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Contest Season is upon us. Are you planning to operate any of them ? Tell us what you'll focus on.

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Posted by N2MG on 2019-10-31

ARRL Thrives on Contests

Without contests the"enthisiast" would not keep buying the latest more expensive gear in an effort to improve their score. Without that incentive a significant portion of expensive high-end gear would not be sold AND not advertised in QST$$$$. ARRL Must Have Contests - economics.
Posted by N3HKN on 2019-10-29


For my part I like giving out the point / s / multiplier to the contest stations..
15m during the past w/end's contest was fantastic..
15 new dxcc countries worked on 15m.

Posted by MI0GTA on 2019-10-29


I started the contest season off with the pre-Stew 160 meter 'test. Wire antennas will be used in all contests.
Next on the list for this year:
ARRL 160
Stew Perry
Posted by KH6AQ on 2019-10-28

don't operate contests

Posted by N9DWL on 2019-10-26

Field day only
Posted by NC4GG on 2019-10-25

Don't contest

Like so many others have stated, contests and those that participate over run the bands and cause interference to regularly scheduled nets and others trying to communicate via ham radio.
Not interested and do wish they were regulated to certain portions of the bands.

Posted by K6OFG on 2019-10-25

Don't contest and never will

Contesting is so impersonal. Pushed to the extreme by the ARRL. Many contesters are just simply rude. I wish the ARRL would modify their contest rules to operate on a certain frequency range and that is it, so people like myself who just want to ragchew can do it in peace.

I notice a bug in the website. The other and Don't operate them selection is missing.
Posted by KB6QXM on 2019-10-25

Fishing & Radio

Fishing and radio have much in common in that they both used to be an avenue for relaxation and casual enjoyment. A big fishing motor was typically an 18 horse that was used primarily to get to a favored lagoon.

Then came the wave that would swamp your boat and shatter the peace when a pack of 200 HP Black Max contestors would take over.

Might as well just reel it in and call it a day when they come on the scene. The whole reason to be there is eroded when they chop power beside you and five more are on their way. 73 OM.
Posted by W4XKE on 2019-10-25

Casual contester. Tired of the narcissistic cry babies.

Contesting, much like DX’ing, rag chewing and nets as always been amateur radio and always will be. Contesting brings out activity that you won’t find any other time of the year and it’s exciting. It pushes the operator to strive for awards and improve their station frequently to improve on their scores. They experiment with variation of antennas and radio gear. It’s a lot more fun than sitting like a lump during a net where you’re number 102 listening to blabbing nonsense that goes on all day long every single day with stations that make no effort in their station quality. Nets have more operating time than any of the contest’s through out the year. When a contest is over it’s over. Nets, after their done the same participants stay rag chewing on frequency. Is this right? Of course it isn’t. Yet, they complain the most cause they think there shouldn’t be any other activity in existence than their nets that are boring as hell. Get over it already. Nets and rag chew’ers monopolize on frequencies more times than there are contest’s. If I’m wrong prove it, but you can’t. You can’t compare a net that’s on a frequency Monday through Sunday sometimes around the clock for as long as the bands open then move onto another band. So, I enjoy the contenting and the competitiveness. I’m in the process of building my own Balun and installing an antenna with a right broken wing after a shoulder replacement. Yet, I’m building too compete with others and see if my new antenna build will do well. See you all during the contest. It’s gonna be great. 73 and GL!
Posted by N2RRA on 2019-10-25


My answer Not listed? NONE of the above.Contesting is a waste of good DX band space & time.
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-10-24


I see no point in working the same stations year after year in the same contest. That being said if that's what you enjoy doing, I have no problem avoiding that part of the band so you can enjoy this great hobby. I usually work the WARC bands when contest are going.
Posted by KC9RNK on 2019-10-24

It depends on the contest

I like to do Field Day with the club, Texas QSO and California QSO as a single op.
Posted by WB8LBZ on 2019-10-23

I only operate contests because a lot of DX is only on during the contests.
Posted by W5CPT on 2019-10-23


Posted by W0CZE on 2019-10-23

Thanks for the WARC Bands

To each their own...

