

I think the Chinese sell this under many names.

here is what ICOM does inside, for power, DC..
it's not trivial. (unlike my heathkits)
double common mode chokes,wow
then sends that out to the antenna tuner for power.

I do hope this helps someone.
if you have noise, lets fix it. most noise, not in the air, is easy to fix.

Not saying I love it, but it works, 73s
W1BG Rating: 2015-12-16
Excellent value Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have 3 of these and not the first complaint with any of them. Excellent regulation, excellent filtering. Currently selling for $23.97 apiece on Amazon. Voltage output is adjustable from 11.7 to approx. 14.8 and it's rock solid. These are of course Chinese and marketed under several names. They ship with little to no documentation, but they're well-made and the terminals are well marked. No on/off switch either and you must supply your own AC cord as well, for at $24 they're hard to beat. Operate from either 120 or 240 vac.
EA3KS Rating: 2015-03-04
compromise PS Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Approximately 3 weeks ago I have bought this power supply. The manufacturer was indicating that it was filtered) to eliminate the possible noise in HF.I have bought this model, to restore my old woman Icom PS-30, it was damaged and was better to restore that to repair. And my surprise, it(he,she) is that once mounted, and connected to my TS-480SAT, I do the test of interference, and I see that there is noise in 18 MHz. 7 MHz. 3,5 MHz and 1,8Mhz, noise sign S-5/6 on s-meter.
The Radio and Power-Supply are connected to ground independently.
Solutions: I install ferrita in all outs of 13.8v, and And I do not obtain anything, in the moment that I have placed 2 ceramic condensers in parallel of Negative pole to ground, it has eliminated all the interferences and noise, Except in 160m, it is a band that I do not use, but probably changing the values of the condensers could eliminate, (To later)
The speed of the internal FAN, it does not change, always this one connected and to the same speed.
See the result in my WEB

I think that it is a Power Supply of compromise, better an Astron!!

73 Joe EA3KS ( sorry for my English)
K4HYJ Rating: 2012-11-12
Works fine Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Been using for 6 months powering a Yaesu 857D. It works great when transmitting full power. I cannot notice any noise compared to a 12v battery.

I would have given it a 5 but the documentation was poorly done.
N7EKU Rating: 2012-08-09
Not so sure about these... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just purchased a MeanWell SP-320-12 off eBay based on reviews from these types (and the "MegaWatts" type.) I have to say that mine was a big dud. The EMI/RFI is very high and makes it unusable for radio use. If you look at the specifications, a couple things become cleer:

1. Mine has the same specification for noise and testing method for noise in the specifications as the S-350-12 which is 150mV pk-pk AFTER a tightly twisted pair supply line and two filter capacitors (this is how they test their units.)

2. They state that these are meant to be installed and filtered in a separate housing and not made to meet EMI requirements on their own (see the paper they reference in the specs.)

Anyway, it seems results may be variable with these. Some users seem to get a good one, I got a dud.

As a side note, I have tried a few computer ATX power supplies and had no trouble on EMI/RFI.

Based on my experience, I would want to test a switching type or make sure there is a return guarantee before investing in one again.


K1TJ Rating: 2011-08-28
Great for the price! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I purchased one of these on Ebay when my linear supply in the shack gave up to use temporarily. It worked out so well that I added another to the collection just to have for testing. Have since fixed my linear supply, but still have a bunch of radios running off of it in the shack. No problem with running a Motorola MaraTrac, drawing about 25 amps on transmit.

Bought mine from Ebay user us2us2.