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What do eHam users think about the new Web Page “look”? Details please!

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What is the point of this?

This site used to be easy to use. What went wrong???
Posted by FREQUENTFRYER on 2019-11-11

It's Okay, but

you can't sort by columns, anymore.
- - that feature was very useful, indeed.

Posted by VK6IS on 2019-11-11

Just plain wrong move

This design is not optimized for tablet. It is worse because you put a left column leaving less space for reading. It would be better serving your ads if you put them inline with the articles even in between posts. The look and feel though for the redesign is outdated.
Posted by SV1JSO on 2019-11-11

Can't see score on front page

The new look is cleaner but it's now not possible to sort the columns. I used to sort by review hight to low, there's not point buying something with consistently low reviews. The decimal score was also much better and gave a much more accurate idea having fifty points rather than five stars. Please bring it back. 73 G2FHF
Posted by G2FHF on 2019-11-11

Excellent Layout on PC

Much better, main area new subjects at a glance on front page. Far more up to date appearance. Great work.
Posted by G0BYH on 2019-11-11

Web page look

I liked the old view better but I will learn to live with this, I am sure.
Posted by KC8JX on 2019-11-11

Lost Classified Ad Search by subject & by sold

Used to be able to search Classified Ads by subject , both sold and new. This was extremely useful in determining price to set on new listings. Its gone now.
Posted by K7AAT on 2019-11-11

Hate it

I hate the new site, moving over to QTH. You had the best site in ham radio then you screwed up. For all the same reasons echoed here.
Posted by KD6CCP on 2019-11-11

This STINKS!!!! Replace it with the old page ASAP>

P U!!!!
Posted by N4EV on 2019-11-11

I was OK with the old, OK with the new

The new look is a bit more modern, I find it just as functional and a little less cluttered. I had no trouble adjusting to it. Once I realized that the light green striped headings on the main page were active links, everything fell into place. But I would pay attention to the "critics." Yes, some people just hate any kind of change. But if they lose a feature they love, they're going to hate the whole ball of wax, and that should be considered.
Posted by KD7MW on 2019-11-10


Fonts a bit Large. Else I'd "Love It".
Posted by JAKE9WI on 2019-11-10

Not a huge fan

Initial and basic navigation is ok.It does look more modern.
It is not as easy to do in depth searches for reviews. the drop down menu is a pain as it required to go to a new section of the website
Posted by AC8YJ on 2019-11-10

Not operative.

The last one too much better. Now bad way.
Posted by EB8AYA on 2019-11-10

Old site navigation was on front page. This sucks.

Classified ads pictures don't open with a click. Right click open another tab to view a smaller than medium size picture ? This sucks. Navigation links used to be easy to find. Are we hunting Easter eggs now ?
Posted by W5RL on 2019-11-10

Over all looks good, except the reviews

why no ability to sort ?
Posted by AE7PA on 2019-11-10


Hard to navigate. I don't use it anymore...
Posted by K7KY on 2019-11-09

old vs new

The old website, where the options (forum, classifieds, reviews) were immediately accesible on the left side was easier. I find I need to check all the top options (community, operating, resources) to find the page I'm looking for. And that is after a month...
Posted by PE1HZG on 2019-11-09

New format

Difficult, clumsy to navigate. I really liked the old format - easy to navigate, easy to find what I was looking for, easy to just browse around.
Posted by NZ6G on 2019-11-09

Keep up the good work

It is apparent that the ham radio population is aging that are not open to change. No wonder why younger people do not want to join the amateur ranks.

eham in the past looked like the early websites on the internet with flashing GIFS. The site now looks fresh and new. Just fix the navigation issues and I think that this site will be great.
Posted by KB6QXM on 2019-11-09

I liked the quick access box

Agree with PZ1HZG. The quick access box was better. Nice ckean new look but I have never liked pull down menus.
Posted by VE6KK on 2019-11-09

Tipes - no reviews rating column

I have revised my previous neutral comment. You have removed the single most valuable feature (IMO) in eHAm - the ability to search and sort for the highest product review ratings. I believe that this helped hams to make better choices and keep manufacturers trying harder. A major loss to the ham community. I know I need to renew as this is a real benefit. Also the type seem faded or something for older eyes. Really too bad.
Posted by VE6KK on 2019-11-09

New Website

It's horrible; change it back!
Posted by KM9K on 2019-11-09

New web page

Terrible, A step backwards, why change something that is broken...what "great" benefits are there to the new web page?
Please explain??
Posted by WB2JSY on 2019-11-09

New Website

I'm lost ... can't find the links I was used to
Posted by HB9CPS on 2019-11-09

Cannot click on seller's IP Address to verify their info with QRZ

Is there another way to click on the seller's IP address for location to see if it matches their real address.
Posted by W5FZ on 2019-11-08

New Layout

Another example of Techno Wizbangs run amok. I don't like the convoluted mess.
Posted by WA8QNN on 2019-11-08

New Site Format

Why did you "fix" something that wasn't broke? I spend much less time on the site now.
Posted by W8KTH on 2019-11-08

Why fix what didn't need fixing?

