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Welcome to the largest and most accurate Amateur Radio links on the internet. The Links are not just a listing of Amateur Radio links. The Links are a user-rated set of links, searchable by category or keyword. You no longer have to wade through a long list for the link you are trying to find.  You just type in a keyword, and hit enter.

How do I search for links?

Use the 'Search Links' button at the Links Home page. You'll be given an Index page with a Search Filter row at the top. This also includes a Category filter. Leaving a field BLANK means everything in the column. This is a Partial Pattern match. More characters further restrict the search.

How do I add a link?

At the top of every page within the Links section is a link to our link add page marked Add Link.  On this page you can enter your link.  You should use care in adding links to make sure there is no duplication of links.  When adding links, in the URL field you should copy the contents of your browser's Location field to our URL field on the links add page.

What is the Link rating?

Each link on this site can be rated by our users. The rating for each site is an average of all the votes received from 1 to 5.

How do I edit my link?

Search for your link using one of the search tools. Each time a search is performed, the result includes an edit link.  You can change any item associated with your link. Your edit will be forwarded to our Links manager for review, and the change will also be emailed to the WebMaster for the Link. This will ensure appropriate information for each link within our site.

What if I need more help?

Write to our Links Manager for additional help or suggestions.