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Have you ever seriously considered the possibility of your taking part in a DXpedition, either with a group, or by yourself...? If you have, tell us about your experience!

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US/Can/UK Commonwealth ONLY for now.

While I might reconsider at some future date: In the PRESENT State of the World,
The US/Canada/Commonwealth are safe places with stable currency and laws. Places where one has relative safety, rights and good medical care along with and a variety of interesting venues and climates. Too many other places are just downright unstable at this point in time. That's just how it is right now. Hopefully, things will get better over time.

Posted by W8LV on 2019-11-20

I lived in short stays of 70 countries..By default DXpedition

For my work, (Satellite communications), I lived in or short stays of 70 countries, so by default, I had brought my RIG with me, from Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkmenistan (When it was legal!)...Nigeria, Guinea, and great country of Australia.

But the above was not official DXpedition, just myself, bringing my rig with me
Posted by NN2X on 2019-11-19

Great part of the hobby

Many KL7RRC IOTA expeditions to uninhabited islands and one-off likeKH8RRC/V73RRC/K7TRI. The fun part is planning 6-9 months in advance. Flexibility with dates (difficult with full-time engagement in the corporate world). Funds are the easiest part, if you set your mind to it you can generate it, plenty of assets stored around barely used, liquidate. The most important part is the Team you can trust. The equipment list is always refined and upgraded. Plan for A/B and C.
Posted by N3QQ on 2019-11-19

Can be done on a very small scale

And I mean a very small scale. Every summer my family and I go to Washington Is. in Wisconsin. It is located in grid EN65 which isn't exotic or extremely rare, but it doesn't have that many hams in it either. It consists mostly of the upper portion of the Great Lakes, i.e. water. A few years ago I started to bring a 6 meter antenna with me and the band has had some very nice openings while I've been up there. Several times when I mention that I'm in EN65 I can tell when I've been spotted on the DX clusters. The volume of callers all of a sudden grows dramatically and I must admit that it is great fun to be the cause of a pileup instead of trying to get through one.
Posted by KK9H on 2019-11-18

Sorta-Kinda Close...

The closest that I ever came was when I operated for 3 summers during family vacations at a cottage that we all liked very much on Ocracoke Island, in North Carolina...I was VE3CUI/W4.

No, I certainly wasn't RARE DX by any stretch of the imagination, but it WAS fun --- & operating practically in the middle of a salt marsh sure helped my signal, I'm sure.

Anyway, the IOTA gang took note of my presence, & it spread on all off the DX bulletins at the time...a good time, bar none!
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-11-16

Some Final Remarks...

Sometimes I wonder what sort of criteria DX-pedition organizers use in the selection process whenever they garner members of their operating crews. Some of them are, quite frankly, absolutely ABYSMAL in how they handle pile-ups, practically BEGGING & INVITING the great unwashed masses to descend into mob rule...

Some DX-peditions refuse to ID themselves on a regular basis (every 3rd QSO is not asking all THAT much, now, is it?), they actually acknowledge rude inconsiderate persons who call them out of turn (thus opening the floodgates for others to follow suit), & they engage in prolonged periods of dead silence (are you still there...? Are you taking a lunch break...? WHERE'D YOU GO...?!).

Contrast this sort of behaviour --- which surely can ONLY be ascribed to lack of experience --- to a pile-up handler who processes callers like a well-oiled machine, making the expedition a joy to work because you know he's handling the pile-up both fairly, and authoritatively...& that your putting them in the log is just a simple matter of time, & a few well-placed calls...
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-11-16

One of my dreams to do so and would like on my bucket list.

One of my dreams is to be a part of an expedition and would like too add to my bucket list. I have done weekend SOTA’s bringing multiple antennas to accommodate high, mid and low angle take off’s for best results. I would love nothing more than to participate with a team, or myself on an adventure like that. Now that I have a son it is my dream to perhaps one day pick a DXCC location much needed by chasers and team up with him. Why not have the blessed opportunity to do more than just one expedition? Realistically, being on a middle class income not sure how likely this would be possible, but one can dream. I’d work super hard to accomplish this goal in the future either as a private venture, or part of a team. Team work makes the dream work so I’d like to be part of a team for sure.
Posted by N2RRA on 2019-11-15


Operated from a few different countries & made some QSOs along the way.......
Posted by KC0W on 2019-11-15

Sure, I guess so.........

Posted by KC0W on 2019-11-15

Easter Island

I have been on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) four times for 10-day tourist type vacations. I carried my Kenwood TS-50 and a wire dipole each time. I operated as CE0Y/K0HML, my previous call. All on SSB. (I'm strictly CW now). I wasn't very skillful at handling the pile-ups but I had much fun and made a few hams happy. The last trip was over five years ago and I still get the occasional QSL card.

I'd do it again if the opportunity arose.

Ralph, K0RO
Posted by K0RO on 2019-11-15

Only one

I was invited to go to Mellish Reef in 2000 (VK9ML). It was interesting to say the least.
Posted by K9RJ on 2019-11-14


If anyone needs an experienced ex-FRC CW/SSB contester / technician / cook / dishwasher in good physical shape to bring along on your next DXpedition, email me!
Posted by N3EG on 2019-11-14

I was DX once and it wasn't fun

I was DX from Antarctica once upon a time, and it wasn't much fun. The silliness and dumbness you hear on DX piles from your home QTH is worse on the other end. Bless those who can deal with that, because I couldn't.
Posted by K7NG on 2019-11-14

I've done three.

VP2M, VP5, HC8. All these were at locations that had much of the antenna infrastructure already in place, operating indoors . So not the truly hardcore!
Posted by N2MG on 2019-11-13

Being DX...

Have operated from E5/S 7 times and had fun running anything 100 watts into a wire vertical to 1500 watts in to mega-beams at 70+ feet. Not a real rare QTH but every DXer should experience being DX and dealing with the other end of pileups at least once in their lives.
Posted by W6HB on 2019-11-13


Would be great
Posted by KD6CCP on 2019-11-13


I was a great amount of work to get there but it still my ham career highlight !
Posted by VA2DV on 2019-11-12


@W1RKW Look now
Posted by N2MG on 2019-11-12


I could never do one since I type very slowly because I only use Two Fingers (One on each hand) & BOTH of them are BLIND.I have had many Pileups here when I 1st started using 2 meter & 6 meters because I was the only station back then in Grid Square EM80 that was active which is no longer the case thankfully. The Grid Square is well covered now on both of those bands & others as well.
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-11-12

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Why not display the number of survey answers instead of percent of survey numbers?
Posted by W1RKW on 2019-11-11