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Using what kind of device do you most often surf the web and visit Comment please!

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Always with a Linux-based OS, either Mint
Mate 18.3 or Android tablet.
Posted by W0BTU on 2019-08-10


Laptop, smartphones are too small for most things.
Posted by KB2SMS on 2019-06-17

Why is this a Survey Question

I don't understand why this is a question that helps us move
even a tiny step forward with ham radio techniques or
knowledge? Sorry to be negative but this topic feels like it is
not focused correctly
Posted by W6AAJ on 2019-06-16

The correct answer is...

I agree with W7WQs comments...reluctantly.
BTW, I use a laptop too and did not vote
because I didn't want to be an "other". Paul
Godley, whomever he was, certainly would have
had his pocket abacus with him.
Now...are there any real concerns?
Posted by N4MU on 2019-06-16

Interesting question

How a particular web site is structured is a function on what the users are using to look at it on. Structuring for a predominance of smartphone use is different than structuring it for a laptop, desktop or tablet. The survey response is interesting.
Posted by W2IHY on 2019-06-16


I hinted at that very point away back on 25th May --- it only
just goes to show how the "radio" component in Ham radio has
so very effectively been usurped by the computer in 2019...

Gee, I wonder what sorta laptop Paul Godley used in those first
trans-Atlantics to help him decipher what he was hearing
coming across from the USA,...?! Did they have FT8 back
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-06-15

And this has what to do with radio?
Posted by W7WQ on 2019-06-14

Multiple monitors

I view a lot of stuff on my smart phone, but this site I almost exclusively view on my desktop, which has multiple monitors.

I've been running multiple monitors, 2 or 3, for roughly 20 years. I'm only running 2 at home at the moment, but might add a 3rd, so I can spread out all my ham apps, especially during a contest.
Posted by AJ4LN on 2019-06-13


with 2 monitors, i useed 4 monitors on old w3in 98 tower

Posted by W9WQA on 2019-06-13


This survey is designed for marketing purposes and has nothing to do with ham radio.
Posted by K7ABE on 2019-06-12


Laptop! Why wasn't this an option? Chromebook
to be precise.
Posted by KC8DE on 2019-06-09


laptop - why was this omitted from the options?
Posted by G8HQP on 2019-06-08


Seriously, are laptops such dinosaurs that they're not even thought of any more?
Posted by KE7DX on 2019-06-06

no laptop

well I run 3 ASUS laptops so whats up with that
Posted by KC4UBC on 2019-06-06


should include laptop
Posted by K2FOX on 2019-06-05

Surfing the Web

Most of the time I use my iMac in my ham shack. When I'm out
watching TV in the family room sometimes I surf the the Web
with my iPad. The iPad is handy for checking the weather
when storms are on the way.
Posted by W9VS on 2019-06-05


Posted by K5WLR on 2019-05-29

Let's see, I have a Android tablet, a desktop
that runs Win10, 2 Android smartphones, and
Chromebook on Chrome OS. My least favorite
device is the desktop Windows machine, I much
prefer the Android and Chromebook OS.
Posted by KG6BRG on 2019-05-29

Missed my Method

Posted by WB2TQC on 2019-05-28

Desk Top, Single

First I check the mail, then I go right to eHam. (Unless I have a shipment coming, then I check my Ebay account first!!! LOL

Posted by K3UIM on 2019-05-26

"...Long, Long Ago In a Place Far, Far Away..."

There WAS a time when a survey question like this would have

But I'm OBVIOUSLY showing my age here.

"...LONG LIVE THE COMPUTER...!!!" the newest (and
doubtlessly the LAST) "...master of the airwaves."
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-05-25

In the shack...

Posted by KB2SMS on 2019-05-22


Laptops are K I N G!
Posted by K4HPP on 2019-05-22


Posted by WJ2L on 2019-05-22

Dumb Survey

Tablets are nice, and I use one from time to time. So are smart phones.

