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What are your favorite types of articles to read?11362006-06-26
Would you support a no code Entry level "Foundation " style Licence with power, band and mode limitations like the UK and Australia have introduced?15152006-05-14
Is interference from consumer electronics, powerline noise, deliberate QRM or BPL Trials spoiling your ham radio operating? Tell us your experiences...11452006-04-24
Are you active on APRS?11212006-04-05
Did you work the recent 3Y0X DXpedition to Peter Island?13462006-02-21
There has been a lot of discussion about fuseing or not fuseing the negative lead of a mobile installation. How about it--do you do it when installing a mobile rig? 17312006-03-11
SuitSat-1 was a great idea, but... 11162006-02-04
What is your favorite type of antenna?17922006-01-14
Amateur Radio in Space...ISS... STS...MIR - Have you ever worked an orbiting Ham?11922005-12-26
All I want for Christmas is...9232005-12-20
How much real influence do you think ARRL has with the FCC and congress?14622005-11-24
Do you have a Class C fire extinguisher within reach in your radio shack?14562005-10-30
Buying American - Do you consider a local or USA product or service first when making a new ham radio related purchase? (DX - vote accordingly)10662005-12-10
Because of the recent hurricane disasters, are you thinking about or have you started, upgrades to your equipment and capabilities for use in an emergency?15712005-09-28
If you operate HF, how often do you use the WARC bands?18562005-08-24
The FCC has finally done it- they're proposing to do away with the Morse requirement for all Amateur Radio license classes. Let have the debate again... Are you for or against this proposal? Comments welcome! (Thanks to Bill Savage - K3AN) 28482005-08-03
Have you presented/demonstrated amateur radio to a youth group (scouts, classroom, etc.) in the past 5 years?13452005-06-25
Do you think Voice-over-IP (VOIP) technology such as Echolink, IRLP etc, etc, is REAL Ham radio?27682005-04-17
Do you use an antenna tuner?22842005-03-22
Do you operate QRP?19782005-02-03