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Survey Question
What do you like best about the programs at your local club's meetings? Please explain your choice!
  Posted: Sep 12, 2017   (238 votes, 12 comments) by N2MG

  I don't attend them or don't belong to a local club.
  I attend but they don't (regularly) have programs.
  Technical topics like propagation, electronics, antennas, etc.
  Operating topics like how to contest, make DX or satellite QSOs, or handle message traffic.
  Topics specifically for license upgrading.
  I don't like (the) programs.
    (238 votes, 12 comments)

Survey Results
I don't attend them or don't belong to a local club. 55% (132)
I attend but they don't (regularly) have programs. 12% (28)
Technical topics like propagation, electronics, antennas, etc. 24% (56)
Operating topics like how to contest, make DX or satellite QSOs, or handle message traffic. 5% (12)
Topics specifically for license upgrading. 0% (0)
I don't like (the) programs. 4% (10)

Survey Comments
Parliamentary Procedure Vs. FUN
I stopped going to our local club meets the very evening
the executive scheduled a "Homebrew Night" for members
to pridefully show-off their pet projects…

In anticipation of the event, I unplugged out of my shack -
-- and lugged in --- my recently built 2x813 linear
amplifier, & waited oh-so-patiently to describe it at
length...right in line with the guy who brought in an old
military receiver he had restored to operating condition,
the local 6-meter fan (indeed, a true expert in the band),
etc. etc. etc. …

Well, the meeting started at 8:00 PM --- and by 9:55 PM,
the executive body had JUST FINISHED(!) wading through
"…past minutes, procedural business, points of order," AD
NAUSEAM --- and all of us bright-eyed builders were
COLLECTIVELY given JUST 5 MINUTES to address the group
with our cherished prizes!

I was so very miffed that I wrote a personal letter to the
president of the club in complaint, & never darkened the
doorstep of any of their meeting place, ever again...

Posted by VE3CUI on September 20, 2017

Old Attitude
A friend of mine got so disgusted with the
local club he dropped his membership.
The repeater would be silent for hours on
and when he wanted to use it to call his YL,
an old time club member would pick THAT
moment to do "repeater maintenance" or
When he complained at the meeting, he was
brushed off. Being new to the area I
attended one meeting. Not one of the hams
came up to say hello. I concluded that it
was an old boys club and was proven correct
when I attended a so-called "presentation"
on emergency communications etc. It turned
out to be a 2 hour speil on how great the
club was and how cheap it was to join. After
that, I was just shooting the breeze with
one of the fire chiefs about some things
that might work for them. I got grilled by
one of the club members about what I was
talking about and why I didn't go through
the club to share that info. Finally I
decided I had enough and said "I though the
foundation of amateur radio was to share
information and learn, apparently this club
doesn't share that belief." and I left.
Haven't been back since and don't miss it.

Posted by KD7YVV on September 20, 2017

I would be hard pressed to find a more boring evening.

Posted by W7WQ on September 19, 2017

Club Flub Bub
I entertained participating in club when I
was first licensed. A few visits later, it
turned out to be the same situation as many
hobby clubs. Too many people grappling for
control, and know it all types, trying to
prove how smart they are. Who needs that?

Posted by AB4D on September 19, 2017

Not my style
For years I have operated independently. I
don't like the local club as it is mainly
geared towards 2 meters, and VHF related
activities. I guess perhaps it is because they
are older and the new guys have no interest in
upgrading. So other than one other QRP buddy I
am content to just enjoy the hobby by myself.

Posted by LONESTRANGER on September 18, 2017

I spend my time between one house in Prescott Arizona and my other one in Salem Oregon and after almost 30 years at the AZ house and 7 at my Oregon house I don't believe either city has a radio club, at least I never heard of any.

Posted by WB8VLC on September 16, 2017

For an hour before each club meeting we have a new
ham Elmer meeting where they do hands on practical
learning things that are designed to help each new ham
get on the air. Last month they learned about voltage
drop in different wire types and made Anderson power
pole connectors for all of their gear using heavy gage
wire. There is a different topic like that each month.

After that is fellowship/snack time with the general
membership followed by the program.

Last month's general membership meeting topic was
how to restore antique radios. A member who has
restored many radios from the 1920s to 70s showed us
how to refinish the wood veneers on old wood broadcast
radios, how to source parts and how to go about doing
basic troubleshooting, what test equip he uses, etc. He
shared examples of radios he has restored and now
uses in his station.

Next month's topic is an auction where members bring
gear they no longer want and we have an auctioneer
who sells it to those in attendance.

The topic the month before was what the next stages in
RF imaging will be in airport security scanner systems.
One of our members is an engineer working on those
next generation RF imaging systems at Duke and he
gave us a really neat presentation on how they work,
what technical issues they face in their design and what
we can expect to see at airports in the next few years.

After the club meeting many people go to get a
drink/dessert/meal together at a nearby restaurant.

We also have a club fellowship dinner at a local
restaurant each month the week before the club

If you are near Raleigh come and join us at RARS

Posted by W8WZ on September 16, 2017

don't belong
Extremely underwhelmed is mild and conservative statement

Posted by KI5VE on September 16, 2017

Are Clubs On The Way Out?
57% of the respondees don't attend or don't
belong to a local club. What is significant
about this number is that this is the
percentage of the total number who even
bothered to respond at all. I would venture
to guess that in the Ham population as a
whole, the percentage is even higher. I
stopped attending when the personality
conflicts and politics began to dominate.

Posted by KG4RUL on September 16, 2017

One club at WET Bar at the Ham club!
I was in Pittsburgh area, and the Ham club
had a wet bar...Now that was great...Today, I
don't drink, but back then, it sure added to
the technical topics!

Posted by NN2X on September 13, 2017

Technical and operating know-how
There is so much more to know and there are
many better heads than mine out there so club
meetings are a valuable part of my learning
process. When I study something and then
discuss it with club members, I always come
away with a much better understanding of the
A little knowledge can save many hundreds of
dollars in mistakes We all need to be better
informed and better operators.

Posted by W7GEM on September 12, 2017

Always more to learn. Been a ham for 60+ years.

Posted by K2OWK on September 12, 2017

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