Answer: Job security.

Go back to the old page, apparently we all liked it much better.
Posted by KW5KW on 2019-11-08

ad listings

what happened to the catagories for the ads
Posted by WD8PER on 2019-11-08

Well done!

Although I'm rarely in the early adopter category of change, I must say I've quickly come to like the new format of eHam. I was quite comfortable with the previous format and initially struggled with the new look. However, I rather quickly adapted to the change and have come to like its easy navigation. As a bonus, the new site formats perfectly on my iPhone 7, I love it.
Posted by K4EQ on 2019-11-08

NEw Website page ...

It's HORRIBLE ~~ we can't find anything in any sort of order and it looks like something UNrelated to Amateur radio ~~~ GET RID IF IT !!

Posted by W5GNB on 2019-11-08

Horrible web page ~~

Worst site to navigate that I have Ever seen... DUMP IT and go BACK to the old format ~~~
Posted by W5GNB on 2019-11-08

QRZ - your competitor is a cleaner UI

You really are living in a world where people can with a click of a button place their attention and comments with your competitor. It seems that QRZ will be the place many spend more time and energy.
Posted by AE7UT on 2019-11-08

Thank you

I just LOVE all the negative comments about the changes made to the site. I will bet that most users, like me, use it for FREE !!! If they don't like the changes, don't use the site. Or better yet, create your own site. I appreciate the work that volunteers do, be it with ham radio, or other causes. The complainers should do something to help move it forward or be happy with the efforts or others. Thanks EHAM, you folks are great !!!
Posted by W8COP on 2019-11-08

Please go back

Please go back to the previous format. It was functional. You lost some really really good features. My favorite (now gone) was "reviews since your last visit." No way "last 40" makes up for that.
Posted by N7WE on 2019-11-07

Change for the sake of change

Typical for the internet. If it works, break it.
Posted by N3EG on 2019-11-07

Not sure I hate it, but I'm not exactly thrilled with it.

I agree with many of the others. Why change a functional design? The ability to quickly navigate to the various components of the website (reviews, forums, etc.) seemed easier and more intuitive on the previous design.
Posted by K6PCW on 2019-11-07

Job justification?

Typical for the internet. If it works, break it.
Posted by N3EG.
Isn't that the truth!

Posted by K7LN on 2019-11-07

Bring back the old

I am missing the average rating figure it was very useful. Also liked the old format and layout better. I would strongly support going back.
Posted by K7TNN on 2019-11-07

Website's new look

While i'm like so many others in that i don't like change, i can get used to the new look. Rock on!!
Posted by N5MCI on 2019-11-07

New Page Look!!

Go back to the old format...This new format is confusing overall.. It is NOT just getting used to conception-- but, rather very hard and difficult to navigate. In addition: looking at the For Sale ads it is impossible to do a search-- way too much information! Who designed this new format-- Get rid of this person!!
Posted by AA7LX on 2019-11-07

New Web Look!!

I forgot to add: "You have lost me as a visitor and subscriber".

Posted by AA7LX on 2019-11-07

new site

It does not fit the screen, and it is harder to find different areas. Why did you change it? What was the point?
Posted by KQ6TT on 2019-11-06

New Layout

The old one was MUCH easier to use. This new layout bites the big one!
Posted by AE9DX on 2019-11-06

new site

A perfect example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Posted by N4PY on 2019-11-06

Web Page "Look"

While I appreciate the effort to try to improve, this change doesn't seem to work as well as the old format.
Posted by W0BLR on 2019-11-06

Ok with me

People comfy with the old way, change hard to take for some. I have no problem with it. In product reviews, I would like to see the overall rating listed like before, without having to "open" the reviewed product.
Posted by WB4M on 2019-11-06

New Site

Another example of an IT expert, with no Ham Radio experience, deciding what's best in this High Tech World?
Posted by G0TUD on 2019-11-06

New Site - OMG!

