I moved from a sunny house with no trees and a reflective pond to the west to reduce the intense sunlight in my west facing windows. I bought a smaller house with weeping willows to the south. When I tried to install solar panels they told me I have to remove all the trees. Doah.


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Watch out for the Cashier's Check Scam.

A potential buyer will contact you and offer to buy your item with a cashier's check. The amount will be substantially higher than your asking price and you will be asked to wire the difference back. The check will turn out to be a forgery and you will be out however much you wired away.

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If you think you have been ripped off by another member of, there are several things you can do, depending on how far you want to take your complaint. We recommend you start with the first two steps below, before following up on any others.

  1. Talk to the other member. Sometimes it may seem like you've been ripped off when what really has happened is there has been a miscommunication. See if this is the case before you take your complaint to the next level.
  2. Contact the Classifieds Manager. If you feel this is an outright case of fraud or a blatant misuse of the Classifieds, send us an email with the person's Callsign. We will investigate it and if we are able to determine with certainty that there was a misuse we will block the member from using the site and delete all of their ads. Please consider this a fairly extreme measure - it takes a lot of time to follow up on these complaints.
  3. Contact a third party to resolve the problem. If you need to, contact an outside party to arbitrate your dispute.
  4. File a formal complaint. If you paid for an item but never received it, this is considered mail fraud. You can contact your local Post Office or the National Fraud Information Center ( and file a formal complaint.