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The project depends on many volunteers who donate their time to help with the administration chores of running each of the areas within the site. The team is constantly changing, as managers may find their lives or interest level changing. We will continue to profile our team and keep this page up-to-date with changes in the team makeup.

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Site Manager : N2MG

I first learned about radio in my early teens when my father purchased a Lafayette shortwave receiver (with band spread!). Several years later I stumbled upon a Collins KWM1 in the 9th grade science classroom at high school. I was intrigued and soon received my novice, WN2ROK, in 1973. Not long after, I discovered contesting via Field Day and then the Novice Roundup. I obtained my traffic handling ORS/OPS and entered many CD parties and Sweepstakes.

After college, I rekindled my radio interest with a small tower and big tribander, still preferring domestic contests and DXing. A trip to Montserrat (VP2MU@VP2ML) in 1986 for CQWWCW showed me the thrill of DX contests. My home station, on Long Island, quickly grew to 2 towers and monobanders for some multi-op entries in the late 80s.

I moved to upstate NY in 1989. I traded good propagation and bad crowds for lots of land and cold weather. I got married in 1993 to Yvonne, who on our third date, helped me get a 40 meter dipole up in a tree just in time for the Sprints. She has shown no further interest. We have one daughter, Mollie (12/2/96) who likes to turn the knobs and wear the headphones.

I currently perform Project Engineer duties as well as hardware and software design for high-end asset tracking equipment for over-the-road trucks and containers. In my limited spare time I fool around with PCs, work on the house and play with my daughter. Lately, I've been working hard on putting up a competitive, two-tower antenna farm and building a new shack in the cellar.

My association with eHam started with a naive response to a reflector email from W4AN who was looking for "some help". I've found my involvement with this website to be quite rewarding - it allows me to help others out in more ways than I thought possible, as well as remain in touch with the issues concerning ham radio.

Development : N8VW

I've been a ham since 1981 and a computer geek since then too (first computer was a Atari 800). I went to college at the Ohio State University and have a BS in physics. Currently I work for OSU developing and maintaining ERP applications using Peoplesoft and Oracle.

Hamradio wise, I am into contesting and 160 meters. I have no station at home and do most of my operating from K8MK's station in Delaware OH. I'm a member of the Mad River Radio Club.

I have one child (Gianna) who was born at home in 1997 with the help of 3 wonderful certified professional midwives. My wife Tanya is an apprentice midwife and IMPACT self-defense instructor. I'm hoping that the ham exam section of will help Tanya get her license.

QSL Managers : K4WA

I work in commercial real estate in northwest Florida and enjoy writing, windsurfing, sailing, playing guitar, bass, singing and writing songs for hobbies. I also like DXing, contesting and being DX, though I've only been active from BQ9P, BW, PJ2, J6, KP2, KP4, VP2V and a couple IOTAs. My favorite mode is CW, though I do work sideband and RTTY. Working hard to activate a top-10 country, but so far have been fully stymied by a difficult permitting agency.

I'm active in the Southeastern DX Club, the South East Contest Club (when I meet the distance requirements) and the Southeast DXpediton Group. The picture is of me on the sailboat in VP2V-land (and yes, I always signed /mm from the boat!).

Founder : W4AN

Bill Fisher, W4AN(SK) was a very active contester and CW rag chewer. A member of the FOC, South East Contest Club, and Southeast DX Club, he achieved many personal contesting milestones including the silver medal at the World Radio Team Championship in San Francisco in 1996 with partner John Laney (K4BAI).

Bill built a contest super station in the mountains of north Georgia that included 6 towers plus a 4-square array for 80 meters. When not contesting, he enjoyed operating his station remotely through a telephone link to his TS-870, Alpha 87A, and remote controlled antenna switching. At his home, antenna restrictions prevent him from putting up outdoor antennas, but he operated vintage radio gear with attic antennas. Over the years, he collected a Collins S-line as well as Drake C-line. His goal was to have a nice display of "best for their time" contest radios.

He was founder and Vice President of Concentric Systems, Inc. (CSI) of Alpharetta, Georgia, a custom built PC supplier to computer resellers. The company was founded in 1992. He was also founder and President of Akorn Access, Inc. Akorn was an Internet service provider and internet consulting company.

Bill Fisher died on April 4, 2004. He is survived by his wife Dana and two sons, Graeme and Eric.

When not doing radio, Bill would spend time on the seat of his bicycle, training. Although he felt he was too large to be competitive, he enjoyed the training and racing.

Founder : KG7GA

I first got involved in Ham Radio in 1990, shortly after buying a home with restrictive covenants. I worked about a hundred countries using my gutters and downspouts as antennas until neighbors started complaining of noises emerging from their telephones and stereos.

