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Welcome to the Log In and Profile Help page. I hope you made it here on your own (if so congratulations), but even if it took an email to the webmaster, please take the time to read the entire page. It has been carefully crafted to explain nearly every problem encountered regularly by users.

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Last update: 5-Mar-2011

Email issues

Why should I bother registering and signing in on

Registering on has lots of benefits: A registered user can post to our forums including our free Classified Ads; certain customizations will be recalled when the user returns (to see only new ads, for example); the user's callsign will be automatically added to posts; the user can create a personal profile page, etc.

Registering involves, at a minimum, your picking a suitable callsign (or username) and a password, and supplying us with a valid email address. This email address must validated by you before you can post. This is to prevent registration abuse.

I am not a ham, or do not wish to use my ham callsign to register as a user. What can I do?

We would, of course, prefer all our users who are hams to use their calls. But not everyone has an amateur license, and even some that do, often wish to remain anonymous. This is OK with us, however, "fake" or look-alike callsigns will be deleted when detected. Please note that all users' posts should remain on-topic, not be abusive and not involve personal attacks. In general, this site can be quite indulgent of folks' postings, but will naturally give a little more leeway to those who use legitimate callsigns.

I can't log in. What's wrong?

Please note that cannot send you your password. This data is protected automatically by the software and unavailable to our managers.

"Password is Incorrect" message
Thousands of eHam users successfully use the site each week, and when they use the correct password, they "get in", so like it or not, you are using the wrong password.

"How can that be?", you may ask. Well, it could be that you are using the correct letters and numbers, but are ignoring capitalization. Passwords are CaSe sEnSiTiVe! Try again with different capitalization such as all small or all capital letters.

What happened to my password? I never had to use it before.
Perhaps you deleted your cookies or otherwise cleared web data from your computer. Your web browser or operating system didn't warn you that clearing your browser/computer information would include deleting your cookies so that you'd have to remember your passwords, did they?

Your hint
So now what? You should try your hint. You took our advice and did enter one when you first registered on, right?

To access your hint, click the "Have your hint mailed to you" link that's on the "Password is Incorrect" error page. You'll be sent an email with your hint. Please note the hint is something you provided us at original sign-up - if it doesn't mean anything to you, don't blame us!

Password Reset
As a last resort, click the "Reset it for you" link that's on the error page. You'll be sent an email with what should be a very complex-looking, clickable link - click that and follow the instructions. You'll eventually be given the opportunity to change your password.

Note: If your email address is missing or incorrect, this email process obviously will not work. In this case, please email the webmaster at the address at the very bottom of the page.

AOL users click here.

Other log in problems...

Staying Anonymous

We've had several users complain that they cannot log in. They do not get an error message, yet remain anonymous. We've found that emptying the cache and deleting the history file helps. See the outdated pages FAQ.

"Sorry, you don't accept cookies..." message

Sometimes old "Temporary Internet Files" (IE) or "cache" (Netscape) problems can confuse your log in attempts. Please see outdated pages FAQ. Then, step-by-step:

1. Close all browsers except for one.
2. Delete the Temporary Internet Files (IE) or empty all caches (Netscape).
3. Close the browser.
4. Open the browser.
5. Come to
6. Click on the "Become a member" link at the right end of the highlight bar.
7. Sign in.

Also, changes to your firewall or virus software can adversely affect your abilities to log in. Please check to be sure you are allowing cookies from (NOT or, etc.). Also check to see if a recent update has been made (some software auto-updates).

How do I change my password?

If you cannot log in, click here.

If you know your old password, be sure you are logged in and click here.

If you are logged in, but do not know your old password (this can occur for users who have cookies enabled and have not actually logged in a while and thus forgotten their password), you need to initiate the reset procedure. The easiest way to do that is to log out, then try to log in. Click here for more info.

How do I know if I'm logged in?

Look at the far right of the dark "highlight" bar that runs across the top of all the pages. If you see "Become a member" then you are not logged in. If you see "Welcome" followed by your callsign, then you are logged in.

I tried to become a member, but it said my callsign is already in use. Who is using my callsign?