Always very thankful to be able to read equipment reviews by people actually using the stuff. Especially being able to see at a glance and sort number of reviews and average ratings columns to get a good idea of what's popular, the good or the bad. Can't do that anymore!
Posted by G0TUD on 2019-11-06

not as easy to use as the old one

I waited to comment till I have used the new look for a while. About all new things take some use to become familiar. I have supported the site for many years and look at it at least once every day. I am "used" to the new look and can find what I want to see now -- but the old format was easier to glance at and pick what's of interest. There was no reason to change and the new format is a change in the wrong direction. Less, not more, desirable. FYI -- I am a PC only user not a cell or pad user.
Posted by W4FID on 2019-11-06


Already gave you my comments elsewhere on the website.
I have enjoyed for years. It's ruined...
Posted by KH6KM on 2019-11-06

New look

Old way of thinking, if it's not broken dont Fox it. The new look is harder to work with.
Posted by N7ZM on 2019-11-05

Liked the old layout better

I say go back to the old layout.
Posted by WK0P on 2019-11-05

Better classifieds

My usual reason for hitting the site is to peruse the classifieds, and I like the new look much better. It does require an extra click to get there, however.
Posted by AJ6KZ on 2019-11-05

I liked the previous version more.

With the previous version I had more control of the reviews.
Posted by EB5GVX on 2019-11-05

Welcome to the 21st Century!

the old layout was horrible
Posted by N4DJT on 2019-11-05

Yikes. Awful

The new site is broken on mobile devices. Reviews on mobile have sections out of sequence. No need to see NA4M's picture at the top, and to get to the latest reviews you have to scroll to the bottom. Put new reviews at the top, and put back the link to see older reviews in the sequence in which they appeared. Forums are unusable on mobile.
Posted by W3PH on 2019-11-05

Hate is too harsh

Still trying to find my way around site. Old product review layout was better for me. Can't find the contest calendar link, if it's still
available. I'm sure it will be fine, eventually.
Posted by W8BFX on 2019-11-05

What the heck did you do!!!

Now I have to go through each and every topic to get an average review. In an age of product reviews and eHam being the go to you really screwed the pooch on this one. People want something quick to consider and delve deeper if curious. Life if short. Fix it or suffer your fate.

Posted by WA7TNT on 2019-11-05

Bring back the old site!

I miss the old site. I really liked the way that every time one would refresh the home page a different photo (that was big enough to see) would pop up on the upper right corner. BRING THAT BACK PLEASE!
Posted by KB0TXC on 2019-11-05

new look

A real pain in the ass to navigate!

Posted by K4FLH on 2019-11-05


The old one was great This new one sucks
Posted by K3VO on 2019-11-05

New web design

Hate is a strong word, but I don’t like the new design. Does not always format classifieds properly. I think overall much harder to navigate.
FYI I am using an iPhone and Safari.
Posted by N5TXN on 2019-11-05

New look

I was comfortable with the old look. I can find nothing in the new look that is better. Very annoying arrangement appears poorly planned and elementary.
Posted by KD4S on 2019-11-05

It looks a bit divided

But that in itself is good. You can find things maybe a bit easier.
Posted by KC0NIB on 2019-11-04

Poor planning

Miss features of old site.
Posted by N0YK on 2019-11-04

Hate it.

Hate it.
Posted by KB7FXJ on 2019-11-04

Not an improvement

Changing the home page layout made it more confusing.
Posted by K6ELE on 2019-11-04

WHY CHANGE IT??????????

If it wasn't broke why try to fix it. The new WEB PAGE really SUCKS. Can't find a DAM thing like I used to too. You might as well take the whole web page down. Someone always think new is better, in this case it's not. Very bad decision to change it. That's my 99 cents worth.
Posted by W9VS on 2019-11-04

Its great.

Its nice to see this site come into the 21st century. Well done to the admins for a job well done.

Posted by VK4FFAB on 2019-11-04


I can't see any improvement with the new site. Did the owners forget that the majority of hams are not young and change can be difficult. Having a beta test would have been nice or at least an opportunity for reader input.
Posted by K4EZD on 2019-11-04

Kind of a wash

The new layout is nice IMO, but I don't see how it does anything better than the old one. I don't hate it. I don't love it either. It's just OK.
Posted by W5PJW on 2019-11-04

hard to read

I do not like the blue fonts, it makes it harder to read
Posted by K6BIR on 2019-11-04

Search feature(s) missing

The ability to search the classified ads is missing and sorely needed!

Posted by K7AAT on 2019-11-04

site redo

no good thing goes unpunished … reason for the change just another over done site .take the web site down..
Posted by W9ACG on 2019-11-04

All good

Many Ham operators come to this site for the product review..