After neighbor's complaints and losing all my tall trees to storms, I got involved with remote control of HF stations. Since then I have spent the majority of my radio energy pursuing ways to operate radio equipment remotely. I have built a few systems of this kind and continue to be involved in remote control applications. My operating these days is mostly limited to the yearly CQ160 contest which we do on a boat with a full sized 1/4-wave vertical wire hoisted by a balloon.

I've been involved with the Internet and Computers since the days of the Commodore PET and D-ARPAnet. I attended University of Washington and worked in various high tech jobs before settling down at Microsoft for much of my career, were I led teams working on operating systems, software tools, and web sites.

I live near Seattle, WA. I have been married over 10 years to a terrific wife and we have two great kids. My other interests include skiing, kayaking, and exploring the inside passage to British Columbia and Alaska by boat.

Classifieds : NA6M

I have been licensed since 1976, Extra since 1980. My call is original FCC issue from the era. I am into VHF and UHF repeaters yet still enjoy CW on HF, DXing and a little contesting.

Forums : N2MG

See Site Manager

Product Reviews : NA4M

Licensed as a Novice in 1970.
Amateur Extra class for 35+ years.
Currently active on 160-2m.

DX'ing has always been the primary
interest for me whether on SSB,
CW, or Digital. Hold DXCC Honor
Roll on Mixed and Phone and have
all current countries worked except
BS7 on phone. Worked & confirmed

ARRL member. Founding member
and former officer of the Central Texas
DX & Contest Club (CTDXCC).

Married to a wonderful ham radio-
tolerating XYL. We have 2 children,
and 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

Ham Exams : WD4DAT

First licensed in 1977, my love for ham radio came along after a tornado hit our town and I watched friends of the family provide emergency communication after the disaster.

Public Service and Elmering new hams have been my two main interests. I am one of the founders of our local club, the West Alabama Amateur Radio Society in 1980. A Ham Instructor since 1982, I have been involved in dozen's of license classes as either an instructor or assistant. I have been a volunteer examiner since 1991 and helped create our first local V.E. testing group. I firmly believe we owe this hobby our best efforts to recruit new hams to keep it alive.

My other love is emergency communications. Until recently I served as both EC and DEC and coordinated local Red Cross communications. I still remain active in Skywarn activities. Over the years I have worked many disasters for days at a time and feel this continues to be ham radio's shinning star.

You might call us a ham family with my lovely wife and two of my 4 children licensed hams. We have a house rule that the children get their ham license before they get their driver license. Both of my older children have appreciated that when they have needed assistance when no other communications was available.

I have been into computers since the late 1970's. My first computer was a TRS-80 Model I. I enjoy working on our clubs website and find developing websites my new interest. My operating today is mostly VHF/UHF but still enjoy a long QSO on HF when time permits. When I am not hamming, I enjoy playing golf and watching college football.

Friends Remembered : VE3ROO

Ever since I was very young I have been in love with radio. My first brush with Amateur Radio was during my days as a Boy Scout where I was lucky enough to have my troop visit a club’s station. After that being a teenager took over my life but my interest with radio was still there, I never went all the way and got my ticket. Then W5UGD a friend I work with on the Internet started putting the push on me about a year go. After a few months of studying and getting ready I contacted my local club(Scarborough Amateur Radio Club), joined up and got my Basic ticket (thanks to VE3ILN for the help). Working hard on the code now and cannot wait till I can get on the HF frequencies and start working DX.

I decided to join up with the eHam crew because I couldn’t stand to just sit around and watch the Ham world revolve around me. I wanted to be part of spreading the good word. eHam helped get me started, and if it can help just one person get their ticket it is worth the effort.

You can catch me on the air in the Toronto area repeater hopping. VE3MOT on 147.18mhz is the repeater I am seeming to call home these days, if you are in the area… say hello.

73 de VE3ROO

Spotlight : KU8E

I was first licensed in 1976 as
WN8ALG. A year later my call
changed to WD8ALG and then in
1980 to KU8E. I became interested
in amateur radio during high
school when I joined the school
radio club during my freshman
year. During the late 1970’s I
started dabbling in radio
contesting and it just happened
that a close neighbor of mine was
Jim Stahl, K8MR, who is an active
contester. Jim introduced me to
the guys in the Mad River Radio
Club and I have been an active
member and a contested since
joining up. In 2003 we moved to

In the early 1980’s I had my
first chance to operate from the
DX end when I joined some other
members of Mad River on a trip
the FG7AR/FS7 for the ARRL DX CW
contest. I caught the DX bug and
since then I have operated DX
contests from VP2E, VP9AD,J6DX
VP5FXB,PJ2T,PJ4R and PJ4A. Since
about 2008 I have I gone to PJ4A
for the CQWW DX CW contest, with
my good friend John Laney, K4BAI.

I operated at WRTC-2006 as PW5Y ,
with my teammate K4BAI. I
presently live in Ellerslie, GA
with my lovely wife, Jan, and our
3 children : Andrew, Randy and