I like rag chewing. When contesting is on, I
benched my modulation on the WARC Bands.

All good..

NN2X, Tom
Posted by NN2X on 2019-10-22

Just a cw ragchewer

Have not done contests in years as I am not into signal
reports name and moving on waiting my turn to do it all
over again.

I have no problem with weekend or any other time
contests as I just park on the warc bands or do some
chores around the house.

It’s just a casual hobby for me and has been for almost
29 years and if and when I get time I fire up the rig and
pound some brass hoping I will be fortunate to answer
or hear a call..
Posted by K2MMO on 2019-10-22

No interest

Hello-Good Bye
Posted by KC6RWI on 2019-10-21

#@** contests

Contests are like VD in that they just
will never go away.

If folks want to 'contest', then by all
means contest.

While every licensee should be able to
enjoy his/her niche in amateur radio, I am
100% in agreement with W9VS's post; just
have a reasonable limit to the amount of
each band they can trash.

Although you would never believe it, non
contesters have a right to use the band(s)

Posted by K0CBA on 2019-10-20


As far as I'm concerned all contests do is disrupt normal
conversations and all the NETS on all the bands that people
are trying to have by very rude contesters who splatter 5KC
or more on both sides of their operating frequency. All
contesters should be put in specified contest frequencies
on each band and let them battle it out there. Everyone who
doesn't operate contests is basically screwed for the whole
length of the contest. You might as well take a 3 day
vacation somewhere. It's actually very repulsive that
everyone is giving 59 reports when they can just barely
hear the other station. So I guess contesting will always be
with us and we will just have to put up with it or stay off the
air for 3 days.
Posted by W9VS on 2019-10-18

Contests as Testbed

I participate in occasional contests to evaluate changes in antennas or other station components. Never 'seriously' in contests - in other words I am not in them to compete (except with myself). One exception... the ARRL VHF contests. Again, to find out whether changes have made the setup 'better' or not. But we get in them to win.
Posted by K7NG on 2019-10-18

Really UNcontests!

Not contests. More like ego builders. So many
operators have fallen into the "it's all about
me" syndrome as have so many other things
today. I'll still participate in a few, not
for awards but to give out some contacts, etc.
Otherwise...Ho Hum...
Posted by N4MU on 2019-10-17

Fun not points

I only do my state and the AM Rally. So many
classification cheats with power, etc. I gave
up on shooting for points so I just do a
couple favorites for fun now.
Posted by WC4R on 2019-10-16

More cheating...

After discovering that computer generated
morse is allowed in a CW contest my interest
went away.
Posted by OZ8AGB on 2019-10-15


While I haven't yet entered a contest I do occasionally get on to give out a few contacts.
Posted by WU0F on 2019-10-15

Cherry picker...

...just give out Q's as requested and or work
some for ATNO's or as backup's.
Posted by W6HB on 2019-10-14


I gave up contesting several yrs ago after
visiting some contest stations that were not
single op, low power etc and other rules not
That is not Contesting.
Posted by W3LI on 2019-10-14

Just Plain Ol' LOST INTEREST...

At one time in my amateur radio "career" --- up until just a few
short years ago, too, no less --- I was a fairly active participant
in a LOT of the contests...especially those that focused on

But then I participated as a guest operator in a local Field Day,
& was continually hitting the wrong function key on the
computer that the tent manager had programmed to key
automatic responses to those stations calling me --- it was a
nerve-wracking experience for me, & HARDLY any fun.

Sometime at that point I came to the realization that "ultra-
contesters" --- the really SERIOUS guys, with the big scores --
- were all using stations that were FAR more computer-savvy
than even the one I'd encountered in FD...and that the vast
majority of contesters were embracing that very same
approach, more & more.

"Machine vs. machine..." I concluded. I didn't mind the
incursion of computers to eliminate hand-written dupe sheets
so much, but it had ALL gone WAY beyond the pale, for
I simply threw in the towel, & gave up contesting.

Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-10-13