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Too Complex

We were on a 10 year overseas assignment. My
wife was working, and I was listening to her
complaints. One day I asked my wife if I
could update my Ham Station. She said: "How
much". I gave her a real inflated number, and
she said: "Yes". So, I bought, and bought,
and bought. Now with all this computerized
equipment, I'm at a loss. Talk about shooting
yourself in the foot. Now she complains that
I'm not using it. I blamed the sun.
Posted by WA2ASB on 2018-07-14

Always Changing

I enjoy building and then redesigning my station, be it in the shack or outdoors on antennas. There is always some aspect that could be improved and in the process I always seem to learn something new, occasionally the hard way.
Posted by N5LB on 2018-07-13


Finally "off the air" by symbolically shredding my license. Every antenna plan involved serious modifications to the house, landscaping or backyard. Or almost reckless disregard of antenna safety and/or lightning safety practices.
Posted by N9LCD on 2018-07-08

If it ain't broke ...

I have always had good reports with my gear,
worked a ton of DX with it, and can fix it if
it needs it (and it has). Kenwood hybrids
...530 and 830 ...and Icom 706. Just made
DXCC Honor Roll ... 5 contacts with recent
Baker Island operation...what else could you
ask for.
Posted by N8EHW on 2018-07-05

HF Mobile

I've operated exclusively mobile (HF, vhf
& uhf) for the past 15 years. We just
bought our retirement home and we're
fixing up an area for a ham shack so I'm
just now starting to collect fixed station
equipment. Would like to get an SDR for my
main station. 73.
Posted by AA2MA on 2018-07-02

Updating my Station !

During the past 5 years have been updating my Station adding newer Radio equipment and other support equipment. Previously, for many years, before and after College I had only one HF Radio and one 2-meter Handheld, using a 2-meter groundplane, and end-fed wire on the Roof. Now, wanting to spend more time on Amateur Radio-- with possible Retirement in the future--with a modest Antenna Farm on the Roof and newer Equipment including more than one Radio and an HF Amplifier-- I'm ready for HF, VHF, and UHF !
'73 Sincerely, AA7LX
Posted by AA7LX on 2018-06-28

Going back in time!

I am always trying to change something in the
shack. Now moving the desk and cabinets around
to make space for a Heath DX60B, matching
heath receiver and vfo. Have been refurbishing
these since I picked them up at the last
hamfest. They will be a big contrast to the
Flex 6500 and the monitors.
Posted by W2FBS on 2018-06-28

Going Back In Time

As I get older, I find the old "Hollow State"
devices more interesting than SDR. I am
refurbishing a tube type, amateur band
receiver and am building a tube type, QRP, AM
transmitter. I have even acquired a tube
tester, a VTVM and a frequency counter that
uses Nixie tubes for it's display. So, my
station is changing - back to the past.
Posted by KG4RUL on 2018-06-27

Just Got Back In

Been licensed since 1996, 2006 I sold everything I had and got out. Kept my license renewed the whole time. Then 12 years later, I decided I wanted back in. So I have a modest setup right now, all used except for an Alinco DX-SR8T that I bought new. The used stuff was an MFJ 300 watt tuner, a Yaesu FT-757gx, matching power supply and finally found a matching antenna tuner. This might sound like a lot of stuff, but if anyone knew me back in the late 90's when I got into the hobby, I was eat up with the hobby. I was told my room look like NASA control.

Now I have gotten into QRP. Built a Pixie kit and moved up to a QRP-Labs QCX 40 Meter 5 watt kit.

I check into a state net a few times a week, work FT8 and now with the QRP I am doing CW more.
Posted by WD8WV on 2018-06-25

Working on Antennas

For the most part the shack part is about done
Working on the antenna / tower. I have a
Mosley CL-33 on a 35ft tower. I set my first
section of my 55-G tower in concrete last
fall, waiting to get the next 7 sections up. I
all-ready have a Mosley Pro 67-C ready to go
up with antennas for 6M, 2M, and 70 CM all for
Posted by KA5ROW on 2018-06-23

Old Signal Corps

Being retired Army Signal Corps (89) I was always
SWL’ing and / DX’ing with what ever military equipment
was at hand, mostly the AN/GRC-142 RATT or the
AN/GRC-106 HF Radio. After being in GMRS this past
couple of years ( WQZS603), everyone told me to get at
least my Tech ticket, I did, (KN4LJS). Now everyone
wants to spend my money. I’m very happy making just a
few local contacts, but using my DR-28 HF receiver to
roam the freqs. I have a short attention span, so I better
just stay with what little equipment I have.
Posted by KN4LJS on 2018-06-21

Best its ever been!

