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Have you ever stepped up to take a leadership position in your club?

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Member of the board.

I entered the board to have an impact on how the club was run.
Boy that was a mistake.
All politicians and I resigned after 6 months.
That was Dutch Veron Alkmaar, never ever again.
Just like politicians, they want "power" and members that don't comply are not wanted.
Other idea on matters was always dismissed. No sir, hated it.

Final and last time I did that.
Posted by ON5HB on 2019-03-08

Only once...

To quote Groucho..."I would never want to belong to
a club that would have me as a member"
Posted by W8VKD on 2019-03-06

club officer

I was pres of my high school radio club (W9LBB) and my college radio club (K8HPS) two years each. Also a board member of Great Lakes Repeater Assoc for several years (we had 4 fairly major league for the time repeaters - mid 70s) in Michigan. Not a club but I spearheaded an EOC station/operation at a local hospital.
Posted by W4FID on 2019-03-04


In my youth a good man told me the world is composed of two
kinds of people: LEANERS & LIFTERS. Turns out, for the most
part, he was correct. Whatever you get out of your club is
basically up to you. You can be a Leaner: sit back with folded
arms, wait to be entertained, do as little as possible/"stay off
the radar", be a cynic and find fault. Lots of Leaners around.
Or, be a Lifter. Volunteer for something and then do it. Have a
smile and cheerful countenance, focus upon others rather than
yourself, and do your best to hold up your corner of the club -
however big or small your portion is. I have walked along both
roads. I am now doing my best to be a Lifter and am much
happier for it. Currently President of Radio Society of Tucson,
Arizona. I am working with wonderful people. They are there in
your club - go find them. But you won't until you give up
thinking only about yourself. Oh yes, one more thing: up-grade
your license and get on the air! OOOPS! One more thing - join
ARRL and celebrate the great things they do instead of sniping
at them. The ARRL is overflowing with Lifters - all over our
country. Best regards from Arizona.
Posted by K7NSW on 2019-03-04


Back in 1982, this gungho 30 year old volunteered to be
bulletin editor for our reasonably-sized club…I was just FULL
of fresh ideas, & creativity (or so I believed)...

Alas, the lustre of the position faded fast, as I repeatedly
invited feedback from our reticent membership --- and
received NONE. It was great fun while it lasted, though, & for
a good while, too, but I soon tired of the lack of interest &
general apathy of the group & was quite pleased when my
year long hitch was up...
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-03-03


The purpose of a club is to have a group with whom you can
show and be shown, tell and be told - of all the cool stuff you
and others are doing or learning in ham radio. If a group of
people have a common fascination, there should be no end of
all the activities and togetherness for which a two-hour
monthly club meeting could help make happen. Remember, the
meeting is just the huddle. There should be interaction and
activity together through the month. People have varying
areas of interest, and this should be encouraged. This way we
get to see all kinds of interesting presentations from the
members. If your club is full of "Crusties" and "Farts," then
you should consider breaking away and creating a club that
encourages newcomers, promotes discovery and risk, and
doesn't tolerate "Farts."

Posted by AL7PQ on 2019-03-03

Yes, VP of the local club. After my term, I haven't been back, its been almost 30 years. It was frustrating trying to break the "Good old Boy" network. I lasted about 2 years total and gave up.
Posted by W6UNF on 2019-02-25

Local DX club the best!

I am a member of the Spokane DX Association (SDXA). What an incredible club with outstanding officers! The primary interests of the members are DXing and contesting. Most of the membership are old farts and as such can spend a lot of time on the air. The officers are constanting looking for great speakers with relevant topics to the club members. We all bend over backward to help the ham community with antenna and tower projects, software issues, etc. At meetings the speaker/presentation comes first, then a member check-in, followed by a limited amount of club business. Best club ever!
Posted by WU7X on 2019-02-24


Sadly, they haven't changed a lot in the
44 years I've been licensed. As teenagers,
my friends and I went to club meetings,
paid our dues, etc. We were ignored by the
'old guard' and gradually went our own
way. (dropped out) A local club formed
here recently and I paid dues for a year
and went every other month. I had mild
interest and took part in a club field day
activity. I was done when I went up to a
gentleman who I knew to be one of the club
officers. I asked who I paid my dues to
and he said, "Me. I'm the treasurer."
And then he proceeded to walk away and do
other important things. Never any
followup, and I was never asked who I was,
either. In fact, if I hadn't known the
speaker from college, I'd have not talked
to anyone that night.

