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RA9UORZ3QWW3530.0160111/11/2019tnx QSO
RZ4FHRZ3QWW3530.0155611/11/20195 OKEAH
RZ4FHRZ3QWW3615.0153411/11/20195 OKEAH
RA9UORZ3QWW3615.0153011/11/2019tnx QSO
RZ3QWERZ3QWW3615.0152411/11/20195 OCEAN UA 152
RZ3QWERZ3QWW3615.0150811/11/20195 OKEAH
RN2FARZ3QWW3663.0183211/10/2019rda VR-07 5 ocaen
R0AIBRZ3QWW3663.0182811/10/20195 OKEAHopRU3KO
R9AAARZ3QWW3663.0181311/10/20195 OKEAH op RU3KO
RZ3QWERZ3QWW3663.0175211/10/20195 OKEAH
UA3QNERZ3QWW3663.0172711/10/2019op.RU3KO 5 Ocean
R9AAARZ3QWW7083.0095911/10/20195 OKEAH -RU3KO
R9UCERZ3QWW7083.0094311/10/20195 OKEAH
R9UCERZ3QWW18140.0091911/10/20195 OCEAN op RU3KO
R9UCERZ3QWW14120.0085811/10/20195 OKEAH UA 0858
R0CXRZ3QWW14120.0084911/10/20195 OKEAN opRU3KO 57 QSB
R0SADRZ3QWW14120.0083811/10/20195 OKEAH op RU3KO
R0AIBRZ3QWW14120.0082711/10/20195 OKEAH UA 0827
R0AIBRZ3QWW14120.0082011/10/20195 OKEAHopRU3KO
R9AAARZ3QWW7083.0065311/10/20195 OKEAH

10/2019 - 11/2019Spot Statistics

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# times Spotted948

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The spot counts both spottee & spotter. The total values reflect the # of events the Callsign showed up in spots for that frequency band.