While it's possible that someone else registered your callsign (they may have legitmately held it at one point or made a mistake when registering) most likely it was you who registered and forgot. The best thing to do is to try to log in and simply guess the password. (Look above on this page if you can't tell if you are logged in or not.) If that fails, try the "hint" or the "reset" process; our system will send an email to the registered address. Look for the email - it may be classified as spam or bulk, so check your settings. If you now hold a callsign that was previously assigned to someone else please contact us and we can make the changes that will let you use that callsign.

Be sure to see the log in help elsewhere on this page.

Everytime I arrive at I'm anonymous and must sign in. Is this normal?

If you've successfully logged in previously with the same PC and browser, and you allow cookies, you shouldn't need to log in again. If you find that you are always anonymous when you arrive at check the cookies info elsewhere on this page.

I know I sent money to be an eHam subscriber. Why am I not being recognized as one when I arrive?

If you paid recently by check or Paypal, please realize that there are some delays inherent in either method. (Paypal requires manual activation by the eHam staff). If it's been more than a day or two, please contact the webmaster at the email address at the very bottom of the page.

I used to be recognized as a subscriber, but now it says "Please subscribe". What's up?

It may seem obvious but there only two reasons for this.
1. Your subscription lapsed - subscriptions are for one year. Please renew and you will be reactivated.
2. You must be logged in. Please verify that it says "Welcome -YOURCALL-!" at the far right of the dark highlight bar at the top of every eHam page. If it says "Anonymous", click the "Log In" link and log in.
Note: If you used to be logged in automatically, and are no longer, several things may have caused this:
1) You changed browsers (from Internet Explorer to Netscape for example)
2) You changed computers (get a new Dell? are you at a public computer?)
3) You logged out last time you were at the site
4) You cleared the cookies or other related files on your computer (they didn't warn you about this, did they?)
5) You changed you browser's security settings, specifically those related to "cookies"
6) Any combination of the above

Do I have to accept cookies to use the site?

You may browse the site without cookies, but they are required if you wish to be logged in (and one must be logged in to be able to post). Cookies are the industry's best technical way of protecting a user's log-in integrity, and preventing others from hijacking a session.

We use cookies for two purposes - we use a single persistent cookie, "termckie", to enable you to come back to the site without having to log in again. This is a convenience, and if you block persistent cookies the site will continue to function properly, you'll just have to login each time.

The second cookie, "spknsid", is a temporary session identifying cookie, that tells us that a specific pageview came from the same session that asked for an earlier one. All sites that allow sophisticated interaction need a method of knowing this. This is completely anonymous and not stored on your hard disk. When you close your browser, the cookie goes away. Therefore, these cookies do not take up any "space" and (at least in IE) you can enable session cookies while leaving permanent cookies disabled.

A common misconception is that cookies somehow gather information from one's computer. We are curious to know just how this works since we feel that this is a common misunderstanding of cookies. It is true that some sites do use persistent cookies to track people across sites - that is - to know where you've been. Advertising companies sometimes do this to determine which advertisement to show you. We don't do that - our cookies are for our site's use only. Also, these problems don't exist with session cookies. If you have information to the contrary, please let us know.

We also use two Javascripts simply to provide a mouse-over effect and to change the mouse pointer as it moves over the pictures and the navigation area, in short, to make the site more usable. Javascript is commonly used on many sites for these reasons. Javascript is interpreted by the browser (as is HTML) and as far as we know cannot access or reference anything on your local computer. Javascript is so widely used that any significant security issues or privacy issues would be of great interest to Microsoft and Netscape, or to the press at large.

We'd be very curious if anyone could give us some legitimate reference to security problems with Javascript or cookies. If there are security issues with their use we'd like to know so we can alter our site design or take other action.

In any event, we do not sell our user information. We don't distribute it. Please read our privacy statement.

How do I change my browser's cookies settings?

Your best bet is to read the "help" for your browser as the process changes seemingly with each new browser software update.

Version 6.0 of Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click on the "Tools" menu item, then Internet Options | Security | Privacy | then either "Advanced" (to make global changes) or "Edit" to make cookie settings for a specific site only.

Older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click on the "Tools" menu item, then Internet Options | Security | Custom Level | then scroll down to Cookies.

Click on the "Edit" menu item, then Preferences | Advanced | Cookies

I'm already a member of but have just gotten a new callsign and I want to update my registration. What can I do?