This is a great value, and cost nothing...My take on this, if the founders wanted to change the furniture a little bit on the WEB SITE, so be it...

I am willing to bet, most Hams spend more time on this web site than QST Magazine..

Posted by NN2X on 2019-11-04

Bad layout

The page is just to messey. Redo the GUI to something more similar to the old one.
Posted by LA9XNA on 2019-11-04

Great Improvement

Easier to read - more contemporary feel. Thanks for trying new things.
Posted by W6LAX on 2019-11-04

Hard to see

Too cluttered looking.
Posted by VA6GWS on 2019-11-04


Clunky, missing features. Hard to find or missing info!
Posted by K0DBH on 2019-11-03

Usually mobile

I’m usually using my phone to view this site, so now it’s better for me...
Posted by N3KBS on 2019-11-03

Unable to Sort Reviews

Good job on the eham refresh! I miss the ability to sort reviews by clicking on the column headers. Would love to see that feature return!
Posted by KI7VRI on 2019-11-03

Change for Change Sake

An unneeded and unnecessary change - Difficult to navigate
Posted by KG4RUL on 2019-11-03


Can’t log in. Spots band filter does not work. Cannot search reviews or classified. Garbage.
Posted by KC9OP on 2019-11-03

New Website

The old website worked just fine, why did you feel the need to fix it?
Please go back to the old website, at least we could find what we were looking for.
Posted by GI0ZGB on 2019-11-03

New website feelings

I like the new look. Like having more reviews, having the classifieds on top, and the top item on multiple forums is handy.

The only thing I don't care for is on the review listings, it does not show the overall ratings. I also would have liked an thumbs up/down rating for each review, maybe this would help filter out some of the useless ones.
Posted by WA1MOW on 2019-11-03

Reviews Needs Rating Average and Sorting Back

Not much use for shopping if you don't list the average rating and allow sorting by rating and number of reviews, like it did before.

Otherwise not too bad so far.
Posted by KC8I on 2019-11-03

New web page.

OK on a PC, but looks very sterile. Needs more pictures!
Yes, sterile is the word that comes to mind. Reminds me of the lead-in page to a database.
Posted by W4JKL on 2019-11-03

new page

Great. Change is always welcome. Just takes a short while to get used to it. Looks good so far.
Posted by KB5OF on 2019-11-03


As a web developer myself, I think the new layout is much cleaner than previous. Easy to navigate, no gaudy colors. Thanks for all the effort. The naysayers just don't like change.

73, Elwood, WB0OEW
Posted by WB0OEW on 2019-11-03

Web Page

Hate might be too strong, but I did like the old "look" MUCH more.
Posted by W7IBI on 2019-11-03

Terrible Look

Put it back....This is no improvement
Posted by K8GVK on 2019-11-03

New website

You took a versatile intuitive website and made it useless. I am moving to DX Watch
Posted by W2RES on 2019-11-03

Much improved

It took a little while to learn how this works, but the improvement is great. Thanks!

Posted by N5TU on 2019-11-03


Please go back to original setup. Can not look at old ads by subject. Do not like the pictures for ads. I use both a MacBook, iPads, iPhones. Reviews difficult to handle. Navigation issues and most likely you will lose subscribers. Also the daily viewers probably has dropped.
Posted by W6LPM on 2019-11-03


I wonder how many users wanted a change before releasing the current layout?
Posted by W6LPM on 2019-11-03

Can't read the last 50 reviews anymore.

super annoying. That was the one thing I used the most.
Posted by AD5IW on 2019-11-03


Ok, where did you move, everything? I cannot even figure out why I am here now.
Yeh, keep working on it. In another 5 years or so it might be OK. But not today.
Posted by WR5AY on 2019-11-03


glad you expanded to most recent 40 reviews... nice
Posted by LNXAUTHOR on 2019-11-03

It's NOT the CHANGE!!!

It's the "malfunctioning" causing 60% of us checking the " I hate it" option on the survey.
Shame on those Hams riding on their high horses while blaming those of us who don't like the new website as " people who resisting the change".

We're not fashion critics here. I am almost sure most of us who "hate" the new site don't give a darn about the color choices or if the Classifieds placed on the right or the left side of the page.
What we care about is "Does it work?"
If every option was working as before the change, I don't give a hoot how does it look like or which side of the screen I have to click to go the page I want to visit.

I guess those few who "love the new look" would also be happy to buy a new model all band, all mode radio even though 80 and 20m bands doesn't work, NR button does nothing, but they hear that manufacturer is working on a new firmware and hopefully sometime soon it'll be all fixed.
I am sorry we are not one of those people.