Summary: not much has changed. If you
aren't in the 'in' crowd, nobody speaks to
you and you feel like the proverbial turd
in the punch bowl.
Posted by AA4MB on 2019-02-23

Yes, but finding that 25 or 30 years away from the hobby has changed in many ways. It doesn't seem to have "builders' or "tinkerers" that call or get together to check on, or get advice about, their latest rigs, projects or modifications. Ahh. Those were the days! (Archie Bunker)
I feel like the "Old man" in a group of kids. LOL
I have to learn to adjust.

Posted by K3UIM on 2019-02-19


Belonged to several clubs, most were for the Hobby, the last club I belonged to, was a "two Group" club, those who controlled, those who sat there and told to shut up! I got tired of my "good Ideas" not meeting the elites specs!
Posted by K1VSC on 2019-02-19

Food, not RF

As a former president of my local club, I
discovered the only way to motivate them is by
eating. Tell them about a new rig? Nothing,
but say lets get a pizza and they fell in
line. Over food they discussed radio! So
disband your radio club and form an eating
club and see the results! Exchange your by-
laws for a menu! Want to get them to operate
portable? Assign some to be in charge of food
and drinks. It works, seriously.
Posted by LONESTRANGER on 2019-02-18


Unfortunately all clubs seem to have "clics"
If you're not in the clic, you're in the

Posted by AA7WU on 2019-02-16

Local Club Chattanooga

Our local club is just like the ARRL. It
consist of a few that want to control
everything and pays no attention to what the
majority wants. Has been that way for years
with just an occasional good officer elected
by accident. As I said, just like the ARRL.
Posted by AA4EZ on 2019-02-16


Haven't been a member of a club since
1991. I don't need a club to define my ham
activities. It's too cliquey, too
fragmented, and not enough knowledge from
the members. And God almighty, the new
crop of emcomm/codeless/unskilled hams is
entirely frustrating.
Posted by KUS335983 on 2019-02-16

Great local club

I am very sorry to read about all the bad experiences
posted here. We have a great area club called the North
Shore Radio Club that primarily serves the northern
Chicagoland area, the city, north and northwest suburbs.
We hold our board business meetings separate from the
monthly regular meetings so we can concentrate on the
presentation instead of club business. We try to have
interesting presentations each month and we’ve been
successful. The club is active in area public service
events like the Chicago Marathon and we have a very
inclusive and fun Field Day.
Posted by KK9H on 2019-02-16

Club ?

We have no radio club & we don't have any
local nets for any purposes since 99.9% of
them are a waste of time. YES I was the
President of our local Bassmasters Club for a
year so the answer to the question as worded
is YES! {:>)
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-02-15

Leadership in 1 club only

President, VP and other leadership roles in the South Peninsula Amateur Radio club (SPARK). The amateur radio club for Ford Aerospace and Space Systems/Loral (Silicon Valley)

Former member of West Valley Amateur Radio club. The club of my youth. Never held any leadership roles in this club.

Member of the San Lorenzo Amateur radio club. Never been asked and no interest in holding any leadership role for this club.
Posted by KB6QXM on 2019-02-15

Several times.

Posted by NA5XX on 2019-02-13

Leadership Positions

Several times and in clubs in the US and foreign countries. I mostly try to work with training but have been in numerous other positions. Currently I am the Chair for a first time Hamfest with my local club. Man What A Ride!
Posted by WA0TML on 2019-02-13

Radio Officer-Boeing

Never a club leadership position, but often auxiliary functions. Retired, got dragged back to work, and won't occupy a leadership position because I can't always be there to lead properly. Won't volunteer just to have a title, and not do the job properly...
Posted by KE4GNK on 2019-02-13


I belong to a club here in PA. The club just
wanted to talk about contest. Was run by the
rules of the club and ran it like a board
room on wall street. Ham radio supposed to be
fun and this club was not. The officers would
meet before the club meeting and they will
set what would be talk about. Clubs are good
when they are run by the members not the
officers. This is just the way i feel.

Posted by WA2AAR on 2019-02-13

Past President, Past Vice-President, Moapa Valley Radio Club.
Posted by K7NG on 2019-02-13

Local and national

I am a substitute member of the board of our
local club and in 2018 I am also on the board
of representatives in our national ham radio
Posted by OZ8AGB on 2019-02-13

Communications Officer

Responsible for ensuring the National Society is kept abreast of our activities, keeping the membership informed of whats happening and when.
Posted by G0JLX on 2019-02-12

clubs... in general

too much politics, too much animosity, too much secrecy, we are for the most part opinionated and stubborn by nature(hams)and I
have had BAD experiences in my 30 years of belonging... but I stick with it for the community and local government, I have seen too many people join, see what goes on and never show again... Just my 2 cents

Posted by N3IPN on 2019-02-12