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Is Amateur Radio your primary hobby?22032005-02-27
Do you approve of nets/roundtables/contesting on the WARC bands?16952005-01-17
As a Ham, would you be ready for action with portable communications if there was a natural disaster or emergency in your area?11762005-01-10
Do you feel your country is doing enough to assist victims in the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami?10752005-01-01
Do you get on the air and call CQ? 21912004-12-02
CQ contest! Will you be participating in the upcoming CQWW CW contest?10812004-11-18
The good 'ol FCC says you'll have to reposition your antenna if you get interference from BPL...15802004-11-01
Keeping it in the Family - How many hams in your house? Do you have to share the shack? Do you have a roster system? Have to take it in turns to work the new ones? Comments welcome.15052004-10-18
Would you be willing to pay an annual fee ($5-$10) on your ham license if the money went to pay for tougher FCC enforcement of the amateur bands?26772005-05-16
The FCC - Is its bark worse than its bite?15202004-09-21
Home-Brewing...what do you think17312004-08-21
My shack...25302004-07-23
Packet Radio - What's your status?36032004-06-20
Best Ham Shack Accessory? 43442004-05-15
Are you going to Dayton this year?30932004-04-27
Do you have an outside antenna that is in violation of your CC&Rs?28652004-04-12
AO40 batteries came from...24322004-03-19
A lazy Sunday is best spent...23072004-02-28
Are you going to renew your ARRL membership? 56582004-02-14
What do you think of the ARRL's proposal for a New Entry-Level License with Code-Free HF Access?72742004-01-21