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Product Reviews

Astron RS-35A
Palomar Engineers
Horrible Order Experience for Two of Us
Good, but tricky on SSB
ARN-7 ADF military surplus
Superb ADF and BCB DX rcvr
Collins R 392
Very solid reliable HF rcvr
Micro-Tel PR 700 receiver
second review
Collins R-105A ARR-15 HF receiver
fun, but not a practical band scanner
Collins R 391
Great receiver, beware of mech issues
QYT KT-8900R
Decent Dual Band Mobile But Not Without Issues
Astron RS-35M
Too much hum
Yaesu FTDX101D
Very good transceiver but


IARU Region 1: Russian OTH Radar Contayner Now Everywhere:
We found the Russian OTH radar Contayner on 7, 10, 14 and 18 MHz with 40 sps, FMOP and 12 kHz wide. Below the radar on 10100 kHz (center) disturbing the German Weather service “D...
Keep an Eye on the Neighborhood with this Passive Radar:
If your neighborhood is anything like ours, walking across the street is like taking your life in your own hands. Drivers are increasingly unconcerned by such trivialities as speed...
Isle of Wight Community Arts Radio Station Launches Crowdfunder:
The Wolverton FM team are setting up a series of regular Radio Clubs around the Island, where the public will be able to join in high-quality workshops of experimental approaches t...
Ham Talk Live! Episode 190 - What Goes Into Making QST and On the Air:
Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY, the managing editor of QST magazine, will be here Thursday (11/14) at 9 pm EST to talk about what goes into making an edition of QST, and details about the...


Issued 2019 Nov 13 0910 UTC
Flux: 71 A-Index:4.
Actv: No space wx storms observed.
Fcst: No space wx storms expected.

NOAA Solar Activity
Measurement Current Next 24 hrs
Solar Radiation
Radio Blackouts


Morse Code: A Final Short Treatise On the History of Mr. Morse' Code...
Suitable for the meanest understanding...
80-Meter Base-Loaded Mobile Antenna
An "eHam Classic" by W5DXP
Tapping Into The Load
How to add a scope connection to the MFJ 260C 300 Dry Dummy Load.
I Have Always Wondered About the Attraction of Operating Amateur Radio
W3TTT explores the joy of the radio hunt
An OCF Dipole with Homebrew 4:1 Balun
KJ4DGE shows you how to make a great-working inexpensive antenna


Q: Have you ever seriously considered the possibility of your taking part in a DXpedition, either with a group, or by yourself...? If you have, tell us about your experience!

Responses: 37
Comments: 7
1:NO---I'm just not that serious about DX.
2:YES---I've thought about it, but the expense frightens me!
3:NO---I'd like to, but I'm just not that savvy in managing pile-ups.
4:YES---I've done it! Here's how...
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