Congratulations on your new callsign! Your callsign is your registered username. We can change your username / callsign for you. Please submit your request by following this link: callsign / username change. Most websites do not allow users to simply "change" usernames. A new username is a new user. You must be logged in to request a callsign change.

So, what do I do?

Please submit your request by following this link: callsign / username change and we will assist you in changing your account from your old callsign to your new one. Please DO NOT create a new login for your new callsign - let us change your existing accout to your new callsign.

How do I update my profile?

In the left menu area of every page is an item called "Profile". Click that, then at the top of the page is "Click here to edit this profile" link. Click it and make your changes, being sure to click the "submit" button at the bottom when finished.

How do I update my profile's photo?

First, you need to delete the old photo. Then you'll be given the opportunity to upload a new one.

Be sure you are logged in. Then click the "Your Profile" link in the left menu area. Then click the "Click here to edit this profile" link near the top. Then click the "Remove my Photo" button. Then, browse your local machine for the new photo. After clicking update, your new photo will upload to

Please note that browsers cache graphics (and photos) and you may need to do a hard-refresh (CTRL-F5 in Internet Explorer) in the browser in order to see the new photo. You may even need to close (all instances of) and reopen the browser or even empty the browser's cache in stubborn cases.

From where do you get my callbook address?

The name and address information displayed on is provided by QRZ.COM.

I am a non-US/DX ham; why does my callbook data not appear?

Our callbook information is provided by QRZ.COM and they do have many but not all non-USA addresses. You can add your information by going to the QRZ.COM web site.


Email issues


How do I change my registered email address?

Once you have logged in, click here. Alternatively, from any page, click on "Profile" in the left menu area. Then click on the "Click here to edit your name, email, or zip code." link near the top.

Note that email addresses must be unique: one cannot register multiple callsigns/usernames with the same email address.

Why am I being asked to verify my email address?

Valid and unique email addresses are necessary for all users who wish to post - this requirement goes a long way in curbing registration abuse. So, whenever a new email address is entered into a user's profile, a verification email is sent to that address. In it are instructions for the user to follow.

Also, emails can be deleted by our system for various reasons. See elsewhere on this page for more details.

I changed my email address, but I'm having trouble with the verification process. What's wrong?

The verification email never arrived.

This is because either your email address is invalid or your ISP is "hiding" the email in a "spam" or "bulk" mail folder.

Click here to have the verification email sent again.

That opens a new window - look carefully at the page you are served - it should say, at the top,

"We just generated and sent an email to (your email address here)"

If you don't see your email address, you need to edit your profile and enter in a new address. Click here.

AOL, Spam and other problems

Newer versions of AOL are notorious for hiding emails. If you are an AOL user, eHam's verification email often shows up in the Unknown Senders folder. Click on "Show Me Mail From Everyone". Also, note that the verification URL in the email, which is normally "clickable", is not so when presented in AOL.

The verification link in the email doesn't work.

AOL, Compuserve and some other users will also find that they need to cut-and-paste the verification URL embedded in the email into their Internet browser. (If you do not know what cut-and-paste or URL means please brush up on using Windows and/or the Internet.) If necessary the URL can be re-typed into the browser, but it must be done so carefully or it won't work (no risk, however).

Update: Apparently if you are using AOL 9.0, you can click on the "Show Images & Enable Links" button on your browser to fix this problem.

Why has my email address been deleted?

Whenever an email address becomes invalid, and the website detects this, the email address is deleted from the user's profile. This forces the user to enter a valid email address and verify it (see above).

Email addresses are deemed invalid by whenever too many messages sent to them from bounce or cause other similar problems. These messages can be email subscriptions to article or forum threads or keywords set up in the "Notification" area of your classifieds configuration settings.

If you are using a mail forwarding/alias (especially, be warned that some ISPs consider mail sent through some aliases to be spam and block it. Mail sent from eHam through and others will often be bounced by your ISP, in turn causing eHam to deem the address invalid, at which point we delete it from your profile. So, if you run into recurring requests from the eHam site to verify your email address, look into your ISP's handling of the email.

I'd like to hide (or unhide) the email address in my profile. How do I do this?

This setting is made from within the profile edit page. Near the top of that page is a Check Box entitled "Include your email address with this profile". Check (or uncheck) the box and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to effect the change.