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Speak Out: Which Band/Mode Has the Most/Least Courtesy?

A contributor asks, "What band do you feel has the most courteous operators on it? What band do you feel has the least courteous operators on it? On which mode do you find the most courteous operators? On which mode do you find the least courteous operators?"

69 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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KB9SDS on 2011-03-06
I have to say that I haven't experienced any rudeness on any of the HF bands that I have used, but it does chap my hide when I go on a repeater that I normally don't use and put out a general call and nobody responds and 5 seconds later some calls and is answered. Or, when some one puts out a general call and I answer them and they don't respond. If they won't talk to some they don't know then why be a Ham?


W8YG on 2010-04-24
I would have to say that 80 meters is the least polite of all
the ham bands and I refrain from using experlatives and
not having this added to this thread.
I read in one comment that Ham operators are a reflection
of the society that they live in. No that is a cop out. Ham
radio operators are supposed to be of above average
intelligence and are striving to perfect their hobby to the
best of their ability.
I find that the rudeness is just a cover up for the lack of
true desire to learn more about the hobby other than to
get good audio and learn that a high antenna and an
amplifier can give them some sense of comfort to their
inner child that is in dire need of therapy.
Not all people that you meet on 80 meters are like that:
just too many ; who hold on to their little space on that
band and defend it like a gooney bird and spit excrement
from their mouths if any one dare encroach on their turf.
I will say this 80 meters has always been like this but in
recent years it has gotten worse as the monetary situation
of hams has been strained and they just might have to fix
something themselves. Oh NO I might just have to read
something about electronics and actually do something
ooh so hamish.
To those who have suffered any type of so called abuse
from anyone on 80 meters I say this THEY DONT MATTER

N0JEF on 2010-04-20
60 is the most polite
80 is the least

KU5Q on 2010-04-03
Is it time for the next speak out subject yet Clint? ;-)

AI2IA on 2010-04-03
Think of it this way:

The ham who uses all the bands he is authorized, and all the modes he can use, and gets the highest license he has time and energy to get, will have the greatest satisfaction from ham radio.

Whether some bands are more or less courteous doesn't enter into the equation.

As a ham you will get the most from it, if you strive to be all you can be without pointing fingers at the other guys.

AI2IA on 2010-04-03
The point is not missed. What does it matter which band has the most or the least courteous people on it?
On any band, YOU select where YOU listen, and YOU select to whom YOU transmit.
YOU are in total control.
So, for YOU, amateur radio is what you make it for yourself.
If you are courteous, it is courteous.
If you are discourteous, you make the band discourteous.
The license is yours. The responsibility is yours. The achievements are yours.

NN6EE on 2010-04-03

With all due respect I'd say that YOU missed the "POINT" of
this thread yourself!!!

AA8GK on 2010-04-03
75 and 20 phone. Ya' know, 40 phone isn't so great, either. Come to think about it, I just don't like what I hear on the phone sub-bands, period.

Thank the Good Lord for CW and Digital.


AI2IA on 2010-04-02
You can look through this long string of comments and see that most miss the point. Most/Least Courtesy - it means nothing at all. It is your transceiver, isn't it? You select where you listen and where you transmit, don't you? How many dirty parking spots do you see in the course of a week? You can park where you want. Don't you get it? All this jabber is meaningless, since you are in control. You listen to what you want to listen to. You transmit to who you wish to transmit to. Who is responsible for what you do on the air? You are!
So forget "the other guy." We say it again, AMATEUR RADIO IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT FOR YOURSELF.

NN6EE on 2010-04-02
In our "humble opinion" what we experience on the
"Ham-bands" is like what we all experience in our
"society-of-today" Some are very cordial and others ARE
extremely rude!

Until society gets "its stuff together" being cordial, we'll
always experience that sort of crap!

Even in today's music our youth listen to "crap" that
denigrates "Women" and boasts about "crime and

We're all in trouble if this sort of behavior continues!!!


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