But 99% of the time I'm using a laptop computer. Why isn't that one of the answer options?
Posted by N8AUC on 2019-05-20

LAPTOP!!! or Chromebook

I use either a Thinkpad laptop, Chromebook
laptop (so why no LAPTOP option!!!) or my ham
station Lenovo desktop. No phones or tablets
for eham, much too hard to maneuver and type
on those little screens. 73 K0VH
Posted by K0VH on 2019-05-16


We need to be able to choose multiple items.. No one is the most used.. I use Desktops, Tablets, Laptop's etc...
Poorly consider poll.. Must have been setup by the Janitor.. :)
Posted by N9LYA on 2019-05-16


Laptop at work. Laptop at home. Laptop in the van for VHF contesting. You owe me 3 laptop votes.
Posted by N3EG on 2019-05-15

Where's the laptop?

I know, everyone's already mentioned it, but why was the laptop left out of the survey? I love using my laptop; I haven't used a big desktop tower and monitor set up in years. I *do* have a big monitor I can hook up to my laptop when I want biiiig and high rez, but 99.9% of my computer/internet use is on my laptop.
Posted by N0TLD on 2019-05-13


Another thing... is this even English?:

"Using what kind of device do you most often surf the web and visit"

It's a pretty messed up half-question. Sure, we all understood what it means and intends, so no big deal, but it cracks me up. :)
Posted by N0TLD on 2019-05-13


Laptop !

Also use it on Echolink :)


Posted by G3SEA on 2019-05-13


I use a laptop most of the time..

Posted by K7BIR on 2019-05-07

Many Devices

Mostly a Surface Tablet but can be all of the
Posted by N1FDX on 2019-05-06


17.3 in notebook
Posted by K5BM on 2019-05-05

Device used

(Portable) Mac Book Pro
Posted by N1OEY on 2019-05-05

Laptop anyone?

I use Other. (Laptop) I know they are largely
forgotten in this period of time, but they serve me
Posted by KF5YZ on 2019-05-04

Guess Vote

Since none of the selections included the
Laptop, I may have been like some and chose
"other". It really allows me to be mobile and
move from room to room as needed. Or even on
the patio if the conditions are good.
Posted by KE5YBF on 2019-05-04


The "Other" format?
Posted by VE1YY on 2019-05-04

On the patio

Spring mornings on the patio with my tablet.
Otherwise, in the shack on the desktop!

Posted by W8BAQ May3,2019
Posted by W8BAQ on 2019-05-03

You missed one of the most common answers

Posted by K9RJ on 2019-05-03

single vs multi

Is it really revalant how many monitors your desk top computer has when you access eham? Why is laptop not and\ available response? I haven't used a desktop in years since I bought a lap top. Maybe eham considers the two the same thing since a laptop can sit on a desk. Who knows. My response is "other".
Posted by NA5XX on 2019-05-02

single vs multi

Is it really revalant how many monitors your desk top computer has when you access eham? Why is laptop not an available response? I haven't used a desktop in years since I bought a lap top. Maybe eham considers the two the same thing since a laptop can sit on a desk. Who knows. My response is "other".
Posted by NA5XX on 2019-05-02


What about laptops, that's all I own
Posted by KI4YZN on 2019-05-02


Posted by WA3KVN on 2019-05-02

Type of Computer?

Laptop on my desk used only in my shack.Extra
monitors just take up space & get in the way.
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-05-02

Poorly designed survey

How does one answer this survey accurately? Anyone that is tech saavy, uses more than one source to look at web-based sites.There is no one platform that I look at sites such as eham. Personally, it is situational. It is based on where I am. If I am in my ham shack, I use my desktop which is also used with my Flex. If I am away from my shack, then I use my mobile or my tablet. How would one look at the web on your TV unless you use Miracast from your smartphone to your TV.
Posted by KB6QXM on 2019-04-30

Amen to KB6QXM

I have to agree with KB6QXM. I do use the
desktop computer a bit more than my tablet or
smartphone, but, nevertheless, I use those
devices frequently throughout the day. It
would have been interesting if the poll could
have RANKED devices by how often each is used
for activities cited.
Posted by W2KG on 2019-04-30