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As a licensed Amateur Radio Operator just how active are you ?? 8592018-03-19
For 2017, the Dayton Hamvention moved from the Hara Arena to the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, OH. What's your take? 7072017-06-12
When you tell people that you are a Ham Radio Operator how do they react?12212017-04-12
What do you do with your back issues of ham radio magazines?9202017-01-12
Are you a member of your national radio association (ARRL, RSGB, RAC, etc.) or a local/regional club or organization?11142016-12-02
What is your experience with contacting astronauts in the ISS or other space vehicles?6932016-10-25
When do you use your Handheld(HT) Radio? Please elaborate!8712018-07-18
OK, now, let's be honest here: we've ALL had close calls - at one time, or another - that very nearly made us join the ranks of the Silent Keys listed! So let's get "clean" & share this with others: what, specifically, was YOUR "...near miss"...?3242016-08-29
How practical do you find Field Day-like operations with regards to true emergency preparedness?12072016-05-13
How many people have you personally motivated enough about Amateur Radio for them to study and earn a license?6902016-07-19
Where was the most unusual HF Ham Shack Station located from which you operated? 7412017-02-22
What's your experience with Morse code?21212016-02-06
Do you have a smartphone and does it have any ham radio apps loaded?10422016-01-12
What's the worst thing that has happened to you while on the air?9632015-11-22
What is your experience with Software Defined Radios (SDRs)?17552015-09-07
What is the first thing you look at on page when you get on the site?12902015-05-18
How long have you been a licensed ham?26402015-07-06
Are eHam surveys boring and or irrelevant now?6032015-04-27
Have you invited non-hams to your station while in operation letting them talk over the radio?15332015-02-02
Is ham radio as important to you today as it was when you first got your license?10322018-11-23