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Have you ever seriously considered the possibility of your taking part in a DXpedition, either with a group, or by yourself...? If you have, tell us about your experience!

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I've done three.

VP2M, VP5, HC8. All these were at locations that had much of the antenna infrastructure already in place, operating indoors . So not the truly hardcore!
Posted by N2MG on 2019-11-13

Being DX...

Have operated from E5/S 7 times and had fun running anything 100 watts into a wire vertical to 1500 watts in to mega-beams at 70+ feet. Not a real rare QTH but every DXer should experience being DX and dealing with the other end of pileups at least once in their lives.
Posted by W6HB on 2019-11-13


Would be great
Posted by KD6CCP on 2019-11-13


I was a great amount of work to get there but it still my ham career highlight !
Posted by VA2DV on 2019-11-12


@W1RKW Look now
Posted by N2MG on 2019-11-12


I could never do one since I type very slowly because I only use Two Fingers (One on each hand) & BOTH of them are BLIND.I have had many Pileups here when I 1st started using 2 meter & 6 meters because I was the only station back then in Grid Square EM80 that was active which is no longer the case thankfully. The Grid Square is well covered now on both of those bands & others as well.
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-11-12

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Why not display the number of survey answers instead of percent of survey numbers?
Posted by W1RKW on 2019-11-11