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Electronic QSLing - What camp are you in?26902003-12-31
Do you operate QRP? (low power) 44352003-12-02
Will Digital Voice Over HF eventually become the "new SSB"? 42062003-10-29
Do you think that BPL (interference from broadband over powerlines) is the beginning of the end of Amateur Radio as we know it?35062003-10-12
A rule making petition has been filed with the FCC by the NCVEC to eliminate cw testing for all classes of amateur licenses. See RM-10787 for details. Do you favor doing away with the cw testing requirement for all amateur classes?40442003-09-09
Are you planning to work, or are you already working the new 60 meter Band ?35732003-09-14
Running Linux? Are you using the Linux operating system at home or in your shack? Tell us about your experiences good or bad...35652003-08-14
Field Day this year was...31432003-07-05
Does your station have emergency power capabilities? 41142003-05-02
How often do you refer to the ARRL Amateur Handbook?30672003-06-04
Did you take part in the CQWW WPX contest just gone?21442003-03-31
How many DXpeditions have you worked in the last 12 months? Your comments most welcome... Thanks to Rich KY6R for inspiration.21392003-03-09
Best Old HF Rig? Tell us about your favourite...Keep in mind I've only got 7 spaces to work with! 27522003-02-12
Are the operating practices and attitude of others affecting your enjoyment of ham radio? Comments welcome...29042003-01-10
Do you think we should go back to the good old days when our prefix actually indicated our qth? Such as KH6 would really mean Hawaii - not Florida, KL7 would mean Alaska - not Arizona, and W1's would really be in New England?44762003-01-27
This summer at the ITU World Administrative Radio Confernce (WARC) to be held in Geneva Switzerland one topic will be the elimination of the CW test as a requirement for HF operation. Do you agree that the CW requirement should be removed? 50622002-12-21
Are you a FAT HAM? Calculate your BMI! (Body Mass Index) Divide your weight in Kilograms by your height in metres squared. eg. BMI 100/(1.8 x 1.8) = 30.86 The results will make you think... 24392002-10-30
Do you feel that there are too many contests on HF, and that contests spoil the enjoyment of "regular" operating?44862002-10-09
What Band segment are you MOST active on?33062002-09-25
How many other Hams have you Elmered?15852002-09-07