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Do you operate QRP? (5 watts out to your antenna)22252007-07-06
Now that several countries have dropped the morse code as a requirement for a HF licence, are you hearing less CW on the bands these days?19372007-05-27
Are You going to the 2007 Dayton Hamvention® this year?14472007-05-04
Given the different types, and that you probably use several, which rechargable battery type do you use the most? 13872007-04-13
Tube amps are still in common use today...but do you still use a tube rig?20072007-03-18
Now the that morse code testing is over. Have you upgraded?19672007-08-05
Is Ham radio your hobby or your obsession?21742007-02-23
Do you think we should permit contesting on the WARC Bands?19522007-02-03
Do you feel that today's modern Amateur Transceiver should include a USB interface for rig control, PTT and the like as well as an isolated, line level audio in and out jacks as standard? - Especially on a HF capable rig? 17792007-01-17
Do you work the 6 metre Band?22212006-12-17
Now it's been available for a while now, have you used the 60 meter band?18782009-10-11
DXing and Politics... Do you ever think about working countries or DXpeditions to places with a history of tyranny and or poor human rights towards their own or other people?15242007-11-24
Do you feel that there are too many contests on the ham bands these days?18702006-10-31
How long have you held an Amateur Radio licence?29832006-10-04
Where do you see the Hobby of Ham Radio in 50 years time? Your comments welcome.13472006-09-21
Do you still consider the 160M Band "The Gentleman's Band"?13992006-09-02
Now that electronic QSL has had some time to mature, what is your preference?15362006-08-10
Since you have become a ham, how often do you participate in, or listen to Citizens Band radio activity?23702006-11-24
Have you ever bought any new or used Ham Radio equipment from eBay?22432006-07-17
How often do you visit the eham website?18022006-06-06