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Can you imagine your shack without a PC? Just plain paper for notes and Logging, manual control of your rig with no Digi modes?17482011-04-09
Are you a Box Keeper? With your Ham Radio gear, do you keep the box that it came in?17032011-05-25
Are you a member of your local Radio Club?22302011-01-08
Simple...Morse Code...Do YOU use it? 23342010-12-10
Do you operate APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)? 16262010-11-01
Do you live in an antenna restricted area?16722010-08-26
Field Day: what's your opinion on it...? Is it worthwhile...? Is it still relevant in 2010? Why...? Why not...?18692010-07-28
So how was Dayton this year?14632010-06-04
Do you & members of your local Ham radio club operate on 2-meter FM repeaters as much as you did, say, 30-35 years ago?15532010-04-27
Is 160-meters still deserving of the title, "The Gentleman's Band"...?16352010-03-15
What do you mostly want to read about when it comes to antennas?15642010-02-11
How often do you use a linear amplifier on HF? 24522010-09-21
This year, I hope Santa Brings...9922009-12-24
How much do you depend on websites such as for technical help or answers to your questions?16952010-01-11
Do you still use the WWV, WWVH or WWVB standard time and frequency stations to check or calibrate the frequency of your ham gear?18592009-11-24
How much does the current low Sunspot numbers affect your on air activites?18302009-08-21
Software Defined Radio...what is your interest?16282009-06-15
Internet Linking on your local repeater, what do you think..good, bad or what ?13612009-07-15
VEC Testing Fee...What is the right amount?17092009-04-26
On-Air operating standards...How have they changed over the years?20392009-03-09