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What do you see in your future as a licensed Ham Radio operator ? Please comment!

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+40 years

The journey has been great

I like the fact Ham radio continues to
evolve, especially, digital modes and SDR.

Ham radio paved my career as well!

C U on the bands!

Posted by NN2X on 2019-09-15

60 years a ham

here, there, and forever! Started on 10M at sunspot peak with
3 country roundtable QSO's. Now, 160M beverage and
endfeds. QRP on Alaskan ferries, boats, outback, etc. Getting
better with better equipment, solar power, batteries and
magnetic antennas. Helped and got help from a lot of people
along the way. Thank you Canadians and Alaskans!
Posted by NL7SX on 2019-05-22


I will be retired in 3 years and plan on
spending more time becoming familiar with
all my equipment, HF and HT. Have just
started learning satellite contact.
Looking forward to having the time to
really enjoy Ham Radio

Posted by KC1GRN on 2019-05-09


Ham radio continues to evolve with new technologies
and rejuvenation of older ones. I am in the hobby for fun,
growth and personal satisfaction.
Posted by NZ2Z on 2019-04-29


Going to do my first WWFF activations this
Posted by OZ8AGB on 2019-04-26


Building an Allstar node to connect to my repeater tied to same Allstar network. All of this is still in the build process. I love projects..... :)
Posted by N5RV on 2019-04-26


DX is life. All the rest is just to pass the
time until the spots come come back.


Posted by WB2GMK on 2019-04-25

Present & future

I selected "other" because I like rebuilding receivers and transmitters that are from 1950 to 1969 vintage. I get a lot of satisfaction bringing them back to life and using them in my station. I also enjoy home-brewing my own equipment. I use SSB, AM and CW in that order. These are the reasons I became Ham in 1956 and continue along this path.
Posted by W7KDL on 2019-04-22


The survey should have allowed multiple choices to answer the question. This hobby is so diverse that few people would have only one choice that would apply to them.
Posted by W0TLE on 2019-04-22

Harking back to the old days!

Like VE3CUI above, I recall ham radio as a boy in the 50's and
60's even though I don't do my ticket till I was 35! I'm
disappointed that not many people want to chat, it's all about
'performance' and winning contests as far as I can see. I'm a
QRP fan, any fool can dominate the band with 1 or 2 kW and
I'm trying hard to get back into CW, where I was never
particularly good! I'm stymied somewhat by living in an
apartment and can only manage a CP6 vertical on the roof.
This seems to make 40m the only band that really works for
me and then only for a couple of thousand km max! HB9HFB,
Posted by HB9HFB on 2019-04-21

I've been a ham for 41 years. It truly is a brotherhood and a fraternity. It really does get in your blood, and I can't imagine ever giving it up. As for the survey, I answered "other". Because I like all of it, but what "it" is varies over time. My activities include ARES, Public Service, building and tinkering with stuff, playing with digital modes sometimes, participating in local clubs, a little contesting here and there, and working CW. I would have to say that the biggest thrill is when I work a DX station using QRP CW. And I absolutely LOVE participating in ARRL Field Day!

Lately, I've been thinking about rejoining MARS after being away from it for 30+ years. Those folks are doing some really cool stuff these days that we didn't have when I was involved before.

Posted by N8AUC on 2019-04-19

Why choose?

All of the above...

All things in moderation :-)

Dan K9ZF

Posted by K9ZF on 2019-04-19

It all depends...

Experimenting, ragchewing, mobile HF, repeater building, VHF mountaintopping, new and interesting modes, building from scratch, old radio restoration... I've done those and more. As the mood strikes me I do whatever I have resources for. There have been very very few times in my life that Ham Radio wasn't around. I like it that way.
Posted by K7NG on 2019-04-15

Future? LOL

If the ARRL gets everything it wants there
will not be a License required for anything
so all of the bands will just be another 11
meter run what you brung rat race.Everything
they propose just keeps giving more & more
away in hopes of fattening their bank
accounts.It appears all of them think that
11 meters is an AWESOME Band because it
won't be long before they will have gotten
just what they want just like the bunch of
idiotic morons that they are.I can't see how
anyone who cares 2 cents worth about Amateur
Radio could give a single penny to those
clowns? They have done more damage to the
hobby than any other organization in the
history of the hobby.Keep supporting that
worthless bunch of losers & add yourself to
the reason Amateur Radio will no longer be a
hobby in 10 years if it takes that long.If
they have their way it will be much sooner.
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-04-14

Mobile EmComm

I'm a new ham interested in EmComm and
pedestrian/bicycle mobile operation. I have
been off grid for years, looking forward to
applying what i know about that to Ham radio.
Posted by KJ7EHK on 2019-04-13

It Gets in Your Blood...

