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When you come to, what's your first stop other than the home page? Tell us why!

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I scroll through the articles and news first
then on into the forums to read.
Posted by VE3JEC on 2017-10-03

DX Cluster

First stop is always the DX cluster, and usually I go no further. I really like the way the page is formatted plus the band selection.
Posted by K9KUZ on 2017-09-06


My first stop is always the classifieds. I
like to buy/sell/trade.

I use the product reviews from time to time.
I normally just glance over the positive
reviews, and read the negative comments.
You can get some pretty useful information
from the negative comments if a rig has a
common flaw. However, you also learn to
ignore the comments from the "favorite
maker" crowd. IE: This Icom is a terrible
rig, I only use Kenwood... Or "this is
another Yaesu piece of junk, I'm going back
to my Icom"...

And, when I have spare time, I like to go
through the forums. There is a wealth of
knowledge there!


-- K9ZF
Vice President, Clark County Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Emergency Service,
Clark County Indiana.
The once and future K9ZF /R no budget Rover
***QRP-l #1269 Check out the Rover Resource
Page at:
List Administrator for: InHam+grid-loc+ham-
Ask me how to join the Indiana Ham Mailing
Posted by K9ZF on 2017-09-04


Most of the answers are already there!
Posted by KI4ZUQ on 2017-09-03

Ham exams

Actually, my first stop for a few weeks was the ham exams when I was upgrading. Now I go to see the classifieds, mainly out of curiosity, but I occasionally find a bargain here. Product reviews and forums are great and not to be missed in almost every venture to the site.
Posted by W9GMT on 2017-09-01


I'm loooking for anyone anywhere that may have a mic pin-out
drawing for a FlightLine FL-M1000AB VHF-AM Base
Thanks in advance for any information!
Posted by VE7CVN on 2017-08-31


I just moved into a one year old home. I just put up my
antenna and every time I run 50 watts, I blow breakers. The
funny thing is that I am not connected to house current, I am
operating on batteries. Its getting frustrating. What is going
on? The breakers are type BR combination AFCI EATON 15
amp breakers. Why are the breakers blowing when I am not
even on house current? Ive been a ham over 62 years and I
sure can't figure it out.
Posted by W7SBE on 2017-08-31

First Stop

I check in to the forums regularly. During hamfest season, I also read the reviews a lot before and sometimes even AT a hamfest if I see a possible good deal.
Posted by VE3WGO on 2017-08-30


I go right to the calendar section looking for special events.
Posted by AE6YB on 2017-08-29

Product Reviews

It is inevitable that we as Radio operators
talk about our various equipment and listen
to our comments on what we buy and search for
in Marketing products. yes, it is important
to know what products to consider and what
not too. That is my reason for subscription
to E-Ham .Net. Keep up the Good work!!
Posted by W5VBA on 2017-08-28


99.9% its Forums.
Its not Classifieds because I buy new equipment. Its not Reviews because there's usually a fist fight over opinions rather than the equipment.
Posted by KI6AGS on 2017-08-26


Forums, best part of the site.

Posted by DL8OV on 2017-08-22


My first stop is always the Shack Showcases. I love seeing how other people put their stations together. Next is news articles, then classifieds.
Posted by W6SWO on 2017-08-21


my only shack for 15 years has been a bathroom
with every thing removed except the john
Posted by KD5RGJ on 2017-08-18

Survey Question

Definitely eHam Equipment Reviews as posted by others. These Reviews help me in purchasing equipment before I purchase-- making the best informed purchase as, I improve and update my station(which adds to the fun!)
Posted by AA7LX on 2017-08-12


Forums are great for sharing knowledge and getting good advice.
The product reviews are real, based on personal experience of many users world wide.
The Classifieds is a great place to find good deals on equipment.
I love reading the archived articles when they are re printed.

Posted by K4RKY on 2017-08-10


I almost always check the forums first,
particularly the DX forums where I lurk most
of the time :-)

Posted by KM4SII on 2017-08-10

Product Reviews Rule!

The product reviews are by far the most useful
feature of and I have enjoyed many of
the better written feature articles too.

The most useless feature are the nasty
comments posted to many of the articles, tho'.
There sure are a lot of angry folks out there,
which I don't understand, given we are all so
blessed to enjoy this fine fine hobby!
Posted by AB1DQ on 2017-08-09

Forums & Reviews

The index page teaser links to an interesting
forum topic. The reviews area is hands down
the best most comprehensive of any on the
web. Something that I avail myself of quite
often. If E-Ham were to ever disappear, the
reviews would have to be saved at all cost.

Just my two cents...
Posted by K3SSB on 2017-08-06


I am always looking for ways to improve my antennas or looking for a new antenna to experiment with.
Posted by KD9AMP on 2017-08-05


I really enjoy reading the comments in the forums. I like to read the newbie comments versus the "old school" hams.
Posted by KB6QXM on 2017-08-05

Projects and Forums

Some projects are very informative, some answers by other fellows are also informative and some are a good chuckle! Some are questions that I might know the answer to, or a maybe a different angle..

I visit E-Ham every morning for a short time as part of my routine, it's a hobby newspaper and more..
Posted by AF6AU on 2017-08-04

I go to forums: QRP and a few others in
descending order. I avoid following shouting
matches like the plague. Also read
classifieds, though not buying or selling.
Just to see what is up. I read anything QRP
related no matter where it appears.
Posted by F8WBD on 2017-08-03

My 1st Stop Page

I go to the Classifieds first I suppose, I am interested is seeing what people are passing along, first thing.
Then I generally browse around.
I really like the site.
Thanks a bunch..