Well, until that happens we will "hate" it and I guess the others will "love" it!

Welcome to new eHam!
Posted by AJ6MA on 2019-11-03

Not working on my iPhone 8

Going into forums I get a 4 character column on the right side of the screen that has the posting. Very difficult to read ????
Posted by KJ6ZH on 2019-11-03

this is what happens when you drink to much!!!

this is what happens when you drink to much!!! Sometimes you do stupid things!!!!!!!
Posted by K0TCH on 2019-11-03

Unable to sort eham data base ratings or by date

Unable to sort Eham data base ratings by date or ratings.

Liked the old system, thought it was great.
Posted by WA9UKB on 2019-11-02

New design

Please bring back the last 50 reviews.
Posted by NT9M on 2019-11-02


An irritating function is when you refresh a page in a forum, the program goes back two levels and refreshes the forum.
This requires you to re-nter the forum to pick up where you got dumped.
Posted by KK4OBI on 2019-11-02

"New" Eham "Look"....

I hate the new Eham "look", and I don't know how I can continue to have a Peeing Contest with K1VSK under these circumstances!

Posted by W8LV on 2019-11-02


Seems like change for change’s sake.

Not an improvement in my opinion. Preferred the old site.
Posted by AA1UY on 2019-11-02


The new format makes reviewing new classified postings impossible. Instead of being on 1 page, it is on 10 pages.
Posted by NK3T on 2019-11-02

Nice Update

Great update; has a nice appearance. Would be nice if the start page was a bit more condensed where the articles and such listed a bit closer.
Posted by WR5E on 2019-11-02

My phone shows a 1 word wide column

Cant read a 1 word line of text, thats MESSED UP. Woody
Posted by N4MQ on 2019-11-02

They are listening

I absolutely hated this mess at first; especially on my cell phone. It's getting a little better every day.
I can tell the Staff is reading the comments and trying to make corrections, which are appreciated.
Hopeful the corrections will continue!
Posted by K1FBI on 2019-11-02

They are listening

I absolutely hated this mess at first; especially on my cell phone. It's getting a little better every day.
I can tell the Staff is reading the comments and trying to make corrections, which are appreciated.
Hopeful the corrections will continue!
Posted by K1FBI on 2019-11-02

Web page

Too busy, cluttered, and difficult to find things.
Posted by W1GOV on 2019-11-02

Needs work.

Apparently no way to sort/search classifieds!
Posted by K1KP on 2019-11-02

New Website

Great look!
Posted by KI4NEJ on 2019-11-02


Greatly missing the ability to see the rating on the first page for a category. Also miss the ability to sort. For me the product reviews are the number 1 reason I visit the site.

I like the old look better but I'll get used to a different look if the functionality is still present.
Posted by KM4AF on 2019-11-02

Keep up the improvements

There sure are a lot of curmudgeon comments.

I like the change. I spend more time on the site than I did before. While there are areas that need improvement, I say give it time and offer constructive comments to make it better for everyone. Don’t just complain for the sake of complaining.

I would like to see a thumbs up and down option for comments. I also think that more effort could be spent on hierarchical organization.

Finally, thanks for listening and trying to make this easier on the old eyes
Posted by W0ASK on 2019-11-02

Clunky and unreadable

I realize the new "look" in webpages is lots of white space but that destroys a site with a lot of information. Also, the new blue font is too light and hard to read. If you must use a different color, make it dark blue.
Posted by K4IA on 2019-11-02

To hard to scan

I quit going to QRZ when they did their upgrade and I won't be visiting this one as much anymore. The old one was nice and compact and easy to scan over everything. This one is to stretched out making it difficult to scan through.
Posted by KB4XV on 2019-11-02

Fix the bugs

The look and feel is better on the desktop. Improve the mobile experience. Collapse and expand functionality should be added to the mobile experience. Fix the bugs that the users have given you recently. Much better look and feel from the previous site. Keep up the improvements.
Posted by KB6QXM on 2019-11-02


This site had the classified that I liked the most out of all the ham radio classified sites out there now however they are not as good anymore.
Posted by KB9WQJ on 2019-11-02

New Look

Navigation needs improvement
10 posts per page on classified? Really?
No "next" on classified
Reviews sadly stepped backward.
Reviews sidebar (20 most recent) awkward
Posted by N4MU on 2019-11-02

new web page

Used to be able to see MANY MORE reviews at a single glance ("show me more") now believe i will miss many since i don't go into the specific individual categories (transceivers, antennas, etc) often.
My Eham Home Page ALWAYS has been set to "show me more reviews"!
Thanks for listening! ;- )

Posted by WB2PYN on 2019-11-02

Ratings not visable

Ratings not seen till you pull up the item. What were you thinking?