My station is the best it has ever been. I am
looking forward to some 2 meter Eskip.
Posted by N1GMV on 2018-06-19

Simple and effective

My station is a simple station consisting of a Yaesu Ft
840 and an Icom Ic 707.both have straight keys
attached to them . The FT 840.was my novice rig that
still works great. Have a vertical and a home brew
dipole. Have not bought anything to update the setup in
years. Strictly CW .
Posted by K2MMO on 2018-06-18

station boxed up

My station is boxed up in preparation for
FIELD DAY 2018. My Yaesu DX-1200, Table
Microphone, SWR/POWER Meter, Power
Supply...everything I NEED including my
Laptop and asssociated Cables...Sorry but the
TRUTH is Field Day is is only one very long
day every year and I love the work and
working with my serious club members. KB0SCK
Posted by KB0SCK on 2018-06-14

HOA Circumstance, just ordered a better loading coil for my
20' telescoping antenna (MFJ-1979) and will be adding an AL-
811 hopefully later this year. Maybe then I can reliably get on
80 meters - not just listen.
Posted by KG5RJS on 2018-06-14

Back after a long absence

I went inactive about eight years ago due to high levels of QRM and the inability to put up decent antennae at my QTH. Then, a couple of months ago, I read a review of the IC-7300 and got hooked by it. I've traded in the Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-897 which were gathering dust on my desk, and taken delivery of ICOM's little marvel. In the couple of weeks since I got it home, I have been more active than I was in the last year or more of my earlier presence on the bands. And, with the same antennae, I seem to be able to hear many more stations - and they are hearing me!
Posted by G8FXC on 2018-06-10

As time allows

Moved from one QTH to another. Much of my station is still in boxes. Using a rig that I bought over 30 years ago. My SDR still needs to be unboxed and setup.

Improving my station as time allows with my very demanding Silicon Valley career and improvements and repairs on my QTH.

Been off the air more than on the air. Buy little tid bits to improve the station over time as I see the need. I am not cheap like many hams that I know, but I really have to justify any purchases to myself. My YL is in the hobby and it is a bit easier to justify.

Need to move to a better QTH to utilize all of the towers and antennas I own.

Posted by KB6QXM on 2018-06-09


Bought a nice home 3 years ago in HOA controlled community.
HOA Board has approved my 30 foot fiberglass pole with
G5RV. So I am "getting there". Now I am figuring out how to get
my coax into my house with minimum or no physical
modifications to wall, window, etc. Then get my ground rod
driven, etc, etc,etc. Last project will be getting a 220 line into
my shack. So far, things are going along very well. Like a row
of falling dominos. When the last one falls I will be back on the
air. A ham since 1961. Ham radio is one of the best things that
ever came along in my life. 73 from SW Arizona and the DX
hounds in the SW Arizona DX Association. It is now early June
and 106 F every day. Will get hotter. I hope my MFJ dog bone
ceramic antenna insulators do not melt! Yes, I know, a G5RV at
30 feet is not the world's best DX antenna. But the stats kept
by ARRL show that lots of folks get DXCC on simple antennas.
It just takes a bit longer. So, what else do you have to do?
Posted by K7NSW on 2018-06-09

FT-857 and recent purchase of used IC-7200.
Old and new straight keys. As a senior-senior
citizen, my final station. Will do for me as I
am much less active.
Posted by F8WBD on 2018-06-09

Added Last Rig Ever

In December 2017, I added the last, and best, rig I ever owned - the fantastic Icom IC-7610. It does way more than I will ever use and will be my last rig. I've had at least 30 different ones in my 59 year ham life.
Posted by K4HPP on 2018-06-09

As knowledge commands, as money allows

Wasn't a KT1 a wise investment while gaining knowledge to put up the other emitting end? The start of a great journey, all the way from 225V~ to HF!
To paraphrase a Stray "Some stations are nothing but a key" ---at least ONE... indeed not fully a radio-room.

Posted by PU2OZT on 2018-06-09

My Station

Just moved back to the US from the Philippines - my station is all over the shack as I am connecting everything up. In short at the moment It Is A Mess, but I like it!
Posted by WA0TML on 2018-06-06