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For which of the following topics would you like to see a new forum category?

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Fixing arrl

I've invested 55 years in this great hobby
and I won't give up without a struggle. I
have three letters into ARRL CEO and
president this week. All are suggestions
you'd like. I'm awaiting responses. Will let
you know. I am hopeful we can turn this
organization around.

73, George NY9A
Posted by NY9A on 2018-12-27


"...I'd like to see a forum that automatically changes every

And I'd like to see that happen in this "Survey" column itself,
as well. This question has been up now since the 19th of
April...? Really...?


Posted by VE3CUI on 2018-06-06


I'd like to see a forum that automatically
changes every month.
Posted by K0CBA on 2018-06-01

more QRP

I would like to see more of QRP !
Posted by N4MJG on 2018-05-28

more cw builting

I also like see building cw code for fun !
Posted by N4MJG on 2018-05-28

New Forum Category

I'd like to see an ATV (Amateur TV) forum. ATV now includes Digital ATV (DATV), which provides high quality video with inexpensive equipment.
Posted by WA6NUT on 2018-05-24

Test Equipment

Posted by AA4PB on 2018-05-22

as mentioned:

as mentioned:

New Low Freqs section
Rig Control Apps
New Posts selection

Posted by W1ADE on 2018-05-22

Post Sorting

E-Ham needs a way for users to select listing
replies "newest first"- pretty annoying to read a
post a year old and have to scroll 8 pages to the

Posted by AB9TX on 2018-05-17

new forum

IRLP forum . internet radio linking project
Posted by VE7REN on 2018-05-14

New Forums

I would like to see something on QRP building. An introduction into soldering, electronics and how to build a low powered transceiver, and anything such as 1:1, 4:1 baluns, that can be used in the hobby. We have become to much of appliance operators, yes we tinker and build antennas, but could anyone that is a ham now (not the old timers) build a radio, or trace down a problem they are having.
Posted by WD8WV on 2018-05-14


Some of us are blessed with huge antennas and
powerful rigs. When not in use for 5NNing,
they should QRM intruders in our bands. The
authorities do nothing. We must do something.
Posted by G2JL on 2018-05-14


Dumping the worthless ARRL & moving on.The
sooner they fold their worthless tents & go
away the better Amateur Radio in the USA
will be.They are totally useless & have been
for many years.They are so far out of
contact with reality & it shows when you
look at their pathetic membership numbers
compared to the number of Amateur Operators
in the USA.They request stupid changes like
giving Technician Class Amateurs more HF
band usage & hope it goes thru so they will
maybe pick up a few more members from the
Tech Class hams who feel like they owe them
something.They are a backwards thinking
bunch of clowns who only care about money.
Posted by W4KVW on 2018-05-12

New Forum or Sub forum

Android and amateur radio.
Tablets and smart phones for rig control.
Posted by K3ATE on 2018-05-09

Forums in eHam:

I vary on my interest in following forums. It
mostly has to do with a personal goal or
project I plan to deal with. I prefer forums
that keep in getting input.
Posted by K0IC on 2018-05-08

Antenna Choices

I would appreciate some guidance from the Members
out there on choosing an antenna for SWL. I live on
the top floor of an apartment building, but have a
clear view of the Pacific Ocean 3 miles away. Per my
landlord, no wires are allowed on the roof, or
anything positioned outside a window, so my choices
are limited. I have researched the pros and cons of
various antennas and have come down to 3: an
Active Loop Antenna, an Active Antenna, and an
Amplified Loop Antenna. The cost range is from $20
to $180. I'm wondering which would be more
effective and/or suitable for a World Band Receiver
like a Tecsun PL-880 or Sangean ATS-909. I look
forward to each Comment. Thanks.
Posted by ETHERMAN on 2018-05-04

I have 10 acres and would like to see if I put
an insulator on each post. I would be near
dead center. That would give about 1830 ft for
a receive antenna.
Posted by KA5ROW on 2018-05-04

New Forum Category

Not clear choices given to check off in this Survey. Equipment and general Band Operation Forums seem to take root with beginners and seasoned Hams alike. '73, AA7LX.
Posted by AA7LX on 2018-04-30

The new 630 and 2200 kHz bands

I'd like to see some beginners articles on our
newest bands over the summer static season.
Therefore, we will be prepared to enter the
bands with knowledge and wisdom by next
Posted by WA8MEA on 2018-04-27

Posted by W7WQ on 2018-04-24

Forum - hit-counter

DIY's, but like so many forums here the topics often get hijacked or used as open personal bantering or ego postings.

Since the forums are inadequately policed the forums are almost useless.

BUT keep that eHAM hits-counter toggling it keeps the advertising profit rates up.
Posted by N6JSX on 2018-04-24

New forums

The Forum “Mobile Hams” seems to be aimed at Hams
while driving . Maybe this could be divided for
discussions by roving Hams in the field ie. camping,
SOTA, field day.
Posted by KK4OBI on 2018-04-22

EME Forum

How about a forum devoted to EME. With
declining propagation looming, we could
explore how to use this mode with minimal
Posted by KG4RUL on 2018-04-21

I'd like to see "Towers, Rotators, and
Transmission Line" forum. Leave
"Antennas" in its own forum.
Posted by K3GM on 2018-04-21

New Forums

I do not follow any Forums in eHam, if I need information I will check out the forums at that time. I will say though, that I do find useful information when I do check them out.

My interests are too varied to follow any specific forums, but that is just me.

Posted by WA0TML on 2018-04-20

New Forums

Ditto WAØTML's comments.
Posted by WU0F on 2018-04-20

'New Posts' button

A 'New Posts' button would be a welcome
addition instead of wading through every
forum looking for new posts.
Posted by KD9KSO on 2018-04-20


I am trying to find out if anyone has tried the new Heil PR77 mic with the newer Icom radios.
Posted by K6QLZ on 2018-04-20