A huge mistake
Posted by W4AEG on 2019-11-02

Not really happy with the new site

First of all, I appreciate the effort to make things better. N2MG and crew provide us with an excellent service. As a former IS manager, I also recognize the need for new software tool to keep the site supportable.

I also admit that I getting older and resistant to change. But I'm not happy with the current status of the site. 1. I too miss the ability to sort reviews by last date and rating. Also the ability to see past recent reviews
2. I feel that the front page has too much white space. Specific example: the reviews section is too spread out
Posted by W6AAJ on 2019-11-02

Reviews section needs to be restored to the old layout

With no way to sort or see avg ratings, the reviews section has taken a big step backward. After using it for years, it is the biggest disappointment for me.
Posted by W8RMV on 2019-11-02

Like the Old Format Much Better

I visit ham for 3 basic reasons:

1. To read product reviews. With the new site I can't see 25 most recent reviews and might miss some.

2. To read the articles.

3. To check the contest calendar. Don't see that link if it's still available.

The new site seems more difficult to navigate. You had a great website. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Just one man's opinion.
Posted by K5ML on 2019-11-02


Nice update to the system. It has all the same information if one takes the time to look.
Posted by W5JO on 2019-11-01

e-ham website

Not easy to navigate & less informative
Posted by W6KGP on 2019-11-01

New Web Page Look- All Screwed Up!

It's terrible. Please change it back.
Posted by W8LV on 2019-11-01

Lowered expectations must now prevail

I have eventually grown accustomed to changes to the majority of software applications where the notion of the user interface has become a secondary concern. There seems to be a tremendous gap between between what the systems programmer like to see, and what the user actually needs. User friendly? What's that?
Posted by N5YM on 2019-11-01

New look

Happier with old site.
Posted by K2MMO on 2019-11-01


The subjects are random. No real order. I guess one can get used to a stick in the eye in time.
Posted by W3LI on 2019-11-01

Never needed improvement.

I always liked the layout of this site. The only thing it needed was upgraded forum controls for example, a “like” button. Stuff like that. It didn’t need an overhaul, just minor enhancements. The old look was WAY BETTER!
Posted by KB2CPW on 2019-11-01

I miss the list of available forums on the left side

I know it is new and I will get used to it. It has a fresh appearance but I don't like it.
Posted by K9AQ on 2019-11-01

Equipment and Vendor Ratings

I have had a review page on eHam, which was started by one of my customers about 6 years ago. Over that period of time I have enjoyed a constant flow of inquires about my repair service, with my 5-Star rating being the reason most often cited as to what led them to contact me. With that information now missing from the front page the level of inquires has dropped to almost nothing.

Quite often I have been able to help my follow Hams correct whatever problem they were having without them having to send their radio in for service, which I am more than happy to do. Yes, I repair radios for a living, but I have been a licensed Ham for nearly 50 years and had lots of help along the way. Consequently, I never miss an opportunity to give something back.
Posted by WA4F on 2019-11-01

Too much is wrong with the new design.

I use an Apple MAC computer so these comments may not apply to a PC.
1. I can't find out how to SEARCH the classified ads.
2. Picture don't enlarge when clicked on.
3. Under MY ACCOUNT, it now shows that have only been a MEMBER since 10/18/2019 - - where is the history?
4. The "picture" of the camera that shows when there is no photo attached to the ad looks stupid. Just say "no picture available."
Posted by K3DUA on 2019-11-01

A bit cumbersome

Looking up classifieds
Posted by AKSWL on 2019-11-01

The "New Look" !

I'm fine with anything else it has a few bugs to workout. No Biggie...People fly off the handle with change.
Posted by WY5T on 2019-11-01

Search Reviews, & Classifieds

Looks great, but can’t find how to search Reviews, or Classified adds
Search tabs should be conspicuous

Posted by K7PEO on 2019-11-01

new web page

Poor for Mac users.
Please put the old web page back
Posted by K6UJ on 2019-11-01

New web page

I am more used to the older web page.
Maybe I will learn to use it.
How do I get into the classified's?
Posted by K1CEI on 2019-11-01

It is far too complicated. Modern, but complicated!

Far too complicated. Modern, but complicated.
Posted by W0LD on 2019-11-01

The new web site needs a few key additions.

