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Survey Question
Regarding eHam site security - how many of you would be willing to use "two-factor authentication" (please look it up) for logging in?
  Posted: Mar 09, 2019   (392 votes, 23 comments) by N2MG

  Yes. I fully agree with the need today.
  Yes, if I must.
  Probably not - eHam isn't a bank.
  No way.
    (392 votes, 23 comments)

Survey Results
Yes. I fully agree with the need today. 11% (42)
Yes, if I must. 21% (82)
Probably not - eHam isn't a bank. 57% (222)
No way. 12% (46)

Survey Comments
It's been covered, but ...
Yeah, for we amateurs, much of our personal
info pretty much is a matter of "public
record" anyway. Now if some day the FCC
decides to withhold information on the
persons and businesses they license, better
protection might be a good idea. Of course,
all it takes is one breach and the
overreaction begins ...

Posted by K9CTB on March 21, 2019

Too much info is available for my callsign. I
wont ever put important or sensitive material
on Eham. Anything I may buy would be thru
paypal or other "secure" site.

Posted by N8TGQ on March 18, 2019

2FA - needed?
I marked "yes if I have to". So why do we need this? I join the
others looking for a justification. So e.Ham - talk to us!

Posted by K7NSW on March 18, 2019

Two Factor security
The last thing Iam going to hand over is my phone
number, that has the most value, and you guys(or the
folks that hack you) will sell that number in a second.
Well ok here it is: 916 5551212.
Does making your site tough to use, make you feel
more important, it makes your site less important to me.
Other sites have the goods, why play hard to date.

Posted by KM6PNZ on March 18, 2019

Not such a hot idea....
Unless there is some specific issue that it is
hoped to be solved by requiring "two factor
identification", I would hope that you will
leave it alone. By the way someone mentioned
"two factor identification" on Be
advised that at the moment it is VOLUNTARY on
the Zed. Hopefully, it will remain that way.

Posted by W2KG on March 17, 2019

Yes really

I think it's an excellent idea but only
because so many are against it.

Posted by N7KFD on March 17, 2019

75 meters
We need two factor authorization for certain frequencies on that band.

Posted by N3EG on March 17, 2019

Are you kidding?
With the so called 'quality' of some of the users here, this is more of a joke than letting people come on here with handles and no identification at all.

Posted by K1CJS on March 15, 2019

E-Ham Security WHAT??
Ireally don't believe there is cause for enhanced security for users to log on to eHam -or- for users to look at eHam material as posted. Even the Forum readers/users know when someone is just "playing". They don't respond -or- tell the phoney to go somewhere else. Is this survey Question looking for a problem within the eham site ??

Posted by AA7LX on March 15, 2019

I agree with most of the comments about
internet security. I have closed out of
several accounts because of this Log In Pass
Word Crap. Just someones wet dream.

Posted by W3LI on March 15, 2019

log in
Is there a problem or are you trying to block older users


Posted by W5CLD on March 14, 2019

Pole Vaulting over mouse droppings

Certainly more annoying than not. What problem are you trying to prevent? This appears to be a solution in search of a problem.

Posted by KC7MF on March 14, 2019

For now, NO!
If things on the internet continue to get worse to the point that
a second factor is needed, I would do so to retain the services
that QRZ provides. That being said, I think we are no where
near the point where 2 factor would be of benefit. So for now,
I'm in the " Hell No" crowd. Thanks for asking.

Posted by W6AAJ on March 13, 2019

Re Captcha if you want to post
Use the free Google reCAPTCHA service and only prompt when posting. Being not logged in allows you to see all of the content, but if you want to post a comment, then require login, Recaptcha and if you really want to get sophisticated, then when you want to sell anything on the classifieds, then the profile will have to have a couple of challenge questions. This will ensure that whomever is posting is the proper person. Disallow people not using callsign logins to post amateur radio gear in the classifieds.

I am a Product Manager/Product Owner for large enterprise portals for companies here in the Silicon Valley, so I do this type of stuff for a living.


Posted by KB6QXM on March 12, 2019

Thanks but no thanks
2FA is good for my net banking and things
that cost me a lot of money/grief if they
are compromised. eHam is not included in
those categories. Whenever I change my phone
and have to reinstate 2FA on every website
that uses it, it's a pain, and I don't want
to do it any more than I have to.

Posted by M0TRN on March 12, 2019

Plain stupid ...
I dropped out of the QRZ site because of this
dumb idea. No need to spread the manure over

There are no trade secrets stored on this site
nor is there any national FYO info either.

Posted by K4QM on March 11, 2019

Plain stupid ...
I droped out of the QRZ site because of this
dumb idea. No need to spread the manure over

There are no trade secrets stored on this site
nor is there any national FYI info either.

Posted by K4QM on March 11, 2019

User names and Passwords...
Getting to be a real pain in the, I
understand security is necessary but enough
is enough. There are sites I don't use
because of security procedures and
Internet security has gotten so out of hand
there is none.

Posted by N1FDX on March 11, 2019

Site Security
IMHO all of this is getting out of hand on Social Media! If if continues to the point of being ridiculous, I will do away with all of my Social Media Accounts - eHam included.

Posted by WA0TML on March 10, 2019

2FA = no phone privacy
This week in the news:

When 2FA means sweet FA privacy: Facebook
admits it slurps mobe numbers for more
than just profile security

'This isnít a mistake now, this is clearly
an intentional product choice' says ex-CSO

Posted by ON4AA on March 10, 2019

Page Security?
I am guessing we are having issues with
National Security here on eHam if it is
being considered? It is only Amateur Radio &
eHam is getting as bad as with their
stupid need of a picture of someones call
sign on advertised items when listed For
Sale? Like that is difficult to fake? LOL
Makes me wonder what some of these folks did
for day jobs & has someone taken away their
authority of making decisions or maybe just
suggestions. LOL

Posted by W4KVW on March 10, 2019

I would likely just delete from my

Posted by NY7Q on March 9, 2019

Of course I will if you force me to. Why is it needed? Have there been problems with people logging on as someone else? What personal data is available on e-ham that isn't publicly available other places like the FCC database?

Posted by AA4PB on March 9, 2019

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