I'm having trouble with eQSL. I have tried many times to re-set my password without success. Please let me know if you have a suggestion to help. I have lost the sign-in code and all of my logs from 1961-2004 have been lost. I have tried to update my email address. So far, nothing has worked. Suggestions?

Want to help build was created as a fun project by four hams from different corners of the USA. All have different areas of expertise and background experience. Their goal was to provide the tools necessary for a first-class amateur radio community to thrive. They would like to see the site run by motivated individuals that are interested in providing the ham community with a place to meet and interact on the Internet.

The team is looking for some volunteers who would be interested in the following roles on the site:

Data Miners and Specialists

We have a need for some folks who'd like to do a little web surfing. Actually, anyone can assist us in this regard by entering new links or Calendar events as they find them and many folks do just that. However, we'd like to add some "official" eham team members - folks that we can count on to "work" regularly for the site - this is where, I hope, you come in.

eHAM needs some Calendar Data Miners - folks to scour the Internet and magazines looking for Calendar events like contest dates, hamfests, club meetings, etc.

We also need some Links Data Miners - folks to scour the Internet, looking for amateur radio-related web sites (individual, commercial, technical, clubs, etc.) to add to our database of Links.

We'd also like some Articles Data Miners - folks to scour the Internet, looking for suitable technical, humor, operating, etc., material that we could reprint on eHAM. They would also be expected to get the author's permission, of course.

Specialists - Hams with a passion for a special sub-hobby like contesting, RTTY, EME, digital modes, QRP, space communications, antenna design, 160meters, UHF, etc., are also welcome to join and populate our various applications (links, forums, calendar, articles, etc.) with pertinent information.

These jobs require a little time (a few hours a week is fine) and a tenacity for clicking on links, running search engines, etc. When you find something you would then come to eHAM and enter it using our existing forms. No programming or HTML is necessary.

Final approval for all items will rest with the applications' managers. In this regard it is important that the data be complete and entered cleanly (format, spelling, etc.) to ease the burden on the applications' managers.


Most of the applications on the site require some kind of supervision or person in charge. All the manager positions require very little (if any) knowledge of HTML. Our administration programs allow just about anyone to manage the applications from anywhere in the world through a web browser. All of our applications come with email notifications of new submissions.

We are not currently looking for any managers. If you feel you'd like to help in this regard, please feel free to contact us and we surely can find a way to utilize your help.

Talk to us!

If you are interested in being part of the team of volunteers that runs, please email