The new web site needs a few key additions. I could not find a way to search for a specific piece of used equipment. Previously, I could plug the make or model number into a "search" box, and the web site would take me directly there. That was very helpful.
The new changes are attractive, but not totally functional. Please fix it.
Also, communicating with the site manager was not easy from the main web page. ...not helpful, either.


Jim, K8OZ

Posted by K8OZ on 2019-11-01

The new look...

Looks like the results of a government-run project.
Posted by K3RQH on 2019-11-01


I liked seeing a full page of ads. Now u see just a few and have to keep going to the next number to see just a few more and so on!
Posted by N5FAN on 2019-11-01

new web page

I absolutely dislike the new design. Besides that the implementation was a disaster. Your IT guy should be severely reprimanded for not testing the functionality properly before implementation. Too many links are broken and still are not fixed. Had I done work like that, I would have been fired.
Posted by W4RCN on 2019-11-01

Equipment Review history is too short

Limiting the list of recent reviews to 20 is a step backwards. I was out of town for almost 5 days and missed more than that, but there's no way to see the history. Please bring back the last 50 format.
Posted by W8FN on 2019-10-31

Change for the sake of change

I'm not in the habit of being insulting, especially when people go through a great deal of effort to try to improve something, but the new site layout is just awful. It is essentially a spread out and cluttered mess compared to the old layout. It reminds me of a Microsoft Office update in that it's just the same information, only now it is reorganized in an apparently random fashion so everything is now harder to find.

Please go back to the old layout. Change for the sake of improvement is great. Change for the sake of change alone, as was done here, has no value. I'm just being honest with my opinion.
Posted by WA4FOM on 2019-10-31

Really makes site difficult

Go back to old format. It was far more accessable and easy to get to subject.
Posted by W1FRR on 2019-10-31


I find the new look to be a refreshing change and easy to navigate. Regarding classified ads, please do continue the ability of the seller to delete and/or mark as sold their ads. uses forum posts as classifieds and its VERY annoying because if an item sells, the seller cannot mark or delete the ad on QRZ. Seller must reply to their own post and rely on a moderator to mark as sold. The ad then still is not deleted and stays up forever. Because of this, I've had people inquire about items which I had sold years ago to th point of being pesty because they didn't notice the tiny "Sold" tab. VERY annoying and not professional at all.

Thank you for the work on eHam, it is appreciated.

Posted by K7LZR on 2019-10-31

New Page look

Meeeh, I just got a new coffee pot and had to figure it out. Might as well discover the new web page layout with a cup of coffee too.

73, Larry WB8LBZ
El Paso, TX

Posted by WB8LBZ on 2019-10-31

New Look

Posted by N1LQ on 2019-10-31

Reviews Change Terrible

The format of the Reviews has lost 90% of it's value to me. Before I could identify what was highly rated and the number of reviews. I could also sort by number of reviews, rating, name. Now all of that is gone. It is a tremendous step backward.
Posted by N7GCO on 2019-10-31

you ruined the reviews on equipment now have to go to each individual unit to get a rating
Posted by WA7EQX on 2019-10-31


I think if the Managers had told us that the old software was at end of life and was not going to be supported any longer, they would have had a great deal more support for the change.

For myself, I will continue to support the site. If I never come back I will miss the best site for keeping up to date on things. I have only made a few posts because I see more informed people giving better answers than I could.

This time I felt I should say something. If we quit the site we all lose. Please give it time to be tuned up and tweaked to what we are used to. Will everything be made just like was? No. Will it be as useful as the old system? Overall, probably. If we leave we may never know just how good it can be.

Patrick H. Armstrong KF5YZ
Posted by KF5YZ on 2019-10-31

New Look

Posted by M0EDY on 2019-10-31

eham will continue to be my preferred radio site, so I guess my vote for OK with it applies. Still, I was happier with the old version.
Posted by F8WBD on 2019-10-31

New Look

Older page flowed better, more contrast, not crazy about the starch white look. Where is the contest link.
To do the survey I had to go into survey rather just vlick from the main page.
Posted by N1FDX on 2019-10-31

Unable to search classifieds.

Posted by N1CGP on 2019-10-31

I can only get new ads not all ads and not only transceivers. There is no configure link. Other than, it’s ok
Posted by K9QCK on 2019-10-31

"New --- And Improved...!"

Ever notice how, in the old days, they used to herald things as being, "...NEW! AND IMPTOVED...!"

Well, to-day they just say, "...NEW!!!"

Whatever happened to that OTHER old-time saying...? Oh yeah --- it went something like, "...IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT...!!!"
Posted by VE3CUI on 2019-10-31

Will take time to get used to it.

