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OK, which rig do you think changed the face of modern day Amateur radio? Comments most welcome!!!13002012-10-16
Are our schools failing our children in basic science? Your comments welcome!11412012-09-16
Is ham radio losing today's youth to iPads and cell phones?11372012-12-15
Do you use any of the the "Microwave" bands?12852012-07-19
"That's it---I'm giving up on Ham radio, forever!" Have you ever uttered such blasphemy in the course of your Amateur radio "career"? Maybe you feel that way right now. If so, what was it that brought you to this decision...?12412012-08-21
Are you going to Dayton this year?
If, by some strange twist of fate, you were told that you could only operate in ONE mode for the rest of your Amateur radio career, which mode you choose?17962012-06-21
Are you a scrounger? Do you hang on to junk ham or otherwise - "just in case"?12362012-05-21
Have you noticed that the "quality" of your on-the-air QSOs has diminished considerably in the past 10-20 years, or so...?7602012-04-16
Will the new increased postal rates affect your sending paper QSL cards?6842012-02-19
Have you ever seriously considered the possibility of your taking part in a DXpedition, either with a group, or by yourself...? If you have, tell us about your experience! 1562011-12-22
Of some 3 million total Hams worldwide, the top 6 countries in terms of population are Japan, the U.S.A., Germany, England, Spain, and Canada. From your personal first-hand experience, which country has the best overall operators in terms of courtesy / timing / skill / savvy when it comes to DX pile-up proficiency...? And why...?13042011-11-22
Should field day be moved to a date that is not so hot/humid around most of the country?23292011-12-31
OK, how do you REALLY feel about on-the-air contests...?19742012-03-07
Have you tried K1JT's WSPR (Whisper) mode software yet? pulsar/K1JT/ 1JT/10732011-10-17
Do you own an Automatic Antenna Tuner (ATU)? 12912011-09-29
Do you still call CQ?11512011-09-12
Your Ham Station and Electromagnetic Radiation...(EMR)...Is your station safe? 13332011-08-01
So, How was Field Day?11962011-06-26
Dayton 2011... Who's going?8812011-05-08