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How low do you go? Tell us your experience with operating lower frequency bands (80M and below).

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Sometimes 160

I sometimes work 160 meters at night.
80 meters is my primary band for long range both at home and mobile. I enjoy the challenges of working 80 meters during night and day. What I can't stand on those bands is all of the intentional QRM and straight up jamming.
Other than that I enjoy the friendships and things that I learn.
Posted by KD5JZN on 2018-02-12

How low do you go

I work 80 meters on a regular basis. With
the cycle at its low the band tends to be
long it is hard to work in close. A good amp

I also work 160 meters most mornings
conditions are some what better than the 80
meter band at times just before day break.
An amp does make it easier along with a good
antenna system.
Have fun enjoy the hobby.

73`s Robin w8wam
Posted by W8WAM on 2018-02-10


I use the 80 meter band every day. I check into morning and evening phone nets almost daily. I check into an 80 meter vintage net every Saturday morning (using my vintage tube gear) and belong to a club that has a traders net and a club meeting every Sunday morning. I would love to try 160 meters but my city lot (60' X 100') doesn't allow for an antenna long enough to be effective. The only antenna I have up right now is a 80/40 meter "CCD" dipole. I can use my tuner and get on other bands with it but usually don't. I pretty much stick to 80 meters.
Posted by K0LLB on 2018-02-08

160 meters

If you don't operate on this band your not
missing too much. Qso's are usually made up of
what I call "electro-clicks" - groups that
hang out on certain frequencies within the
band and usually go to bed by about 11 pm.
After that there is only some cw ops chasing
dx. 80/40, 40/20 are your best night and day
bands for general QSO's. -When was the last
time you heard someone calling CQ? Seems to
happen more often 0n 27.385 mhz.......
Posted by W1QD on 2018-02-08

I used to

I used to have a cobra ultralite sr. With that I'd get on 160 and I ran an amp then too. I lived with my parents then though, now I'm on my own and can barely fit a home made g5rv similar antenna from corner to corner of the lot, no trees so not much height. For DX I have better luck with my hustler 5BTV but I do what I can and am on the air. Considering I shouldn't have antennas up at all I can't complain sometime I'll move and be back up and going on 160 again. For now I am on 80 meters to 33 CM.
Posted by N1UMJ on 2018-02-02


It depends, I don't drive but have a vhf mobile and a 900 MHz mobile in the family car since my wife is a ham. I get a lot of rides a lot of places though and seldom leave home without a hand held and for hand helds I cover 2 meters, 70 CM, 900 MHz, DMR, p25, NXDN. It's all in which hand held or hand helds I grab.
Posted by N1UMJ on 2018-02-02

Low Bands

I had G5-RV Jr. Inv. V last time,now I have HUGE tree aside of new location.Full size G5-RV will fit then I
I'll be able to participate in th 75 mtr.N7OEM Office of Emergency Mgmt.early morning phn nets!!73's ALL KB3WGE Tucson,AZ.
Posted by KB3WGE on 2018-01-31

Cannot yet go lower than 80 meter band

No equipment.
No antennas zoo !!
Bst 73 and see you further lower asap !
Posted by I4OQA on 2018-01-29

Not Enough Real Estate

The size of antennas needed for 160M and lower
bands precludes my operating.
Posted by KG4RUL on 2018-01-28


Operating low on the bands with FT8 has made
things practical. Have made a lot of
contacts on a low budget dipole and 15 watts
of power.
Posted by KJ4AUQ on 2018-01-24

630 meters

I've been having fun on 630 meter CW around 473 khz. I've been running 60 watts to a 1000 foot dipole at 50 feet. The dipole works well. Just watch out for lightning in the summer.

Carl N4PY
Posted by N4PY on 2018-01-22

Sad, But True...

Unfortunately, anyone who might venture forth into
getting serious about something unique like a niche band
such as 160-meters, had better brace him/herself for
repercussions arising out of the age old "…big-fish-in-a-
small-pond" syndrome, from certain denizens who might
already be lurking there…

At least that was my experience here some 10 years ago,
when I launched a concerted effort for an ever-higher
DXCC countries total with my homebrewed kilowatt,
multi-K9AY arrays, Beverage antenna, & a 3-element
phased triangular inverted "L" transmitting array.

Certain self-styled & self-appointed guru "
meisters" resented my incursion into what they surely
perceived to be their own personal/private sand box, and
spared no effort to make my presence there to be a rough
one --- and through several different avenues, as well.
When the Great Ontario Ice Storm of December 2012
levelled practically all of my antennas, as well as the trees
that supported them, I was actually rather relieved at the
loss…and I never bothered to rebuild in order to get back
on the band, either, and have not returned since...

Still, my adventure on Top Band taught me many things,
technically, & garnered me some 155 DXCC countries
worked therein…so no regrets, no looking back.

But beware…!
Posted by VE3CUI on 2018-01-20

All bands

Except for the really low niche bands below 160. Too much work for too little results.
Posted by N3EG on 2018-01-18

160M Olivia

160 is lots of fun.
But, I remember just a couple of years ago that there was considerable activity on 160 Olivia, in addition to PSK31, RTTY and others. Where did everyone go?
There may be other ideas, but how about we revive "Classic" digital modes around 1838 - 1839.5 KHz (Just below the JT/FT crowd.)

Posted by AB9TA on 2018-01-17

75/80 meters & 160 meters

I work the bands I can hear and be heard on
on a fairly regular basis. I am interested
in digital modes, providing I am not just
talking to myself. If neighbors have issues,
it seems to be based on they not shielding,
and/or, properly by-passing unwanted RF.
Posted by K0IC on 2018-01-17

How Low

Have not gone lower than 80 Meters. I do not have any radios that go below that. Most of my QTHs have not been big enough for a really good low band antenna and the one I use is limited on bandwidth. Still 80 Meters is enjoyable - I would like to try others, perhaps someday.
Posted by WA0TML on 2018-01-16

Limited by antenna

I would like to try but I have only been able
to cover 10 through 40 meters due to antenna
limitations in my HOA development.
Posted by K4EZD on 2018-01-16

1750 Meter Lowfer

Been associated with the 1750 meter Lowfer crowd since the early 80s.

1 watt DC input, 15 meter of antenna length including feedline. Not a hobby for the non-technical crowd or the faint of heart.

More information go to:

Posted by KB6QXM on 2018-01-16

Challenges !

I love the challenges of the lower bands -
antennas tend to be huge, propagation is
tricky, noise is high.
Posted by N2MG on 2018-01-15


I am not a regular 160 operator. But I have been there many
times through the years. Usually not much going on. Then a
contest arrives: OH MY GOSH!! Signals from everywhere and
DX to make me drool. The contest ends - HEY! Where did
everyone go? 80 meters is fun - lots of room and there is
usually someone around willing to spend some time.
Posted by K7NSW on 2018-01-15