Once bitten by the Radio Bug,
there's no going back.

That's just how Radio "is"...

It seems strange at 58 to think that
I have been experimenting and fooling about
with radio for 50 Years now.

And in my life?

It has made all the difference.

Posted by W8LV on 2019-04-10

Casual contester

During the world wide cw contests I
usually make 6-7 contacts. How come
there is no category for people like
Posted by BURGERLOVER65 on 2019-04-10

Electronic Experimentation!

After being involved 28 years as an FCC Licensed Ham and, as an SWL before that leaning the Morse Code, I'm operating Analog and Digital Communications while also upgrading my Station over the last 4 years and counting. What fun! I enjoy electronic experimentation and Antenna design-- operation modes: HF, 6 meters, VHF, UHF and owning an Amplifier for HF! Where else can one experiment and be licensed? Amateur Radio has something for everyone and every family!
Posted by AA7LX on 2019-04-08


I'm retiring soon and hope to be able to do more all the above, except selling gear. Unless of course it's at a flea market with a corresponding purchase.
Posted by WU0F on 2019-04-08

The Future...

I'm enjoying HF now that I have a new TS-890. Im also
learning about hotspots and DMR. I'm already using Fusion
and Star). I have an interest in EME and satellites.
Posted by W6AAJ on 2019-04-08


My interest in ham radio has always been only
Posted by NM5WL on 2019-04-07


When I am in my den I usually have the VHF/UHF FM station on, just like in times past when it was just 2 Meters - I operate HF about as much as I did way back when I started in Amateur Radio. I am into DXing more than anything, however I really enjoy a good Rag Chew anytime - I also really enjoy Weak Signal on 6 and 2 Meters.

More time to enjoy the hobby now that I am retired but I fine I operate about the same as when I was working, so not much has changed. Love It!
Posted by WA0TML on 2019-04-07

Been there, done that...

...and not about to stop after 44 years in ham radio.
Posted by N3EG on 2019-04-07

Mostly more of the same...

Ragchew, DXing, light traffic, Hurricane
Watch Net, local club round tables, being DX
from E5 and ZL and possibly others down the
road, promoting the Battleship IOWA via
activities and
Posted by W6HB on 2019-04-07

the TROUBLE I get into.

Well, I can just sit at home and get into
trouble, I upgraded to extra - and I help
teach a class just did a tech class- now we
are gonna teach a gen class, also gonna have
the VEC stuff to help with that. tring to get
the club up and running again, to much to do,
so I won't be sittin at home all the time.hi
hi 73 all KK4KSN
Posted by KK4KSN on 2019-04-07


There is so many different things to do in this hobby it's hard to say. Like casual contesting, just making contacts but not really competing. I lets you exercise the equipment on different bands.
FT8 is great for just making simple contacts. Great for while I'm working and can't get engaged in a long conversation.
There are many satellites, another different piece of the hobby, many you can do with a home brew directional antenna and an HT.
Posted by N1FDX on 2019-04-07

Don't Really Know...

My enthusiasm for Ham radio seems to ebb & flow, like the tide
--- but in the past, whenever it ebbed, I was either busy at
school, or working, or courting my now-wife...

But I'm now retired, yet in an ebb period --- and I don't really
know why. Maybe it's because I like to rag chew, more so now
than before, & you just can't seem to coax any sort of a
meaningful dialogue out of operators these days...?

I dunno --- guess I'll just wait & see what develops...
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-04-06

6M FT8

I started out on 6M AM in 1959. Later Worked CW (mostly DX on 40M). Tried CW QRP portable operations. Then worked RTTY, Amtor, Pactor, Packet, and PSK31. Now in my later years I'm back on 6M running FT8 and having a good time.

Posted by AA4PB on 2019-04-05