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Looking back to YOUR start in Ham radio, with an eye to "...the way things are in the world" to-day, do you think that you would have become an Amateur radio operator if you were somehow miraculously the same age as when you started, but in 2014?17102014-09-11
R.F.I.---the continuing scourge of Ham radio, be it "traditional" horizontal oscillators of TVs going back to the 40's, or the raucous din of to-day's plasma televisions, exercise equipment, lighting systems, furnaces, electric fences, power line leakages, AD NAUSEAM. How have YOU handled cases where somebody's electric contraption seriously hampered YOUR on-the-air activities...? 7932014-07-31
Do you take a radio station along with you whenever you or your family might go on a vacation, to the cottage, head out camping, or take an overseas trip...?11652014-12-02
What can be done to further Amateur Radio?8152014-06-26
Do you consult radio beacons for propagation conditions?13742014-04-28
Do you think social media i.e Facebook, Twitter is a help or a hindrance to the Hobby?11722014-03-19
Have you ever been the victim of a scam? Ham radio related or otherwise?8652014-01-07
Do you use the 60-meter band?14652014-02-11
Have you tried the JT65A Digital mode?11612013-12-08
Have you got a Multiband Dipole like antenna up at your QTH for any/several bands, Or your main operating band?14222013-10-03
What do you do when propagation is very poor?8632013-11-14
Where are you getting your Ham gear from these days?14502013-08-25
How many Rigs do you currently own? Include every transceiver and RX only unit in your shack, car, boat, plane, bike or snowmobile!18642013-06-13
Is the current solar cycle a bit of a fizzer?11672013-05-02
Will you be on the air for the Easter weekend?5302013-03-27
Do you ever do any casual SWL'ing on the non-Ham bands these days...? Did you do much SWL'ing during your pre-Ham days...? What do you think of the SWL "scene" in 2013, compared to when you first started...?11752013-07-21
The proposed new 500-KHz (600- meter) band: are you thrilled at the prospects of getting on & using it...?11072013-04-03
Did you start on your journey to ham radio by participating in Citizens Band Radio?22812013-02-28
Ham Radio much do you think you might spend on the hobby this year? Include anything ham related, even things like fuel for portable operating...24672013-01-06
What's the state of the FM repeaters in your area?14542012-11-20