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Speak Out: Used Equipment Honesty

A contributor asks, "Should hams who sell radios and are smokers notify the potential buyers of their habit? Are there any other issues that you find with used gear that are commonly overlooked?"

79 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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N3PRZ on 2012-11-23

Hams are so cheap. Don't like fees. Guess takes money to run a business folks. Yes...YOU need to adjust your fees and costs based on all elements.

I don't use eBay much anymore either, but I just have a knack of getting awesome deals without being on eBay. Craigslist has been a super winner for me. Also why I'm here, selling an Icom W32a HT (see classified). I placed a firm price, includes shipping so folks don't complain what I paid for in shipping. It'll probably cost me $15-$25 depending on speed, insurance, etc. Plus I use paypal (and Square for in person Credit Card purchases). Sure, that means there is a 3% mark up, but that is the cost of business. Sure I could try a hamfest, but then I've spent lots of money on gas, wasted my time looking at gross losers and have to sit around listening to a bunch of cheap hams. It is about as efficient as those idiots sitting outside walmart, best buy, etc. on black Friday. They could be EARNING money instead of wasting it.

Thank god for free enterprise. No one is forcing you to do business on these sites.

W8AAZ on 2010-03-13
I will say in the case of radios and gear I think I get ripped off just as much at hamfests as anything from ebay. The hamfest sellers disappear the next day but at least on ebay you know where they are at and get some sort of feedback and paypal buyer protection. But hamfests are more fun, usually. Although most have seemed to have shrunk drastically around here till there is hardly any pickins to handle in the flea mkt. The estate stuff is going for sale online and the junk to the fests.

WB4AUW on 2010-03-10
It takes only once to get burned on E-bay. Guy had great reviews, I still don't know where they came from. I'm done with them, I'll buy elsewhere.

KD8MJR on 2010-03-04
In the Past Ebay was a complete disaster. I had a seller literly holding me at gunpoint saying if I did not write a good review even though I was unhappy with the product they were going to Sink my 100% record with a massive negative review! (Yes this really happened)

Since Ebay decided to remove the ability of sellers to write reviews I have found the service and product descriptions to be much more accurate and the sellers are willing to make things right were before they just gave people the shaft.

Time will tell because obviously the sellers are not happy and ebay may revert back to the old system, if that is the case I will be leaving ebay as a buyer.

KB7CSV on 2010-03-04
Ever wonder???? So many Ham Gear ads...power cord and mic not included. Offered in another auction. (or words to that effect) To me that is crap and I rarely ever purchase a unit if I have to go to another auction to get enough accessories to operate. The person has the mic and power cord in his put it in another auction and probably get more money than if the unit was sold as complete station. I don't buy from those people. Also has anyone ever looked at the postage on an item you order??? When postage is $1.85 and a small item is put in a small padded manila envelope (89 cents) and S/H is a total of $14.75????Fast dishonest money. It is a matter of if you need it you pay the price.

N0SOY on 2010-02-23
I have a policy on ebay and that is I will walk from a seller
who does not take Paypal when that was optional

K1LEM on 2010-02-15
I used to sell Ebay. But, here are reasons I quit.

1. secured payments need be through PAYPAL.
The Ebay policy is they hold on to all the payment money, including any money sent for shipoment, until the buyer defaults and says nothing after about a month.

That's a month with my money they're making interest and playing big brother.

I never will accept payment through E-Bay. Will take it to my private PayPal account.

I have gotten stung in the past by under selling equipment. E-Bay takes their cut and Pay Pal takes its cut and then, you may find you can't ship the item for what the buyer already agreed to pay.

So over all, E Bay is not a choice to sell. You may find them a place to buy.
For the sellers they are an expensive racket.

You need price your items at least 7 percent above what you would if you could see them on a site that does not charge so many feed.

An amp sold for 1000 dollars would need be priced at least 1,100 on E-Bay for it to bring in a fair price.

N6DGZ on 2010-02-10
I buy items on ebay regularly and I always pay with PayPal. Most of the items I buy are as described but the few times there have been issues and I've had to file a complaint with PayPal, PayPal has always decided in my favor so I've never been burned using ebay/PayPal in combination.

PayPal is owned by ebay and ebay is owned by stockholders, people like you and I.

My preferred places to sell items are,, and in that order. I will sell on ebay if I'm in a hurry to get rid of something and price isn't as important. I would also list here and locally.


KU5Q on 2010-02-07
"K9CTB on 2010-02-05
I have found a great deal of honesty from hams...."


I too have been fortunate and found the same thing. Of course there are exceptions. I'm certain I will experience those too between now, and the time I die and can no longer buy or sell any thing from any body

As in all things, follow the "golden rule".


N6JSX on 2010-02-07
For ignorant PayPal complainers - wake up and smarten up! I use PayPal for all my eBay and other buys --- BUTTTTTT I always select my credit card for the payment. (You must select it each time as PayPal will not allow us to make it our default payment method! Gee wonder way?)

I have been burned in a few buys BUTTTTT the Credit Card has immediately refunded my funds upon complaint and written letter. I do not use the PayPal arbitration process as they are self serving and take the sellers side not mine (the victim). CC use negates/thwarts PayPal's/eBay's crap. [Just make sure you make the CC claim within 60 days of purchase or loose there protection!]

So buy smart use the protections afforded from your Credit Card company - just pay off your card each month.... aka interest FREE protection!

Now for undisclosed smoker sales: BUYER "ASK" BEFORE BUYING, if they refuse info or will not replay - they are being dishonest and it's time to walk away!!! Buyer BEWARE - ASK or don't CRY!

Buyers have a responsibilities in making deals - ASK and get written supplements to the sellers product sales disclosure - now you have a basic contract. Now you have tangible data to hold the seller to, if they fraud you this data will support your CC refund claim or letter to the State's Attorney General.

Buyers need to use common-sense, ASK questions, understand & get defined "AS-IS", and apply the STINK TEST - if there is any smell walk away! Otherwise suffer your buying stupidity/laziness and LEARN!

I do not smoke and YES smoker's gear STINKS. I walk away from smoker's sales.

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