Posted by W9BJS on 2017-08-03

I regularly check the classifieds for
equipment but do occasionally check the
reviews and check the latest topics in the
Posted by W8TBZ on 2017-08-03

Station pix

After I answered the survey I realized that I actually click on the station pictures before proceeding to either the classifieds or product reviews. I really like seeing the stations people have put together. It tells me a lot about the diverse interests of all hams.
Posted by KB7KUT on 2017-08-02

Product reviews & articles

Best way to learn is via the experience of
Posted by MM0XXW on 2017-08-01


Really, it's hard to say what section I go to
FIRST, as they are all a priority..depends on
the "visit"...In my opinion, is the
Defacto, Number One "Privately Owned" website
for Amateur Radio.

It is a very well thought out site indeed..
Convienant to use. is a place for
newcomers and long time hams alike. A place
where you learn something about Radio every
time you go to it:
Ours is an Avocation steeped in BOTH Radio
Science and Radio Art, and there's nothing
better than access to Elmers in the Forums in
almost real time, Worldwide.

I especially enjoy the News articles, and the
"Friends Remembered" sections.

The Forums vary from the helpful to the
disgruntled as one would expect: You find The
Disgruntled in EVERY Walk of Life, as you will
find in any online forum... Just Ignore them
as you should anywhere.

The Product Reviews are valuable, and whilst I
do a thorough look everywhere for a ham
product, I look at the site FIRST.

Between the articles, the forums, and the
product reviews, the Best things about are that you will meet people, learn
new techniques, yet save yourself from a lot
of headaches by not reinventing the wheel, and
be in a better position to discern what is
necessary to buy, and what not to buy (or
build instead) in your individual financial
and living situation/location/lifestyle to get
on the air, and maintain and improve your
station... What more could you ask for?

73 and All the Best!
DE W8LV Bill

Posted by W8LV on 2017-07-30


Looking for the deal of the century.
Posted by K4KJC on 2017-07-28


I always find it informative to see what
other hams have to say about equipment. It
does assist in purchasing. Don't want to get
burned and with the reviews I have yet to.
Also enjoy reading the forums from time to
time. Great resource.
Posted by W9JTC on 2017-07-27

Looking for QRP equipment

I like to look for cw qrp radios that may be for sale
Posted by K2MMO on 2017-07-26


I like to see: forums/reviews & also classifieds.
Posted by KC8Y on 2017-07-25


I am interested in the ideas readers bring to this net. Today
there is an article on how to build a 40 meter j-pole antenna
along with dimensions for 20 meters. Fascinating ideas with
advice on how to do it. Any one can but something off the
shelf. The Articles section get you going on useful stuff you
can do yourself. There are also articles on very interesting
topics. I learn a lot from the Articles section. I also enjoy
reading the QRZ page on the people who write those articles.
Often they have an email address and I almost always get a
good reply. The SECOND thing I do is take a look at the
pictures of other ops stations. Mostly I get ideas on things
NOT to do! Number THREE is SURVEYS - thank you N3EG.
Posted by K7NSW on 2017-07-25

Articles or Reviews

If I'm just surfing around, chances are I've come here to check out the articles; one may be relevant to me, e.g. about antennas, or band conditions.
I sometimes also come here specifically for reviews, if I'm considering a particular piece of equipment and want opinions on it, or possibly a better choice.
Posted by KN4CPY on 2017-07-25


Posted by W3AE on 2017-07-24


I enjoy seeing what bands are open, and to where, especially when I'm at my work computer. If I had a radio on at work (I'm the owner of the Co.)I soon would have no work, no money and no radio 'cause I'd spend the whole day "playing".
The spots are motivation to finish the job and go home--or sometimes take a long lunch hour.
Posted by K3YD on 2017-07-24

The Survey

I'm not real sure why but I usually enjoy the
Survey Q & A's.

Guess that's why its so disappointing when
one will sometime drag on and ON and ON for
up to and a time or two, over two months.

Posted by K0CBA on 2017-07-24


To read the latest JX foot in mouth drama.
Posted by K5PHW on 2017-07-23

Good Engineering:

I look at product reviews to help determine
what is a good product to have. I hate to
invest in bad ideas.
Posted by K0IC on 2017-07-23


Where I go depends on what I am looking for or what catches my eye.
Posted by NA5XX on 2017-07-23

Product Reviews

I enjoy reading others opinions and experiences with Amateur Radio Equipment. I also want to see if my experiences match others. I find it interesting to see how Amateur Radio has changed over the years with new technologies.
Posted by WA0TML on 2017-07-23


Why is this not an option?
Posted by N3EG on 2017-07-22

Looking for good vintage material.
Posted by K4UDA on 2017-07-22


Looking for something that I cannot live without.
Posted by WB5X on 2017-07-22

Product Reviews

Usually Product Reviews ... or Classified ads. Both are
top priority but if I must chose one, I suppose Reviews
would be top. I like to keep informed on what gear is
good and what gear is not so good.
Posted by K7AAT on 2017-07-22

Product Reviews

Always looking for new gear, etc.
Posted by WB8UDA on 2017-07-22

Product Reviews

I'm always interested in what others are using, how they like it, etc.. especially if I am interested in a certain item.
Posted by WB4M on 2017-07-22