Change is always challenging. I appreciate the effort that the eHAM team expended to reorganize the site. I'm slowly trying to adapt to it.
The content is still there, but it seems tougher to get a quick snapshot on one page.
Perhaps that's because I'm so used to the old format.
Having said that, it doesn't work well on my Android Phone. Detailed view of individual classified ads show up as a single narrow column 2 words wide. Very hard to read. Could use some work in that area.
I'm sure the team will make improvements moving forward, otherwise you wouldn't have asked for comments.
It's still much more user friendly than some other sites.
I'm still a committed user. Please keep up your good work.
You offer a great service to the Amateur Community.

Posted by KB1NO on 2019-10-31


Why was a good format changed? Change for the sake of change is not appropriate.
Posted by K3YUB on 2019-10-31

website change

seems more like "change for change's sake". No real advance forward in my opinion.
Posted by KJ4RWH on 2019-10-31

I hate it!

IMHO, the subject title is the only justification needed to keep the new format.

Posted by VE3KKQ on 2019-10-31

It's worse than the old site

All the text is bigger, more spread out, takes more screen real estate. It's a step backwards. When I am on the forum, now two sets of nested scroll bars show up on a modern resolution monitor (1920x1080).
Posted by K5UNX on 2019-10-31

Fix the review list page!

I'm ok with the new look, but PLEASE fix the review list page, add the average rating and sorting back!!!
Posted by N2IW on 2019-10-31

Posted by N2MG on 2019-10-31

Posted by N2MG on 2019-10-31

Posted by N2MG on 2019-10-31

Botched rollout

I’m going to be critical - but hopefully constructive.

To my knowledge, there was no elicitation of comments from eHam users (those who donate, like me, or others) about what s revised web site should look like it what features were important.

Similarly, to my knowledge there was no advance notice that a revised web site was coming. The site just went down “for maintenance”, and stayed that way until BOOM there was a new look web site with links that didn’t work, formats that didn’t look right on mobile devices, and lack of content (such as the total absence of older classified ads or search functions).

The web site just didn’t work like the old site, it appears to have been rolled out in alpha test format where instead of having testers document issues to be addressed in the design phase, users were left to fend for themselves.

Once the site went live, the administrators were largely if not totally silent. There were no communications regarding the changes or any messages responding to numerous issues. Users were left frustrated and speculating what was going on.

The new web site has grown on me, but like a rash, not in a good way. The old format was usable, easy to navigate, and just worked.

The new site doesn’t make The cut as has been noted by many users. Bring back the prior format - please!

Lou, W0Fk
Posted by W0FK on 2019-10-31

Not good

I can live with it but it is far less useful then desired.
73 Gary W0CKI
Posted by W0CKI on 2019-10-31

New Look?

I HATE it & did I mention I HATE the new Look? I don't like it either.
Posted by W4KVW on 2019-10-31

You can do better...

I can get used to it on a PC, but Safari on a iPad is not very good... It works on my iPhone but everything is in one column.
Posted by WB9KPT on 2019-10-31

Terrible Look

Please bring back the traditional page. This new one clumsy at best
Posted by K8GVK on 2019-10-31

Reviews much harder to scroll through and review

Don't like it especially for the reviews section which I usually check at least every day. Too few reviews show up on the screen. The old way I could scroll down to see more previous. Especially helpful when missing a few days checking.
Posted by WA7OPV on 2019-10-31

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The old way was more user-friendly and had more to offer than the new one.
Posted by W4HRC on 2019-10-31

New Look

Very hard to navigate on anything other than a computer. On a tablet you have to scroll though one section to get to the others. And double sliders, what where you thinking?
Posted by W5CPT on 2019-10-31

Please leave it like it was ,this is not Walmart
Posted by KG5SBA on 2019-10-30

Hate to be critical of volunteers, but.....

It's not quite fine on a PC. The double sliders on the side are annoying.
On mobile devices, the new look is beyond horrendous.

So answer 4 is close, but not quite right.
It's usable but needs work on a PC.
And it's a flaming train wreck on mobile devices, especially Android with Firefox.

And something happened today that has never happened to be before on
I was on my Android tablet using Firefox, and clicked to go to the forums.
Instead of the forums, I got a pop-up ad for McDonalds. Once the ad finished playing, I could continue to the forums. Is this going to be a normal occurrence with the "new look"?

Posted by N8AUC on 2019-10-30

Old site please

Not as easy for a visually impaired person to navigate.
Old site was more compact, more concise.
Posted by KD7YVV on 2019-10-30